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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Day 2347 - Born to stand out - Morrissey Day

*Comes in singing* Where is the man you respect? And where is the woman you love?

The answer to those two questions, is they are both sat on Los Angeles City Council, and their names are, Mayor Eric Garcetti and CouncilWoman Monica Rodriguez.

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During yesterday's LA City Council meeting, Mrs Rodriguez proposed to make Friday November 10th, "Morrissey Day" in Los Angeles. The proposal was passed, and so tomorrow, it is officially Morrissey Day, and Mozzer will be presented with a commemorative certificate at the Hollywood Bowl.

It is great that at long last an official body are able to recognise the genius of Morrissey. It is embarrassing that he has been ignored by the likes of The British Phonographic Industry and Manchester City Council, but Rodriguez and Garcetti are clearly two people who understand what Morrissey is all about. Both councillors yesterday gave rather touching quotes about Morrissey, with Rodriguez stating:

"Morrissey Day honours the man who put the 'M' in Moz Angeles, an icon whose music continues to touch and uplift countless people across the globe. Morrissey uses his voice to raise awareness for many social issues while 'in his own strange way', always staying true to his fans."

Mayor Garcetti added:

"Los Angeles embraces individuality, compassion and creativity, and Morrissey expresses those values in a way that moves Angelenos of all ages. Morrissey Day celebrates an artist whose music has captivated and inspired generations of people who may not always fit in - because they were born to stand out."

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The Official Morrissey Twitter account last night posted a tweet of Garcetti's words, and I have no doubt that Morrissey will be deeply touched by this honour. Congratulations to Mozzer from all at FTM HQ, and congratulations also to Rodriguez and Garcetti for having to wisdom to see that Morrissey has indeed captivated and inspired generations of people. Now we just have to hope Morrissey dresses-up for the occasion, and doesn't wear those grey jogging bottoms that he wore at the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Tomorrow's sold out concert at the 18,000 seater Hollywood Bowl is set to be a cracker. Will we get Trouble Loves Me? Will Glamorous Glue remain on the set? Will Rose Garden be sung for Jo? Will Monica Rodriguez take Moz a blue rose? - I have asked her via twitter, and she has retweeted it. Will anyone else take Moz a blue rose? Will anyone change the name on 101 Freeway to 'Morrissey Hollywood Bowl', just like they did in August?.... I wonder if that was the work of Garcetti and Rodriguez?

And finally, footage has at last appeared on Youtube of the concert in San Francisco. It includes the first playing in 25 years of Glamorous Glue, and it has been worth the wait. The finger plaster remained.

*Goes off singing* I used to dream and I used to vow, I wouldn't dream of it now. We look to Los Angeles, for the language we use


  1. Just said it on the previous entry, but many congrats to Moz for this well-deserved honor. Tomorrow will be a very special day indeed (wish I could be there).

  2. fantastic achievement for Moz, maybe now he will start to realise that his voice was heard in certain quarters even though there was no official nod, hoping the 24 roses brighten up his dressing room and bring a wry smile to his face, have a great night all who are going, we watch the interweb with baited breath waiting for snippets of the concert on this historic night

  3. Well done Morrissey. I hope tomorrow will be a day to treasure for always.
    Beautiful & wistful words for Moz which convey recognition & appreciation for his art & heart.

    A grand blue rose gesture Manc! How fitting for the day.

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    2. Gosh, what a beautiful gesture. The concert looks like it may be full of surprises.

  4. Excellent blogging about the tour, new music, etcetera, etcetera. I don't always comment, but that doesn't mean that the blog is not appreciated.

  5. I wonder if there is any chance Our Moz could be a musical guest on Saturday Night Live this season, just like November 14, 1992. It would be stunning.

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