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Monday, 13 November 2017

Day 2351 - "Top of the world, Ma!"

On Friday, Morrissey was presented with a certificate in recognition of Morrissey Day:

He seemed genuinely touched and "hono(u)red beyond words" .


Following the presentation, Morrissey went on to play a fantastic concert at the Hollywood Bowl, which was attended by BRS member, Jaz, together with her blue roses.

Here is Jaz's review of Friday's concert, taken from her blog Headlong Into Harm.


     Last night was a spectacular show by Morrissey, the new songs were vibrant and to sing along with them for the first time is a sensational feeling all on it's own.
My journey of last night began on Twitter when some days ago I tweeted "Would anyone like to give me a ticket for Friday?" It was just a hopeless request sent out to into the twitter-verse, Which was answered by our own @enoughsari who's only instruction was that I take a blue rose in her honor.

Being that the seat was in the heavens, I knew that if I wanted to deliver at least one rose I would have to try to get into the pit.
Out of all the venues I've ever been to The Bowl pit has always been the toughest to penetrate and had alluded me for years, until last night. I won't disclose the details of how as those are trade secrets.

Lypskina screams and fades out, the lights shine center stage and Morrissey and the band members walk out wearing all black with t-shirts that say "Who will protect us from the police?" And black berets to match. Morrissey reaches for the microphone and shouts "Look Ma, I'm on top of the world!" The band burst into "You'll be gone" one of the few songs penned by Elvis himself and it sounds as though Moz really enjoys singing it, then comes The Smiths classic "I started something" which awakens the crowd with uproarious singing and dancing in the aisles. The lyric change "I grabbed you by the Hienz baked beans" remains. Followed by Glamorous Glue and then into the energetic enigmatic I Wish You Lonely the momentum continues building with Jacky.

   Kiss me a lot is followed by When you open your legs and he knows we do.
Followed by the tremendous How soon is now? which the crowd sang nice and loudly.
Next was Spent the Day in Bed another new song I am happy to see live for the first time as well. The delivery of the lyric "time do as I wish" really kills me.
     Then The Bullfighter Must Die is preceedeed by Moz telling España to STOP! Stop España Stop!
Then we all were lost in the fog with the thoughts of Jack the Ripper concluding with MOZ repeating I'm waiting, I'm waiting and I can't help but think he is waiting for the rose in my hand to be delivered.
Next is my favorite song from Low In High School Home is a Question Mark which bounds with longing, it's a real wailer of a song and I enjoyed it very much. Next up continuing the new song stretch is My Love, I'd do anything for you followed by I'm throwing my arms around Paris.
     Followed by Back on the Chain Gang dedicated to his friend Chrissy who is not allowed to leave the house. Then came the apocalyptic but jaunty All the young people must fall in love with get depressed stay depressed as the last line. Followed by Speedway where I definitely saw a handsign 👌 sadly I didn't take a picture and every YouTube video is from a mile away. Strangely the stage was not filmed for the side screens so people further back could have a better view as they usually are. Next was World Peace and he came over toward the left side where I was, by this point I had stripped the plastic cellophane and Babys breath leaving my blue rose bare knowing I would probably have to throw it from a few rows back, he sang oh you poor little fool and I felt it in my bones. Next up was Meat is Murder with moz informing the crowd that the world is changing, more people are waking up and that carnivores are loosing! the video is never easy to watch but it is the truth and if you turn your back or look away then you must be ashamed of something.

   After this was Gustavo's piano intro and with all my heart I really wanted it to be the intro to Trouble loves me but it was actually Everyday is like Sunday and so began the mad rush of jumpers behind us who then had to jump another barrier to get into the inner sanctum where I was standing behind of. I held my blue rose proud and high to be seen when the lights go up at the " on your face" line. I had to wait for the encore and when they all walked out again I did my very best to film it with one hand and throw with the other and boy did I mess that up. Security pulled me back and screamed at me not to throw anything, I'm pretty sure I might have struck Mondo and Matt on the legs in trying to land my rose at Morrisseys feet. Lo siento mucho, I am very sorry and for a moment I died from embarrassment (por que?! 😣) until I heard suedehead which brought me back to life singing I'm so sorry as one does watching my poor rose get whisked away by stage crew member.

Lastly, was Trump shifters of the world unite and take over, half the people trying to invade the stage didn't make it falling short because of the barrier and extra security right at the bottom when they run down. It was an amazing experience all in all and even though I failed in my delivery, I succeeded in being present front and center just getting down there was a challenge but anything for Morrissey.

Set list

You'll Be Gone / I Started Something I Couldn't Finish / Glamorous Glue / I Wish You Lonely / Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage / Kiss Me A Lot / When You Open Your Legs / How Soon Is Now? / Spent The Day In Bed / The Bullfighter Dies / Jack The Ripper / Home Is A Question Mark / My Love, I'd Do Anything For You / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Back On The Chain Gang / All The Young People Must Fall In Love / Speedway / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / Meat Is Murder / Everyday Is Like Sunday // Suedehead / Shoplifters Of The World Unite

Morrissey's opening cry of, "Top of the world, Ma!" was a James Cagney line from the film White Heat. Just after shouting the line in White Heat, Cagney's character dies, and Morrissey was close to doing the same, as a problem with the onstage monitor meant he couldn't hear anything; which resulted in the start of You'll Be Gone not going quite to plan, but like the true pro that he is, Mozzer recovered quickly, didn't die, and the concert was a cracker.

The Gucci jacket that Morrissey was wearing when he took to the stage, had a moth embroidered on the sleeve. Dawn Mist used to mention moths a fair bit. Her twitter timeline reveals these two tweets:

July 28th 2016: "The best thing about living in a lighthouse ? The moths."

July 29th 2016: "The worst thing about living in a lighthouse? The moths."

The moth sleeved jacket is no doubt a genuine coincidence, but we'll add it to our coincidence list all the same.

The second Hollywood Bowl concert on Saturday night was yet another cracker, and included the beautiful, I'm Not Sorry - sung for the first time since 2004 - Speedway without the switch, a snippet of Sly & the Family Stone's Family Affair, and an encore of Let me Kiss You and Glamorous Glue. Youtube footage shows two people in the front row holding single roses, but I have no idea who this might be - the BRS spreads further than we think. Sophia Loren was among the audience.

Trouble Loves Me wasn't played at either of the concerts. It was too much to hope for.

The next concert is on Thursday in Phoenix, and then on Friday, it is album release day. Happy days are here again.


  1. I hope Moz has had the time to relish, absorb & celebrate Morrissey Day.
    How wonderful that Sophia Loren was in the audience.
    Thanks to Jaz for the vibrant review which I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

  2. It's funny you mention Sofia Loren "knowing", when I snuck into the garden boxes Saturday night, the pit being more heavily guarded and security a tad more thorough, my fianće and my sister and I unbeknowingly hid behind her box. My sister and I threw up a pair of 👌 for good measure, she turned and looked at us three vagabonds behind her big colored lenses curiously and I waved goodbye as security pushed us on. I only wonder if he saw us.

    1. I didn't mention Sophia "knowing", only that she was there.

    2. Sorry, I don't really pay attention.

  3. great review jaz, I enjoyed reading for a second time, there is certainly something special about the bowl, wish I had gone now but the decision was not mine and as for your roses.. great try, someday jaz

    1. Manc lad, you seem to be forgetting that Jaz has already managed to present Moz a blue rose on stage - Salt Lake City, July 2015. Do keep up.

  4. Wonderful review Jaz, thanks for sharing.


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