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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Day 2354 - Out with the old - goodbye, for now, dear friend

Tomorrow sees the release of Morrissey's 11th solo studio album, Low In High School. It is always very exciting to have a new Moz album come out, and having already heard and gotten to know seven of the twelve songs - all of which I instantly adore - I cannot wait to get to hear/get to know the other five.

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As excited as I am for the release of LIHS - which I have coming on green vinyl, CD, cassette (I don't even have a cassette player!), 7 inch box set and download - there is also a tinge of sadness, because today marks the end of World Peace is None of Your Business being Morrissey's current album.

It has now been 3+ years since WPINOYB was released, and it is an album that has meant an awful lot to those of us who have been following the Mozziah these past six years. In many ways, World Peace has been our album. Morrissey kept in contact with us BRS members during the recording of the album, even emailing photos from La Fabrique in France:


                                                    TONY THE PONY AND BOWIE THE DONKEY

                                                                            BOZ'S MESS

World Peace is an album that has the words 'blue rose' hidden within the title, and it is also an album with a song - Smiler With Knife - that bears incredible similarities to a MorrisseysWorld story, Brazil. Coincidences? In the cold light of day, how could anyone read Brazil and NOT link it to Smiler?
Image result for two gay men 1960 brazil

I have played and played and played WPINOYB over the past three years, but it will now have to take a back seat to the latest incoming masterpiece. So, as most people spend today either pouring over reviews of Low in High School, or indeed listening to one of the leaked copies that have found their way onto the internet, I am spending my day saying goodbye, for now, to a dear friend, World Peace Is None Of Your Business.

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This morning I read back through my initial review of World Peace, and have been reminded how I took an instant liking to all the songs, bar one, the aforementioned Smiler With Knife. I felt Smiler was a little too frighteningly real. It should be noted that I hadn't at that stage made the link between Smiler and the story, Brazil. Once that connection was made, I was able to enjoy Smiler properly, and in fact,  the song has gone on to become one of my favourites on the album - probably because it has had further links with the BRS/Following The Mozziah; including it being sung in San Paulo, which was an obvious nod to the character in the Brazil story, Paulo, and being played at Bournemouth when I was expecting Trouble Loves Me.


World Peace will always hold a very special place in the hearts of the BRS, and as I place it back on the shelf, I shall place the songs in order of favourite to least favourite:

1. Oboe Concerto
2. I'm Not a Man
3. Staircase at the University
4. Kiss Me a Lot
5. Smiler With Knife
6. Kick the Bride Down the Aisle
7. World Peace is None of Your Business
8. The Bullfighter Dies
9. Mountjoy
10. Istanbul
11. Earth is the Loneliest Planet
12. Neal Cassidy Drops Dead

By the next time I come to play the album, the favourite list could well be the other way up - that's how it is with Morrissey songs.

In other news, Morrissey has been photographed at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in Hollywood with writer/celebrity interviewer, Chrissy Iley. As to whether Chrissy was interviewing Moz, I don't know, but Morrissey was wearing an Alexander McQueen sweater with a rose on it.

*Goes off singing* Oboe concerto, all the best one's are dead, and there's a song I can't stand, and it's stuck in my head...only sadness waits for me, smiler with knife, you're just in time, you're just in time.


  1. I have several cassetteplayers.

  2. I am happily in Manchester for a Depeche Mode concert so I will be visiting a friendly record shop tomorrow to purchase the new release. I have avoided all the new songs so that I can hear them in their proper context. Childlike indeed.

  3. I have a cassette player too Ratty dear! I hope to wake up in the morning with the ring of the postman saying:"ther's something for you...", but considering the Italian Posta it's just a dream! Have a nice evening!😘

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi Manc, I'd gladly pop in there if I was to be graced by your presence. Anyway Manchester is looking grand although the airport is wearying.

    2. don't drink too much at that xmas market (overpriced) and a shame that they have had to put those concrete blocks out to stop any truck attacks

  5. Nothing compares to the giddy anticipation of having a new Morrissey album to listen to. I do love the look on his face in that pic with the rose shirt. Incidentally, Istanbul would be much higher on my list - it's one of my favorites.


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