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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Day 2361 - Ping pong delusion

I am probably being completely deluded, but I think that Morrissey might be playing ping pong with me. Let me explain.

In my previous blog entry, I wrote how Morrissey had sung Hold On To Your Friends on Monday night, which just so happened to be on the back of me using the word 'friend' in the title of two blog entries of last week. A coincidence you would no doubt say, although those of us who have spent the past 2361 days discussing hundreds of similar such coincidences might call it something else - Ping pong perhaps.

My blog entry of Tuesday started with me posting a fawning thank you to Morrissey for giving us such a wonderful new album, and last night on stage in St Louis, Morrissey sang a song that isn't usually in his set, In The Future When All's Well, which contains the lyric:

"I thank you, I thank you with all of my heart, I thank you."

A coincidence? FTM/Moz Ping pong? Complete delusion on my part? Who knows.

Image result for table tennis morrissey

I'll go on to the St Louis concert later, but first I must mention Israel - the new Morrissey song, not the country. The more I listen to my favourite track from LIHS, the more I am convinced that it isn't actually about Israel at all; after all, how can lyrics about enjoying your body be about a country? In my review of the album I wrote that I thought the song was about Ireland, but I was wrong - it is quite obviously an autobiographical song, but with Morrissey singing it as though he were someone else singing it to Morrissey - Morrissey is Israel. Replace the word Is-ray-el with Morr-ee-sey and it all suddenly makes sense. Here we are:

Realise if you're happy
Jesus sends you straight to hell
Morr-ee-say, Morr-ee-say
And should you dare enjoy your body
Here tolls Hades welcome bell
Morr-ee-say, Morr-ee-say

You've found a middle course existence
We are all bones and flesh and shell
Morr-ee-say, Morr-ee-say

I won't bother writing the rest of the words - I've made my point.

Image result for morrissey mirror

As I mentioned in my last blog entry, there has been mass hysteria from the press regarding Morrissey's comments in his recent interview with an online German magazine. On the back of the headlines, yet more so called Morrissey fans have taken to social media to denounce him - exit, exit, everybody's heading for the exit. What I find most bizarre is that there are still 'fans' out there who, after 30+ years of Morrissey being in the spotlight, haven't managed to work out if he is either a balanced and decent human being or a vile monster - what is it that Morrissey has said in this latest interview that has resulted in fans promising to either: A) burn their Smiths record collection (which we all know they won't) b) not buy his new record (which we all know they will) or C) not go to concerts?

The answer to my question is that there is absolutely nothing in this latest interview that could cause a fan to think Morrissey has suddenly become a monster, and in reality, those fans won't walk away, they'll simply carry on bitching and moaning about Moz on twitter, Facebook and Morrissey-solo. The song All You Need Is Me  rings very true.

The subjects from the interview that have caused the hysteria are: A) Nationalism (again! Yawn) and B) 'Defending' celebrities accused of sexual wrongdoing.

I won't bother writing about Nationalism, as it really is old hat, and all Morrissey said on this occasion is that he wants countries to maintain their culture - where's the scandal in that?

Young women toast with beer after the opening of the Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich

As for the 'defending' of Kevin Spacey; who has been accused by a fellow actor of an unwanted sexual advance 34 years ago when the other actor was just fourteen, it comes across to me that Morrissey wasn't so much defending Spacey, but rather questioning A) If the allegation was true,  B) How a fourteen year old boy came to be alone in a bedroom with a 26 year old and C) If it were true, was the fourteen year old not quite as innocent as has been made out.

It is that last point that has caused the most upset, with people stating that a minor is ALWAYS the victim, but is life really that black and white? When I was at school, there were a number of fourteen year olds who were having sexual encounters with adults. Laws or no laws, this will always be the case, in the same way that underage kids will smoke, take drugs, drink etc etc - teenagers push boundaries, and although it is easy to sit on a moral high horse and say the adult Spacey should have known better, we have no idea if Spacey knew the boy was under age, and he certainly shouldn't be hung, drawn and quartered without a trial - how can anyone say if Kevin Spacey is innocent or guilty at this stage?

The media, of course,  have made their decision about Spacey, and with every outraged headline, thousands more buy into their agenda. Morrissey has been subject to more witch hunts than most of us have had hot dinners, so he is naturally going to take the side of anyone who he sees being persecuted without a fair hearing. Bandwagons are the easiest vehicles to climb on, and they're free to ride.

Image result for kevin spacey

I'm bored of all those hysterical headlines now, so shall move on.

I have nothing to report regarding Our Mozzer, but as I mentioned at the top of the page, Morrissey last night played in St Louis, to a crowd which included Our Heather, blue rose in hand.  Here is Heather's account of the night:

"I thank Morrissey with all of my heart for a phenomenal concert in St Louis. I see that the setlist has already been posted elsewhere so I won't bother to post it, but we were treated to six of the new songs and they all sounded INCREDIBLE. Other highlights for me included You'll Be Gone, Glamorous Glue, Chain Gang, and the addition of In the Future When All's Well. Although there was no shirt toss and tight security in the pit prevented me from getting close enough to the stage to offer my rose, it was a tremendous evening and Moz seemed to be in good spirits. As always, the pleasure and privilege was mine." 

With both Heather and Angie (last week) not managing to get close enough to offer their blue roses, we now have to hope that either President Kyle or Jesse Nothing get close enough to offer a rose at the concert in Madison Square Garden next Saturday. If they don't, then it looks as though 2017 will be a roseless year. Both Kyle and Jesse have managed to get blue roses to Moz before, so everything is possible.



  1. love the updates colonel whiskers, those of us with a full diary rely on others (ooh get me)

  2. I had the same deluded thought about In the Future, which is why I referenced that lyric to open my brief concert review. Moz was quite demonstrative when he sang that lyric. Fingers crossed for NY.

  3. It’s slmost like I have been reading different interviews. Morrissey clearly states he does not support rape . My god is Shirley Manson going after him . Its all so senseless, people beating other people up without clearly understanding what they read or what someone else told them they read . Not to say that there may not be victims, when I was 14 I knew better to be alone in a room with a grown man. But if something did happen and I was unwillingly assaulted it would be completely different story. That’s all Morrissey is trying to say , it’s not black and white and someone’s career shouldn’t be ruined because of it. Oh my all the groupies-I knew several girls who knowingly and willingly met with rock stars after concerts. Society as a whole is guilty imagine trying to punish every person who ever had sexual relations as teens or alcohol before the legal age . Agree Rat isn’t that what teens do ? Push the barrier which they learned from the generation before them. I wish people would actually read the articles for themselves before taking going hell bent on social media. I’m afraid we can only educate and defend at this point.

    Sounds like St Louis was amazing and the song choice of In the Future was lovely. I enjoy that each set list has had some variety and that he has been in good spirits since the tour started in Portland. Listening to Something is Squeezing my Skull right now “there is no hope in modern life.”

  4. From beneath the wings of a butterfly comes the delicate but sonically deafening rings of lullaby. Serenade the child in eclipses of emotion and ellipsis of solidity. My impression is invalid. My depression is static. From near the edge of the abyss comes the chasm of mundane existence. My time here is brief, briefer than yours. Do not mourn your own catastrophes when you cannot even comprehend mine. Dockers from the north and Dockers from the south visit my shores, speak my mind and offer little more. Elsewhere I am everywhere but right now I am nowhere.
    Spitting into the sands of time. The answer is yes. Republish in disgust.

    The trio in trifles,
    The trifled threesome,
    The tired trinity,
    The de-robed mob of three
    The triumvirate of chaos,
    Ridiculously resplendent,


    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Why use one three letter word when you can use lots of flowery ones?

      Yours in sewage


    2. aaw, loving the trio in trifles

    3. We've missed you so very much, Dawn.

  5. That is an interesting approach of looking at "Israel", Ratz. It is one I wasn't sure of what it was about, on the surface you'd think it's about a country, but in between the lines it feels different.
    Lovely to hear from Dawn, the tired trinity. x


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