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Friday, 24 November 2017

Day 2362 - Dawn's Dockers

FTM has had a visit from the keeper of the light, Dawn Mist, but more about that later.

It transpires that there were a couple of on-stage 'signs' made by Morrissey on Wednesday in St Louis, and also an instruction for Our Heather, who was in the audience.

Towards the beginning of the concert, Morrissey said,  "The rule for tonight is, 'make it happen'" - as mentioned in the review by Daniel Durchholz for St Louis Today. Morrissey's words were obviously an instruction to Heather to get her blue rose to him, which unfortunately, she wasn't able to do.

As for the signs, they came in the form of hand gestures made at the end of Trumpshifters. Firstly, Morrissey slid his right hand inside his jacket, and then ended the song holding aloft two 'V' signs. Both of these hand gestures are signs of the illuminati, as discussed numerous times both within this blog and the original MorrisseysWorld blog. That list of ours just keeps on growing.


Video footage has emerged on Youtube of the moment a dog was passed forward to Morrissey at the concert in Denver on Monday. A quite bizarre happening.


Later today we will find out where Low In High School has entered the UK Album Chart. I am going to predict Number 7.
When the album sleeve was first revealed (Day 2288 of FTM - Axe factor) there was mention of censorship, and although Morrissey told me back in September that, "we have edited enough", it transpires that a number of shops aren't selling the album with the axe cover, but are selling it with a slip case featuring Max Lopez in his shopping trolley.


That comment of Morrissey's about having edited enough was reported on Day 2300 of FTM, and as I re-read Day 2300 earlier today, I was reminded of this exchange:

ME: What sort of title is When You Open Your Legs? Smut!

MOZ: My songs have always been smut. Smut hidden behind layers of pretence and intelligence.... Pin and mount me like a butterfly... I don't want a love I just want to be seen tied... You see the pattern?

Now that we have gotten to hear When You Open Your Legs, the pattern is indeed revealed.

And as butterflies have been mentioned, let me move onto the visit to FTM by Dawn Mist. At 13:46 UK time today (07:46 Chicago time), Dawn posted this in the comments section of yesterday's FTM:

From beneath the wings of a butterfly comes the delicate but sonically deafening rings of lullaby. Serenade the child in eclipses of emotion and ellipsis of solidity. My impression is invalid. My depression is static. From near the edge of the abyss comes the chasm of mundane existence. My time here is brief, briefer than yours. Do not mourn your own catastrophes when you cannot even comprehend mine. Dockers from the north and Dockers from the south visit my shores, speak my mind and offer little more. Elsewhere I am everywhere but right now I am nowhere. 
Spitting into the sands of time. The answer is yes. Republish in disgust. 

The trio in trifles, 
The trifled threesome, 
The tired trinity, 
The de-robed mob of three 
The triumvirate of chaos, 
Ridiculously resplendent, 


Image result for dockers 1950

Dawn's words are flowery, full of riddle, and a little melancholic, but the most important thing as far as I am concerned, is that within the words is a reply to my request of the other day for Morrissey to respond to an email I had sent him. The one word answer I was seeking was 'yes', but why use one word when you can use lots of flowery, riddlely, melancholic ones which incorporate Dockers! I thank him for his reply, although I am unable to write here exactly what he is granting permission for.

*Goes off singing* It's 4am, a-a-and once again, I am asked to leave this club in Tel-Aviv. Everything I know-oh-oh-oh-oh dee-serts me now, when you o-pen your legs


  1. Haha yes, I'm a miserable failure in so many ways - that's the story of my life.

  2. Its nice to think that Moz was encouraging Heather to offer her rose.
    A welcome surprise visit from Dawn. Lovely engaging words, as always.
    Hope you may flutter by again soon Dawn.

    1. Unfortunately it completely went over my head at the time and it didn't register with me until I read the review.

    2. At least Moz will have have seen you waving your rose. And its not always easy to fight your way in the pit.

  3. Heather I was so overwhelmed in Portland and it’s my city ! Things over my head , missed things right in front of me and I could have wacked him really good with my rose.but it didn’t matter he didn’t want it . I also could have creepy and swiped his foot like the lady next to me but I’m not that kind of girl ...anyways you tried and how nice of him to send you a gesture. Im sure the added security didn’t help . Did you guys read where protesters were outside a M venue asking concert goers to stand up with red pieces of paper ? Did you by chance see any of that ? Just wondering if this also played into the extra security . You had a lovely evening and great pics, that’s all that matters:)

    1. Thanks for your supportive words - there's certainly a lot to take in at the shows. The protesters were handing out flyers at the St Louis concert. They tried to give me one as I was entering the venue, which I refused. From what I could tell, they were mostly being ignored. Yes, I suppose it could've played into the extra security.

  4. Sorry, I forgot to add that I was a bit flustered on my post the other evening. Between seeing vile tweets about M(I did love Rats responses), biased articles and our family current events dinner discussion I came away defending M , not that he needs my defending . I consider myself to be a very reasonable person who believes more information is needed before swift social media attacks against anyone. I do empathize with victims on a very personal level, hope my wording doesn’t suggest otherwise . Sometimes I read more into what I write, apologize if I offended anyone, not my intention.

  5. Dawn's dockers, I thought you said Dawn's knockers (smut indeed).. still loving the trio in trifles

  6. So glad Morrissey said what he had to say last night in Chigago. Feel sorry for that poor dogs ears! Unless this dog was deaf, who in their right mind brings an animal who's hearing is x times better than humans to a concert...

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