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Monday, 27 November 2017

Day 2365 - Society's hell

Low In High School has entered the UK chart at Number 5, which is a very satisfactory achievement against stiff opposition. It sold far more copies than WPINOYB did in it's first week, and if LIHS had been released in September, it would've reached Number 1. Aside from chart positions and sales, it is truly a magnificent album, and I just can't stop returning to Israel, In Your Lap, I Bury The Living and Who Will Protect Us From The Police.

The latter song in that list was debuted on Saturday night in Chicago, although rather annoyingly, no footage has so far emerged on Youtube - I have read that there was a video accompanying the song, which I presume is the fan-made video that is on YT.

Morrissey also sang Munich Air Disaster 1958, I'm Not Sorry and Hold On To Your Friends, but no footage of these have been posted either. Someone has also reported that the intro to Israel was played, but I have no idea if this is true or not. I reckon that Morrissey should have every concert filmed himself, and then uploaded straight to Youtube. It would mean that we the fans wouldn't miss anything, and Morrissey would be able to partake in his favourite pastime of watching himself as he travels on the tour bus - it's win, win. It's the perfect job for Kevin 'Damon' Phillips - after all, he doesn't have as much seminal hair to look after these days.

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During the Chicago concert, Morrissey announced, "I did an interview a couple of weeks ago for a German newspaper and, of course, let me just say this - that was the last print interview I will ever do, and unless you see the words form in my mouth, and then you see the words come out of my mouth, please, if you don't see that, I didn't say them."

Morrissey is obviously fuming from the fall-out of that German interview; probably because of a false quote about Donald Trump, but more about that later.

Yesterday another interview appeared in The Sunday Times magazine, which will presumably be the last interview that we get to read for a while - unless of course FTM isn't subject to the ban.

The ST interview with Morrissey was carried out by Chrissy Iley - as mentioned on Day 2354 of FTM. The interview doesn't reveal much that we didn't already know, for example, Morrissey informs us once again that: he doesn't have a permanent home, he doesn't "perform", he has never had a cup of coffee, he drinks weak Ceylon tea, he can cook, he doesn't like mushrooms or garlic, he isn't miserable, he lost hair through medication, he doesn't like sexual labels and Jacky isn't about Brexit.

On the subject of Brexit, Morrissey states that he doesn't believe that Brexit will actually happen, and that, "they're just finding a way to not make it Brexit". I too have always believed this to be true, and wrote an article stating as much back in June 2016.  I believe that Theresa May-Day; who let's not forget voted 'Remain', is purposely trying to fuck up negotiations with the EU. I also believe that at the final hour; with May having convinced the British public that leaving the EU will amount to Armageddon, a second referendum will take place and the result will be reversed.

The one thing about Brexit which I find quite hilarious, is that the 'luvvie left' are constantly blaming the right for it, completely forgetting that most of the Tories voted against it, and that Labour supporters in the heartlands all voted for it. The London elite remain in their own bubble.

On the subject of David Cameron, Morrissey tells Iley that he never banned Cameron from listening to his songs, and even adds, "It's nice if everybody listens, it really is."

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The one person that Morrissey says that he would like to ban, is Donald Trump, but there is certainly NO mention of Morrissey supporting the killing of Trump, as was initially reported by Der Spiegel, and subsequently picked-up on by The Washington Times, which gave it a headline on Saturday.

It is my belief that the WT's hysterical headline and subsequent article is the reason why Morrissey has decided to stop doing interviews. All the things that Morrissey said in that Der Spiegel interview about multiculturalism, Kevin Spacey etc are all just harmless opinion, but for Der Spiegel to state that Morrissey said that he supports the killing of Donald Trump could be very dangerous, and has no doubt left Morrissey feeling uncomfortable. If the comment had remained in a little known German magazine, then there is no harm done, but once it's been splashed all over the Washington Times, Trump gets alerted to it, as do the FBI. If Trump were to decide to believe the words, Morrissey could be interrogated and ultimately banned from the USA without so much as a by-your-leave. A man who wrote Margaret on the Guillotine and wears a 'Fuck Trump' badge on stage would NOT get any sort of hearing....and that is the world we now live in!

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Going back to the ST interview, there were a few things that we did learn, for example, Morrissey is no longer on medication for his Barrett's Oesophagus and his hair has grown back, with Morrissey saying, "It's real. A lot of people my age don't have hair. They don't have teeth, so I feel quite blessed." He also reveals that the tour will incorporate China, Australia and Europe.
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Following the publication of the Sunday Times interview, the ST magazine editor, Eleanor Mills, plus  two of her staff; Matt Rudd and Ellie Austin, then produced a podcast, which is quite possibly the worst thing that I have ever, ever had the displeasure of listening to - not just because the anti-Morrissey agenda is notched up ten fold, but because it gave me a sudden realisation that the people running what were once grand bastions of Britain, like the Sunday Times, are the dumbest, least cultured, brain dead morons that ever existed. I could cry at the lack of intelligence or wit of Eleanor Mills and her cronies - even the staunchest of anti-abortionists would agree with the need to rid the world of people like Mills and Rudd before they take their first breath. Ellie Austin can be forgiven for her youth, but Mills is just nauseating, and Rudd, simply a cunt.

Image result for matt rudd sunday times

Eleanor Mills, with her nasally, whiney voice, for no legitimate reason says Morrissey is, "misguided" for wanting to do a fun photo shoot of himself naked behind a cake and also has the audacity to body shame Morrissey saying he is, "not in the greatest shape", even though Mills herself is the size of an outside lavatory.

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Chrissy Iley too remarked on Morrissey's body in her interview, writing, "I could have done without the bit where the 58-year-old threw his jacket into the crowd and flaunted his unworked-out torso".
If a man were to make such comments about a woman, there would be all hell to pay for, but because it's only old Mozzer, he becomes fair game. Personally, I think he's in great shape....but then again, that is coming from someone without much of his own hair and only a handful of his own teeth. Still, I'd have quite liked to have seen old Moz behind a small cup cake, it would have been something to get your gums into!

Right then, one last check to see if there is any footage on YT from Chicago.....nope!



  1. I do not wish to give you a coincidence but I since there appears to be nobody paying attention to anything...

    Interview for the Sunday Times 26/11/17

    "Just like veganism, he insists, being sexually fluid and gender fluid is now much more accepted. “It’s extraordinary. People seem to be very relaxed by it.” But when Morrissey announced his humasexuality in 2013, he was a lonely voice. “Yes, I was. I spearheaded the movement. I know no other way, so nothing has changed for me, but the rest of the world leaps on. I am pleased because I want people to be happy. There is an expiration date on our lives on this planet. You have to be yourself and hopefully get some happiness from it. It seems everybody, in every respect of their lives, is coming out of their cupboard saying this is the person I’d like to be. I want to wear these clothes, not those that have been imposed on me. As long as nobody’s harmed, I think it’s good.”

    True Morrissey Blog Post - 'Let Your Juvenile Influences Sway" 14/12/16

    "I have always been influenced by feminism, please dig around the archives and you will find enough evidence of this. I know List of the Lost may point towards me having a rather negative view of women but you can blame Gail Shea for that. My view of gender is thus, no matter what genitals you were lucky or unlucky to have when you were born, they do not define your gender. Your gender is your mind and your gender is whatever you decide to construct it as. A boy has a feminine side and a girl has a masculine side, if they decide to show these opposite sides of their given gender it does not make them strange. It makes them unique.

    It is time to collapse down into the ground the rigid constructs around gender. The body is fragmented. The body is fractured. The body is not natural. There is no natural body. The only natural thing is the mind, not the body, not the limbs. Gender is not something you are, it’s something you do, an act, a dress code, a thought pattern. It is not ascribed at birth. Gender is the stylisation of the body. It is akin to suicide in that it is a person taking control of their own destiny and saying “I will not play the role given to me, I am free to be whatever and whoever I choose”. The acting of the genders tears down traditional ideas of masculinity and femininity. It tears down, and not before time, the obsolete sexualities. No longer can people be defined by one sexuality or one gender. Indeed both of these things are fluid.

    People must free themselves from the modern idea of gender. Emancipate your body from itself. Free your mind from what you think you knew. Fly with genderless wings, for as you know angels are genderless. Do the Gods really think about gender? Shop wherever you please, release yourself in whatever cubicle you feel you should. Marry, if you’re so inclined, in whatever outfit you wish. Gender is a performance."

    So the only question that remains is why do I even bother?

    I mean.. Why does OM even bother?

    1. Dearest Dawn,
      We do our best to pay attention but sometimes the connections elude us. Please keep the coincidences coming, even though sometimes we need a nudge to see them.

      Gratefully yours,

    2. I must admit that reading Morrissey discuss gender fluidity in the Sunday Times interview didn't ring any bells with me, mainly because it seems perfectly natural to read/hear Morrissey discussing the subject - surely he has discussed gender fluidity in interviews before, or is that TM blog post really the only place he has mentioned it?

      Having now re-read that TM blog post, the words that particularly jump out at me are "genderless wings", as it makes me think of "wingless me" in Home Is A Question Mark.

      Nice to have Dawn with us at 8:03am (Detroit time) - couldn't sleep?

    3. Fuck off you ungrateful rum-cunt.

  2. Society's hell indeed. That podcast and the Washington Times sensationalist headline are absolutely horrid (not to mention that photo of Eleanor!). A US ban is NOT something I care to think about. Dear God, please help us. The lack of Chicago footage is truly disappointing, but didn't you see the video of Who Will Protect Us on FB, Rats? At least we have that (a big thank you to the person who filmed it).

    1. It is frightening that it is even a possibility that someone could be banned for NOT saying something, but with Trump, anything is possible. I don't have FB - can you please link to the song. Thanks.


    3. Thanks for the link. It is the fan-made video being played.

  3. Hi Ratty, I want the picture of Morrissey naked and surrounded by cupcakes! For the rest I have to add that the Italian press reported that Morrissey is the only one saying reasonable things about harassment, but we knew it yet! Thank you Ratty and Bravo Morrissey!

  4. I had forgotten just how powerful, fresh & inspiring Let Your Juvenile Influences Sway really is. My memory is appalling.
    So apologies to Dawn for not making the connection.
    The podcast really irritated me yesterday. The bitchy comments along with the high & mighty attitude were completely unnecessary & nasty.

  5. Forgot to mention that I enjoyed seeing the rose/skull shirt that M wore for the Sunday Times interview. In the version of the interview on Chrissy's site, she mentions the skull but not the rose (there's a pic too):

  6. must say when it all blew up it stopped me reading the article, I suppose the benefit of working all day and then coming home to read of the whole furore surrounding the article has its benefits after all, as for banning Moz from the USA.. no chance, Donald does not belive or trust the press so I wouldn't worry there, anyway on a different note I was hoping to pop over to South America but if that is not on then China sounds quite nice, poor Moz he is always in it up to his er neck.. China it is then

  7. Hello Dawn, I don’t believe we have been formally introduced . Those here call me Jo or Portland Jo as Rat has kindly called me. I am always late to comment, as I only check my phone at night if I have a moment of peace. My day is full of mundane tasks and the challenging job of raising teenagers, just as pleasurable as it sounds ....
    I tell my teens life is hard and the road is long. We openly acknowledge no one is perfect and mistakes are as easily made , all it takes is saying the wrong word(s) unintentional or not. From being misquoted to twisting words then other people feeding off. I tell them unless you have heard it directly from that person it’s gossip and you can’t argue or defend. I can admit to my faults, last week I became especially frustrated when another Tw friend (not here on blog )who was being attacked for defending M got me all worked up . He was being emotionally attacked , obviously very upset and I reached out because I felt sorry for him. I had good intentions trying to calm him(which I think I did ) but I fed off his energy, started to defend /quote and should have refrained from commenting anywhere. I caught myself doing what I tell my kids not to -lesson learned . Why am I saying this ? I’m an honest person and the person I was defending is M who is a stranger to me . I didn’t hear those words from him and can’t trust what’s being reported. M doesn’t need my defending. I don’t know him personally, he doesn’t know me and I only know what I have learned /impression given by the others here -which is of a kind and sensitive person that Rat and everyone on this blog does and would defend. I’m not one of them yet and until I get to know M I need to not comment /defend him.
    Nonetheless the frustration only increased after reading the first Sunday Times article, then the podcast that Rat and Heather tweeted about. I agree what a disappointment and the lazy cynical comments could have been eliminated. Sadly what a waste of 17 minutes. I would hate to be at the end of my life and say “if” I only had another 17 minutes I could have: saved lives, started a movement or made a stranger happy.

    That said, I do agree M’s voice sounds better then ever and for gods sake, if the man wants to be naked with a cake, let him have cake (Heather suggested a blue rose cake like the cakes I had made:) I know a vegan bakery that can whip that right up if needed...
    There are so many coincidences, I’ve read all the available blogs and I’m making an effort to learn them with help from Rat and the others. Sometimes you think you see something, but it’s nothing, how can that be ? I do enjoy all the puzzles and how everyone chips in to solve them like a group project. As a newer member know my sarcasm comes from a playful place and means no harm. This is an wonderful group of people and I greatly enjoy their company. Forgive any questionable comments, I have to live this life and this is a new outlet.
    Yours truly -

  8. forgot to add loving Moz's photo inside a GREEN flower, oh Oscar

  9. All the kind people have a wonderful dream/Donald on the guillotine


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