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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Day 2367 - How low can they go?

There is never a dull day in Morrissey's world, but for every day that produces exciting things such as a new record release or an on-stage sign for the BRS, there seems to be a dozen days that bring negativity, hatred and bullshit. Morrissey must either have the thickest skin known to any living being or be permanently curled up in a ball sobbing under the kitchen table. My guess is that it is the latter, although Morrissey doesn't actually have a kitchen table, which is probably just as well, as he really would never come out.

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I guess Mozzer must have developed a way of blocking out all the shit, or otherwise he just wouldn't be able to function, but however good you are at coping with it all, it still has to hurt, and when it interrupts with your professional life, then that must make him extremely angry.

Yesterday was one of those negative bullshit days, and the words and actions of a certain Daniel Grinbank have indeed had an effect on Morrissey's professional life. Grinbank is a music promoter in Argentina, and it would appear that he had agreed to put on a Morrissey concert in Buenos Aires next year, but yesterday he U-turned, stating on Instagram, " I find it unacceptable a statement that supports the behaviour of paedophilia ( Kevin Spacey)."

It just makes you want to cry that people can be so thick. Morrissey has made no such statement supporting paedophilia, he actually made a statement questioning the whole situation surrounding the Spacey accusations - and they are just accusations, as Spacey hasn't been charged with anything, let alone been convicted of sex with a minor.

Grinbank has every right not to put on a concert if he doesn't want to, but to not put it on for the reason he has given is just wrong, and it's libellous. People can't just make these sort of accusations and be allowed to get away with it. No doubt Morrissey has already contacted his lawyers, but I very much doubt that he has the energy to take on this Grimwank fool, I guess we will have to wait and see. Who would've thought that the accusations and allegations could have got worse after the plot to murder allegation? Surely there is no one who can get any lower with an accusation?
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Yesterday I made mention of the whole unedited version of Chrissy Iley's interview with Morrissey being on her website, and that it came across as much warmer than the version that ended up in the Sunday Times magazine. It is obvious that Ms Iley very much likes Morrissey, and she took to twitter earlier today to tweet, "I am learning when it comes to Morrissey stuff gets made up." Ain't that the truth!

In other news, Morrissey played a concert in Detroit last night, but there isn't a single piece of video footage on Youtube. It has been reported that there was a front row heckler, but I have no idea if this is true or not, or what was said. A few photos have appeared on Twitter, including one of Morrissey giving another 'V' sign.


The next concert is in Washington DC, so let's hope someone posts some footage from that.

*Goes off singing*  I've had my face dragged in fifteen miles of shit, and I do not, and I do not, and I do not like it


  1. Hi Ratty, this Daniel Grimcunt looks like a very orribile person, but we're living in very sad time people suffer of a very common disease it's called functional analphabetism so they aren't able to understand the metodo shat they're reading and they report it in a very wrong way causing misunderstanding false accusation bad labels, another negative fact is the question of the victims blaming, it's no possible give to someone the presumption of innocence and you're accused:"you're doing victim blaming, you can't you must believe the victims!" So, everyone of us can easily report a fact of fantasy, or a confused shadow from the past and we must believe it and the guilty must be guilty without evidence and loose his job, reputation and everything. Could Morrissey accept this kind of situation? Of course not, not Morrissey or me or every decent human been, that's why he said what he said, and clearly stated;" I hate rape" so what? This evil witch hunt sooner or later must go to an end and Morrissey could say I did alert you, cunt! Goodnight Ratty, goodnight to everybody!😘

  2. I am sick of so many people that now care what M says. Years of Refusal and now his words matter. Every sad sorry Cunt has come out with “Guns Blazing”. On a lighter note I have enjoyed reading Thousands upon thousands of comments in the media and 90% all say “Who is Morrissey?” Think it’s time for that backdrop to return. Looking forward to Saturday in NY. Kyle is ready and 3 inch’s taller than me now, I doubt M will recognize him anymore. Time will tell...

  3. I have often wondered how on earth Morrissey deals with the venom & lies he has launched towards him. I take heart from his strength & spirit, but am mindful that confronting such toxic comments must be emotionally draining to say the least.
    "Don't let the bastards grind you down" x

  4. 4am and once again
    I have to point out a coincidence on FTM
    It's 4am and once again
    I am here to elucidate for the dreary few

    Everything Astra Loved is seen
    When we sing about LEGS.

    We are surprised this link has not been seen before now. Please. This is your greatest clue. There may not be another.

    1. Ah yes, Astra did have quite a leg fetish. How I miss her naughty ways...

    2. Dearest Dawn, nice to see you here again, but "greatest clue"? There have been many, many unbelievable 'coincidences' on our journey, but are we really meant to believe that When You Open Your Legs is a nod to Astra? It certainly wasn't mentioned when I discussed the smuttyness of the title with OM. Sometimes I think you lot at MW HQ make this stuff up as you go along...

    3. Could Dawn be referring more to the backdrop? Although I have to admit, it strikes me as a possible combination of Astra and Morfessa ('artist colony' originally made me think of 'mistress of the arts').

    4. Of course Astra was partial to a nice pair of lallies.
      Speaking of legs I've been meaning to say I recall a tweet from OM, which I can't remember verbatim but said something about throwing his legs around Boy George. I was reminded of this by the lyrics "would you meet me? wrap your legs around my face to greet me" Great lyrics.

    5. I've just found the tweet you are referring to and have retweeted it. It was from Feb 28th 2012. @MorrisseysWorld tweeted: "In the absence of your tweets and in the absence of retweets, I have decided I'm throwing my legs around @BoyGeorge".

    6. There was another tweet from MW to BG in September 2011, in which MW welcomed BG with "Open legs".

  5. Today I post for a dear older lady friend who would like to send Morrissey a message . She does not do social media (she’s 68) and is like a mother to me . I received an email yesterday “what the hell is Morrissey doing ? “ (she knows Ive enjoyed your music for many years) I thought -oh good god I am not answering this , will delay until lunch today. Quick background -we met many years ago at a support group for an incurable illness we both have and have been like family since. I thought how do I thread lightly here and not offend her ? Someone who still gets the daily paper and reads all day online . She sends me more medical journal articles to read then I am old, that’s her dedication. But our lunch turned a corner after we discussed current affairs. I stated I did not know you personally only from a blog group who you have interacted with over the years . After our discussion she said “please go on tweety and post this for me . Tell him about me/ us.” Alright I will , just as any diligent daughter would do. Can’t say no to her. Even though I’m a couple sneezes close to 50 she makes me feel like I’m 25. Here we go : her name is Leslie. She /husband together almost 50 years both hippies, fought against Vietnam, feminist supporters, she was real estate broker to stars Montley Crue and other celebrities (they own a bunch of Vince Neil antiques he sold them when his new wife wanted all new -the things they have taught me I could go on but won’t ) she did this until illness, she is now home bound I try to help with driving to appt ,picking up meds, taking her to lunch when I can ,husband retired engineer takes care of her he’s the music lover who taught me about New York Dolls /Bowie many others , live 10 min away from me in Portland and lastly they rent a house for 3 mo every year in Palm Springs. I spend 1-2 weeks with them every Jan. Past 5 years they say want me there for my respite, but recent years I believe I am more of comedy relief and respite to them . I even lay in bed and enjoy watching old movies with them something I’ve never done with anyone,not even my own mother . That’s how close of a non-related family we are and how much they mean to me . Otherwise I would not have done this . Ok that’s done -she is very smart lady even when she is a “fog” we went over all recent press statements, articles and she asked what I felt you stood for based on blog friends. I played your new album on way to errands she enjoyed I Bury the Living -how does the war go on without our John? Then said “oh my” to Open Your Legs (explained AGAIN for the 10th time what a great sex life they had with details and things I should try -ugh like parents to me , did I say that already ? ) She was generally pleased by the rest of titles and what they stand for . Ending lunch she said please quote me tell him this “Please do not be silenced . It must be tough going through this, but our country is in danger like it’s never been before . Please stay strong, make your voice heard and do not disappear as we need you like never before .”
    I was shocked to think lunch today would be a trial, now pleasantly pleased by the fire I saw in her eyes. She’s not dead yet, not even close though she would argue all of her aches/pains make her feel like it. She and I will be fighters until the end , which I hope is decades.
    Notes taken and dictated by me.
    Thank you for reading if you (or pessoa) do.

  6. It truly is appalling how low people will go, and it proves yet again that people blindly believe everything they read while attacking those who have the courage to speak the truth. Where is our world headed? It's quite frightening to contemplate, judging by the current state of affairs, which is why the world needs to hear LIHS.

  7. yep once again the stupidity of the human race rears its ugly head.. how sad.. fuck the lot of them, if they are too lazy to understand or too thick to understand what Moz was saying.. the wagon rolls on

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


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