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Saturday, 2 December 2017

Day 2370 - Something's Coming

Dawn's mentioning of Morrissey's star maiden pessoa, Astra, on Wednesday night has pulled Astra herself from the ether, and into the comments section of FTM. Here are Astra's rather sad words, posted yesterday afternoon:

"Invoking my name at the altar of the midnight hour can lead only to shadows and the suffocating desires of miscreants. What am I? A wisp? A moment? A never will be. My own loss acrid, and lingering like gunpowder. I was less than a specter's mute witness. Less than the incorporeal, as you all thought you knew me. Seek and you will find - nothing. Or so the story goes. Sought me. Seek me, find me weeping. 

I have a match. I will strike it now, and lit, it will fall on my trailing hem, behind me. I am an effigy. Can I burn, if I was already destroyed? The sanctity of silence, cradling me gently. Always my eclipsed and abysmal silent night. Darkness closes my eyes, abandonment cushions my head. 

Through the seven layers of consciousness, and after as many lives again, to achieve the last level of enlightenment there is final peace; in knowing that there is nothing more. Everybody kills what they love most. Everyone. 

Otherwise, it was something never worth loving in the first place. 

Every time someone kills something they love, without knowing it, they quietly, secretly bury a small piece of their heart. Wandering, and the years pass. And then a few times more, the same action is repeated again. 

At death, you are empty. When you return, again alone, and lost in the ever familiar, then unfamiliar surroundings, you look for those small pieces you tore out of your own heart, and search all over the world for them. 

But you never find them again. 

I was never here before. I am not here now, and the echo of never lasts for centuries." 

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Meanwhile, Morfessa -who is actually Dawn Mist - who is actually Morrissey - also made an appearance yesterday, paying a visit to The Wrong Arms just before 4pm (11am Washington DC time). Morfessa's first tweet was, "Secrets and lies."

Morfessa didn't stay long, and the account was again closed as soon as the brief tweeting session was over. Moz tweeted that he was pleased that Twitter had increased the character numbers available, and also tweeted with regard to the dog that was at the concert in Denver last week, saying it made a welcome change from some of the dogs who are usually in the front row - I must confess this did make me chuckle some what.

Morfessa also exchanged a few tweets with Heather, including mentioning the 'Make it happen' invitation in St Louis. I also got a reply to my suggestion that Moz had returned to Twitter because he needed us as much as we needed him, with him saying, "I hate to admit it, but there maybe some truth in there somewhere."

Morfessa also made mention of a, "hidden recording" that may be brought to light, which if true, is VERY exciting.

That's it for today. Tonight is the night where magic could happen, with the BRS President, Kyle Douglas, attending the concert at Madison Square Garden. Will Kyle manage to get his blue rose to Moz? How I would dearly love to be at The Garden tonight, but if I'd disappeared to NYC for a Morrissey concert on my 20th wedding anniversary, then there wouldn't have been a 21st!..... *checks watch*  I wonder if I'd get there in time if I left now?



MorrisseysWorld denier, MerryAnne, will also once again be in the front row at tonight's concert. I wonder what thoughts will cross her mind if she sees Moz accept a blue rose right in front of her eyes?

*Goes off singing* How much are those doggies in the front row, the ones who deny it's all true, how much are those doggies in the front row, and where are their roses of blue?

*Changes song* Could be! Who knows? There's something due any day, I will know right away, soon as it shows. It may come cannon-balling down through the sky, gleam in its eye, bright as a rose!


  1. aaw, hope Kyle and dad have a great night, wish we could see it live, never mind we will get our chance

  2. Kyle and Brian, you guys look amazing. When I finally make it to MSG, I'll look a sick mess. But I'm going to make my way over to the venue early, even if I am still ill, though not as early as I woukd have been there had I been well. Anyway, I hope to see you guys at the show and wish Kyle luck on getting Moz the rose and succeeding in a successful stage invation.

  3. The African American male dancinf in the new Jacky video is wearing a shirt I once almost bought because it is covered in blue roses. It is hard to notice it in the video but I am certain it is the very same blue rose shirt I saw and foolishly didn't buy. (I forget the reason why.)

  4. Nice to see Morfessa's recent tweet asking for blue roses tonight. Here's hoping for a special evening. Enjoy!

  5. looks like we have to picture a naked rat in our minds.. (shivers down spine)


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