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Friday, 8 December 2017

Day 2376 - For the record - interview invite & famous in Lithuania

On November 30th, Dawn Mist - who is actually a Morrissey pessoa - left a message for me, hidden in the comments section of Day 833 of FTM:

"I bring a message. There will be a new interview with questions submitted by rat. The questions must be submitted by midnight tonight, UK time as I am not a monster.
No less than ten questions and no more than 15.
No mention of you know what.
Or you know who.
At least five questions to be about Low In High School.

Also this has been left here in secret. Rat must not tell a soul until the interview is published on FTM."

This blog entry is not being published!

I then sent the following questions by email:

Dear Admin Guy, as instructed by the lighthouse keeper, one, Dawn Mist, I hereby submit a selection of questions for you:

1. Low In High School has been a huge success. Which of the songs have been around the longest i.e. could have been part of World Peace?

2. It is certainly a political album, was this intentional or is it that politics currently consume your life, and so therefore the songs just went in that direction?

3. Do you still put together songs in the same way that you always have, i.e. your musicians present you with a piece of music and then you add lyrics? If so, do you have pre-written lyrics that you try and put to the music or do you listen to the music and let it take you somewhere?

4. Radio stations really took to Spent The Day in bed - did you always know it would be the song to launch the album?

5. In Your Lap is one of the most beautiful songs on the album, can you tell us something about it?

6. I would never expect you to favour any of your co-writers, but Gustavo's piano based songs on LIHS are just wonderful. Your voice sounds so good over a piano, can we expect there to be a good number of piano songs on future releases?

7. Joe Chiccarelli mentioned in a recent interview that My Love, I'd Do Anything For You nearly didn't make the cut. Thank goodness it did, but are there any other of the twelve songs that you really weren't sure about?

8. The Girl From Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn't Kneel seems like a piece of abstract art to me, in that it goes off at tangents. Can you tell us about it, and is it about Etty Hillesum as the Jewish Chronicle seemed to think - I doesn't seem to be to me.

9. All The Young People Must Fall In Love is quite different to any other song on the album. Were you influenced by any particular 'Peace song' and would you class yourself as a hippy?

10. Both I Wish You Lonely and I Bury The Living are very obviously anti-military. Do you have any sympathy for those killed or injured whilst 'serving their country' or do you feel there are no need for any military units?

11. If Britain were attacked, would you be prepared to take up arms?

12. Israel is my favourite song on the new album. I am convinced that it is autobiographical rather than about the country, am I right?

13. Was the Jacky video your idea? What was the thinking behind it - is it your very own Black Lodge?

14. Low In High School has preformed better in both the UK and US charts than Paul McCartney's eleventh solo album, which was released when he was a similar age to you. Bowie had stopped recording when he was the age you are. Do you feel a sense of real achievement?

15. Will there be a deluxe cd in the new year with some more songs?

15a. You have received a lot of ridiculous negative publicity lately. Have there been any headlines that have had Korda Marshall asking you questions or is he too intelligent to be sucked in by such rubbish?

15b. You recently mentioned that you don't think Brexit will happen, so how do you see things playing out from here?

15c. Will you be suing the despicable Daniel Grinbank over his recent comments?

15d. What next for St Etienne? Any acts that you want to put on your label? A re-issue of World Peace?

15e. Despite the masses not willing to accept that you are anything to do with the BRS, there can be no denying that you have accepted one blue rose per year since 2012. We are running out of time for 2017, will you accept one in New York on Saturday if someone offers you one?

Thank you


I have heard nothing since.

In other news, I today DM'd Morfessa a copy of Malcolm Mime's article that is in today's Isle of Wight County Press. It is basically the Too Much of a Saga piece that was published on the True Morrissey blog last December, which Morrissey (as Dawn) recently gave permission to be published. In the IWCP article, Malcolm doesn't say who wrote the piece, but does state that it is written by, "a rather famous wordsmith".

Having received my DM, Morfessa replied to me as follows:

 "I'm only famous in Lithuania."

*FOOT NOTE* This blog entry was eventually published on December 24th 2017 after it had become evident that no interview would be forthcoming.

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