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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Day 2378 - The Promise(s)

I had quite a lot of spare time on my hands yesterday, so I decided to create a list of all the songs I had seen Morrissey sing live, and also a list of the ones I hadn't seen; including the ones that I would really like to see/hear. When I had completed my list, I tweeted to ask my followers how many songs they thought I had seen, giving the following options:

A) 85
B) 95
C) 105
D) 135
E) 145
F) 165
G) 205

Only a couple of people bothered to humour me by having a guess, but there is a reason I am mentioning it here. I shall explain why later.

Meanwhile, both the Morrissey show in Boston, and tonight's scheduled headline performance at KROQ have been cancelled due to the ongoing illness within Camp Moz, so the US tour is now officially over. Blue Rose was not accomplished in 2017, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the BRS is over, and in fact a comment left on my previous blog entry earlier today, has given me the impression that the BRS is not only very much alive, but has received a BIG nod in Morrissey's video for Jacky's Only Happy - more about that later too. I for one will attempt to get a blue rose to Morrissey at both Brighton and London in March.
Image result for blue rose on stage morrissey mozziah

As to whether or not it is Morrissey himself who is ill, or one of the other members of the band, we do not know, although if Moz is ill, the good news is, he definitely isn't laying in a coma somewhere, and he still has the ability to laugh. How do I know that? Well, let me explain.

Last night, old Mozzer paid a visit to The Wrong Arms, and after a brief exchange in the public bar, we sidled off together, and continued our chat in the private, and rather squashed compounds of a toilet cubicle. I can't give the full transcript of our conversation because: A) Part of the conversation needs to remain private - at least for now, although I am hoping all may be able to be revealed next week if a certain someone keeps a promise they have made, and B) Much of the transcript has been deleted, without me having copied it - I had NO IDEA that The Arms had employed a cleaner - how annoying.


The reason Moz appeared in The Arms was because Twitter user, @YouAreTheMeadow, had brought to my attention the following Morfessa tweet from June 26th: "I dedicate track 8 to @TheRatsBack".
I wrote about this tweet on Day 2213 of FTM. It was in relation to Dawn's album track list (see FTM Day 2206 ). I have no idea why YouAreTheMeadow decided to retweet that tweet of June 26th, but having been reminded of it, I tweeted Morfessa to ask, "So, the real track 8 is The Girl From Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn't Kneel - is it still dedicated to me?"

Morfessa replied, "The real Track 8 from where?". I wittingly (?!) replied, "Lou In High Heels", and got the not-amused reply of, "Hilarious". I could tell that Morrissey was in no mood for a half-witted rat, and tweeted to tell him as much. He replied by saying, "Half-cut rat would be preferable". It was nearing midnight, so I decided that as Moz was in no mood for me, I would head to bed.

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Just as I was about to turn off my iPhone for the night,  I saw that Morfessa had replied to another of my tweets, the one in which I asked people to guess how many songs I had seen live. Morfessa had guessed, "365". Even with cover versions, Morrissey hasn't sung 365 different songs live in his entire career, let alone in the seventeen concerts I've attended, so I tweeted, "I haven't been camping outside your shower, you know", to which he retorted, "I'd be very afraid to drop the soap if that was the case." I immediately hit back with, "Rubbish, you'd be dropping it on purpose".

My flirting obviously worked, because Moz grabbed me by the Heinz baked beans, and whisked me into those toilets, where he announced, "That made me laugh out loud." 

Image result for morrissey laughing loud

He then asked how many songs I had seen live, and wanted to know if I would be publishing the list. I replied that I would publish the list on Sunday, but actually, now that I am writing this blog entry, I will publish it tomorrow instead. I asked Morrissey to guess how many songs he thought I had seen in the seventeen concerts. I pointed out that; Irish Blood, First of the gang, Paris and How Soon is Now had all been played at least ten times each. Morrissey's reply made me laugh out loud:

"I average 40 masterpieces each with engaging and topical audience participation between each."

He then added, "Are you including the Letterman show in this? He was a fat ugly cunt. I couldn't bare him. Well I'd like to say 205 songs. But I fear I could be grossly incorrect."

I replied, "Yes, grossly over. 145", and got the reply, "The average isn't looking good is it?"

Moz then asked, "Do you watch TV. I can recommend something of interest". He then posted this link: with the words, "I believe it is available on UK telly."

He then felt the need to correct himself, tweeting the word, "Tele", and then disappeared. What's wrong with "telly"?

The link is to a four part TV series from 2011 called The Promise. It is based in Israel, with two stories, one set in the 1940s and one in modern time. Could this series be the influence for one or more of those Israel/Tel-Aviv tracks on Low In High School? The programme is available on the Channel 4 website, so I now have to find five hours to watch it. I shall start tomorrow.

Image result for len the promise channel 4 2011

And finally,  another of the (presumed) Morrissey pessoa's, Jon the ConMorrissey theorist, took to FTM at 11.40am (3.30am LA time/6.40am New York time/Goodness knows what Morrissey time) today and posted this:

Jackys Only Happy video seems to be a loveletter to "Blue Rose Soc." 

Red/blue lighting references Twin Peaks 

The dancers do v signs over their eyes referencing MW blog 

One dancer is in a blue rose shirt 

The band wear turquoise shellsuits, as made famous by David Icke, another blog legend. 

The video is done in the "pop style" as the blog always said Moz wanted to steal Bieber's thunder. 

Th blog posted an article once in which MW said he would get "the lads" to dance in turquoise and hure backing dancers to break thr charts! 



I had previously mentioned that I thought the Jacky video was a nod to Twin Peaks, but hadn't seen it as a "love letter to 'Blue Rose Soc."". WOW! It gives me the belief that the BRS lives. I now need to find that MorrisseysWorld article that mentioned the lads dancing in turquoise. Ws that really true?

Jon also added this:

Barretts oesophagus was even mentioned in an old blog article before anything became public... can anyone find it? 

Is this true too?


  1. I had earlier mentioned in the comments to one if your more recent blog entries, probably the one that announced the appearance of the new "Jacky" video, that the black (is "black" politically correct anymore when referring to race? I really cannot keep up. I don't care what anyone calls me,) dancing gentleman is wearing a blue rose shirt. I know this because I almost bought the same shirt and I remember it perfectly. It is not as easy to make it out in the video, especially if you are watching on a small screen, but I am positive I am correct. If I am wrong, it wouldn't be the first time and won't be the last.

  2. Ah, I wrote this comment before reading the entire blog and I am right! Look at the older comments. I actually caught a clue all on my own for once!

  3. Shit, I know I wrote about this somewhere but I haven't the time to search now. Anyway, I don't know why I am so proud to have cought that. Maybe because I miss everything else.

    1. I definitely remember you mentioning that. I carefully tried to determine if the dancer's shirt has blue roses on it and was frustrated that I couldn't see the design clearly enough - I'll take your word for it.

    2. Funnily enough, the very first time I watched the video, I too thought the guy was wearing a blue rose shirt, but it isn't overly clear, so I didn't write about it. I do believe though, that Jon the Con is right, the video is a nod/love letter to MW/BRS. Our little band of outsiders lives on. Roll on February.

  4. Apparently I don't have the MW blog article that mentioned Barrett's, but I did find some mentions of acid reflux, which appeared as a persistent theme in some of the pieces from 2011 (and perhaps later too, I don't really know). Interestingly, I also came across some tour diary entries that mentioned spending the day in bed while watching various things on TV - hmm. I hope that Morrissey is ok, wherever he may be.

  5. A humble suggestion from the peanut gallery. An interesting a film about Israel's birth is "Cast A Giant Shadow". It is about the 1948 Arab-Israel war. It stars one of Our Moz's favorites, Kirk Douglas. Ironically, Kirk Douglas just celebrated his 101st birthday on December Ninth.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. 3rd time a charm. Hit sign out. Trying to speak and spell. This is exhausting ! Challenging in a good way, but so much history. Naive in thinking I could catch up -it’s a maze. Blog stories to some toilet to escape room. Sorry I don’t contribute much, silent here but I’m following(or attempting to.) Met some lovely people who are very entertaining . At times questioning why here. Answering with : my god, I don’t even know how I got here. That says a lot doesn’t it?

  8. funny enough as I said earlier on twit moz59 had said he was ill whilst in the chatroom, apart from lizzie and sabine I have no idea who else was there maybe JG, anyway I couldn't guess at the number as I was as you can imagine kind of celebrating last night after my team put some ALMOST local upstarts in their place. Whilst the news from camp moz is not good the story goes on, hope my bunch of roses at Hollywood cheered him up, anyway, work calls and I have a few united fans that I need to taunt, you cant imagine the rubbish that we city fans have had to put up with for the last 30 years, by the way 17 shows I say 105

  9. My eyes and ears are glued to the screen! Keep going, please!

  10. Thanks to FTM, I just discovered that we do have a record of the word 'oesophagus' appearing on the MW blog just days before the announcement of Moz's condition. It's discussed on Day 510, which even includes the MW piece, "Why I love 'Years of Refusal' by Broken."

    1. Well done, Clever 'Eather. I made mention of the 'Why I Love 'Years of Refusal' by Broken' article at the end of my blog entry of January 22nd 2013(Day 496) - the day it was published on the MorrisseysWorld blog.
      The first public mention by Morrissey of Barrett's Oesophagus was on a TTY statement on January 31st 2013.
      On Day 510 (February 5th 2013) I wrote how it was Chuck (then known as SBJ) who was the one to realise that Broken's article mentioned the oesophagus, and I wrote, "This is an absolutely HUGE coincidence."
      We forget so much, but then again, there is a lot that happens around here.
      The 'Why I love YOR' article wasn't reproduced in full on Day 510, but I do have a full copy, so I will publish it later today.

  11. Hi Ratty dear, now I'm very curious about The Promise and keep on searching....😘


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