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Monday, 18 December 2017

Day 2386 - Another fifteen miles...

Today's topics are:

1. The Promise
2. Morfessa
3. That interview
4. Astra on FTM
5. Happy Jacky
6. Morrissey's State Of The Union Address


On December 9th Morrissey recommended a TV series to me - The Promise, which is set mainly in Israel. Over the course of last week I watched the four part series, and was convinced that I was going to discover something within it which would stand out as an influence for one or more of the songs on Low In High School.

Having finished watching the last part on Friday, I gave thought to the lyrics of four of the songs on LIHS that make mention of Israel/Tel-Aviv/Arab Springs to see if there was an obvious link. Here are my conclusions:

When You Open Your Legs: The song starts with the lyrics, "4am and once again, I'm asked to leave this club in Tel-Aviv", and goes on to state, "everything I know deserts me now, when you open your legs". In The Promise the central character, Sergeant Len Matthews, meets a Jewish girl called Clara, who sleeps with him to wheedle secrets. There is a also a night club/hospitality club, but as the whole setting is actually Haifa and not Tel-Aviv, so I don't think there is particularly a connection.

In Your Lap: The Arab spring was in 2010 and this series was based in 1945 and 2005, so there is no connection here.

Israel: I still think this song has more to do with Morrissey than Israel, and there is nothing in The Promise to suggest otherwise.

The Girl From Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn't Kneel: The Promise isn't based in Tel-Aviv, and there are no non-kneeling women to be seen, so again, nothing to see here.

In conclusion, The Promise does not contain any influence for LIHS, but it was thoroughly enjoyable watch, and taught me an awful lot about how Israel came to exist, and the complexities of the area. It has left me with the thought that, if religion didn't exist, fellow man could live alongside one another in harmony.....although on second thoughts, perhaps religion is just an excuse, and it is more to do with culture and history. What do I know?


I took to Twitter DM on Friday afternoon to ask Morrissey about The Promise, and was informed, "It was an educational recommendation." Morrissey then added, "I have another if you wish?"

I shall watch The Honourable Woman in the new year, but this time with no expectation of finding an influence for songs.


Whilst conversing with Morrissey on Friday, he asked me if I had listened to the recording of the Der Spiegel interview. I told him that I hadn't, purely because I didn't expect to hear anything that I hadn't already read. Morrissey said, "We both know you have 44 minutes to spare. Listen."

I found a spare 44 minuted yesterday, so had a listen. Morrissey was in a really relaxed and chatty mood, and I laughed out loud when in response to the interviewer saying (with her German accent), "I always write in bed", Morrissey replied, "Ride? Oh, write! I thought you meant ride."

It was interesting that in response to the interviewer asking, "You're said to be pro-Brexit, is it true?" Morrissey replied, "It isn't true", and then went on to say:

"I was fascinated by the Brexit result - it was such an incredible strike for democracy.....the public ignored the media, ignored the hypnosis, ignored all the fear-mongering, and they said we will decide for ourselves, and this is why Brexit is so very very important, because it's the biggest democratic strike in the history of British politics for many, many years. Whether you agree with Brexit itself is a separate issue."

So there we have it, Morrissey isn't pro-Brexit, but merely loved the fact that the British people stuck two fingers up at the establishment...... and yet..... later on in the interview, Morrissey states:

"I don't want to be part of the German empire....which is essentially what the EU is." From this, it would appear that Morrissey DOES support Brexit. Oh, the rascal.

The truth is, I expect Morrissey would like Britain to have the freedom to: make its own decisions, set its own laws, control immigration etc, but in reality, he actually has no faith in ANY British political group to do this properly, so is therefore completely torn on the issue of Brexit. I too feel that pain.

Perhaps we will see Morrissey become a mouthpiece for a second referendum.  Could 2018 see him announce that he was so proud to see working class Britain's refusing to do as they were told, but now; due to the weakness of the Tory government, sees Brexit as a disaster in the making? If nothing else, it would be an excellent PR move.

Morrissey finishes the interview by mentioning that "religion and beliefs" are the cause of the problems with migration, and that is a view that I very much share, but the 'luvvie left' are just NOT prepared to let you say this. They don't want you to even THINK it. We must embrace all faiths and cultures, even at the expense of our own culture, and if you don't agree, then you are racist!

With regard to all the furore about the alleged sexual assaults, and the casting couch, it is interesting that when the interviewer mentions that David Bowie took the virginity of a fourteen year old, Morrissey replied that, "I think it was very common then". This is quite true, so why is it that David Bowie is now regarded as a saint, whilst Kevin Spacey, who didn't have sex with a fourteen year old, is hung out to dry, and why is it that Morrissey has also been hung out to dry for merely making observations on human behaviour, rather than actually supporting ANYTHING?

In conclusion, I found the recorded version of the interview a really interesting listen, and there was nothing within it that has made me question Morrissey as a human being. The interviewer - Juliane Lieberg - sounded nervous, but was obviously a fan. The only time Juliane seemed to get slightly offended (and surprised) was when Morrissey referred to Germany as a "rape capital", but this again is a reasonable viewpoint, as the 1200 sexual assaults in Germany on New Years Eve 2015 shocked the world to the core, and underlined why there IS a problem when different cultures overlap.

I would guess that Juliane feels terrible now that her cosy chat has been turned into ridiculous headlines all around the world, but unfortunately for her, she was sold down the river by Der Spiegel - it is Tim Jonze all over again. As for all those headlines, they are completely unjust and unfair, and have caused irreparable damage to Morrissey as a person, and also his career, but there seems nothing can be done about it. It is no wonder he feels the way he feels. He has been dragged through yet another fifteen miles of shit.


Astra took to the comments section of FTM on Friday night, with the following:

Why is there a picture of Theresa May with a blood clot in her eye, on this site? As though WITHOUT a blood clot, we wouldn't feel even NEARLY, punished even nearly ENOUGH? 

It ALMOST makes me nostalgic for the Cameron days. Almost, but no cigar! My very best best BEST poker face!! Vous comprenez?? 

Tabloid photos of SamCam in the papers, with whatsisfacewas. Both of them, with their hands in the AY-ER, photographed in THE slummiest drug den club of alllll of the last 40 years, of anywhere, in all of the Balearics - and that's saying something to begin with! I think it was about a week after she gave birth. One of the times, at least. I don't pay attention to other people's ... domesticities. 

So, maybe a week after she gave birth. Maybe not. Maybe two. Who knows. Who CARES. 

Sometimes my memory deceives me. And it's sometimes, it's only other people who do. 

Morrissey is the best thing that ever was, that you will ever have, that will ever be, that will ever go, that will ever bite, who will ever fight, dream, lick, or scald you. 

Count your blessings now. People always should. 

I'm Not Morrissey. Shall we do it all over again, yet? And now in French? I should practice. I'm moving to the Cote d'Azur. February. Hold me to it. HOLD ME CLOSE. 




Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage entered the Official UK Vinyl Singles Chart on Friday at Number 1. It is Morrissey's second vinyl No.1 this year, and he also hit the top with the re-issued Smiths single, The Queen is Dead.  Jacky made it to No.45 in the overall sales chart - which is mainly influenced by downloads, but didn't make it into the main chart, which these days is all about the number of streams.


Yesterday, Morrissey issued a message via his nephew Sam's Youtube channel. He labelled it his State of the Union Address.

This is a first for Morrissey, and with a picture of Sascha Distel in the background, alongside the book Feminist Avant Garde, he gave an eight minute unscripted message, in which he:

1. Thanked those who bought Low In High School, but stated that he was disappointed with it's chart position and the reviews, and hoped that it would be properly reviewed in the future.
2. Blamed the lack of airplay for Jacky on the hateful press coverage of the last few weeks, particularly The Guardian.
3. Regretted giving the Der Spiegel interview, despite a very pleasant conversation.
4. Noted that in England the left-wing had adopted a right-wing stance, and visa versa, which has subsequently shut down free speech and debate.
5. Mentioned still having a very strong audience.
6. Said the recent US concerts were the best of his life.
7. Reported that as a result of the Der Spiegel interview, he was cross examined by the American secret service (Ed - I said that would happen back on Day 2365), and that it went very well, and he has been assured that he has no cause for concern - although he did add that he doesn't know if he will have free access to America until he tries to enter the country again (Ed - it looks as if he is back in the UK).
8. Offered thoughts to the kids murdered in Manchester on May 22nd.
9. Thanked those who allowed him to appear on Television in 2017.
10. Said that whatever will be, will be in 2018, but asked that people don't believe what others say about him.
11. Wished us all a Christmas free of terrorism.


In the video, Morrissey looks like a man who has had the stuffing ripped out of him. As I have written many times before, I really don't know how he deals with all the crap he has to deal with, but knowing he still has a strong fan base must be some sort of comfort. He should remember that Low In High School not only outsold World Peace, but if it had been released in September, it would have gone to Number 1.

I took to Twitter DM yesterday evening to congratulate him on the video. He replied, "I await the backlash." 

Our hero is hurting, and we hurt with him. Roll on the next tour in February. If ever Morrissey needed to feel the love of his true fans, it is now.




  3. more interesting listen to what Putin has to say on child rape in Europe by immigrants

  4. Watching the video of Moz left my stomach in knots. It is hard to see him so deflated. My heart really goes out to him. I dearly hope he is able to find whatever he needs to ease the pain, even if just a little.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hello Ratty, I casbe more proud of Morrissey than now, he came out as I always thought about him: A Free Thinker, a brave soul and not a brainwashed by the mainstream ready to jump on the bandwagon with people pretending to be honest and sporting fake moral principles. Yes, being brave could be hurtful and can make you vulnerable and he was unfairly attacked by devious news reported by devious people and that's makes me feel closer to him, I completely trust his political views about left and right, the situation he described is exactly the Italian situation as we have a left government who acts as a far right government. I'm just worried about his heath, I hope he takes some rest and recovery soon and come back touring, of course. Have a nice evening, see you soon. Ciao❤️

  7. 15 million miles is unfortunately probably more accurate. I think the video was a great way to address the situation, but I hate to see how much Moz is hurting. The video is very heartfelt and I despair that it had to be made under such unfortunate circumstances. Hopefully this too shall pass and Moz will be able to get some much needed rest during the holidays and recover quickly.

  8. I think Our Moz is doing the right thing with no more live sit down interviews. The "journalist" and their magazine or newspaper all have some kind of agenda. It's all about sensationalism, selling their product and page views. They don't give a damn about the person, in fact if they can bring them down, it's a feather in their cap. Give a listen to the Don Henley song "Dirty Laundry". "Kick 'em when they're up, kick 'em when they're down." I hope Mozza has a nice Xmas, heals up and 2018 brings in a renewed energy in the world of Morrissey.

  9. Personally I enjoyed the video . It came off strong, transparent and from the heart. I do know the pain of being strong, it’s never really healing. A constant battle of pain. As a young girl, to survive, scars had to form. It saddens me that he has new keloid scars , where healing depends upon the depth of injury. Those beautiful blue eyes tell me of a man who continues the trek uphill despite falling boulders, as failing is not an option and emotionally there is too much at stake. Rat, if you don’t mind...To him I say, continue on my friend, find strength in your dedicated audience, lean on us and we will hold you up whether by humor or frustration. (All of us could be cunts if you really needed us to, just ask. )
    Many days I wish to be fragile, to have an excuse (which I do ) but I never use it as I don’t want pity. As this horrific journey continues, fight with honesty and dignity, for us it’s the only way. We could have given up, but we’re too strong, people count on us . So here we are trekking upwards, fighting and trying to help others in our own special way. Be proud you’ve made it this far in the race and in good condition!
    So when you get to the “nonexsisting” end of this marathon, I hope you will see your accomplishments and finally accept that to us, you are a work of art.

  10. Well then, Nigel must have obviously been wrong with his "Malmo is the rape capital of Europe" claim:


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