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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Day 2389 - The Most Watched Morrissey Video Chart 2017

On Day 1638 of FTM I published a chart of the most watched Morrissey videos on Youtube. The following year - on Day 2044 - I produced a similar chart for 2016, and today I am publishing the same chart for 2017.

Last year the chart comprised all 46 of the singles that Morrissey had released, but some of the videos were fan-made and not official releases, so this year I have taken those out. In previous years I didn't include the officially made videos for Seasick, Yet Still Docked or Ganglord; as these two songs weren't released as singles, but as they are officially made videos, I have this year included them. The chart now becomes a true reflection of, 'The Most Watched Morrissey Video of the Year'.

Morrissey's debut single, Suedehead, tops the chart for the third year in a row with a total number of views for 2017 of 6,725,465, which is more than double last year's figure of 3,272,029.
There are two new entries this year, with Spent The Day In Bed coming in at Number 4 - with over 1.8 million views in just two months - and Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage entering at Number 16 - with 319,422 views in just 3 weeks.

Spent The Day In Bed had a lyric video added to Youtube one month prior to the official video, and that has racked up an incredible 1.2 million views, but as it isn't the official video, those 1.2 million views don't count towards the chart. Likewise, a lyric video of Jacky was uploaded to Youtube a month ahead of the official video, and that has had 180,000 views.

Whilst on the subject of charts I must make mention of Low In High School, which reached Number 5 on the Official UK Album Chart with first week sales of 25,728. In Morrissey' State of the Union Address he stated that he had hoped for a higher chart position, but LIHS's chart position is more to do with the date it was released as opposed to a decline in sales. Low In High School sold MORE copies than World Peace Is None Of Your Business, and yet World Peace reached Number 2 in the charts. If Morrissey had released LIHS on one of any of the following ten Friday's during 2017, Low In High School would have reached Number 1: January 6th, January 20th, January 27th, July 7th, July 21st, August 4th, August 11th, August 18th, September 8th, September 29th.
Low In High School

Also mentioned in Morrissey's State of the Union Address, was the fact that the second single from LIHS, Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage, didn't make it into the Official UK Chart. What Morrissey didn't mention, was that artists from the 'pre-stream age' very rarely make it into the chart with an album's lead single, let alone a follow up, and yet Spent The Day In Bed made it to a very, very credible Number 69. U2's lead single from their new album made it to Number 92. Perhaps if Morrissey hadn't been feeling so low during his address, he might have mentioned the great achievements of both Low In High School and Spent The Day In Bed.

The Official UK Chart is now so dominated by streaming, that the rules for the Singles Chart had to be changed yet again during 2017. In 2016, 100 streams equated to 1 sale, but this was changed at the beginning of this year so that 150 streams equalled a sale, and in July this number was increased to 300 streams for any song that had been in the chart for more than 10 weeks, whose sales had declined for 3 weeks. This was presumably done to stop songs that are no longer being bought from hogging the top of the chart, and rightly so, but to make the chart an even truer reflection of what people are actually BUYING and LISTENING to, as opposed to streaming and having as background music, the chart should, in my opinion, revert back to being just sales. If the charts were still compiled on sales alone; including downloads, then Spent The Day In Bed would have reached Number 20.

The last time I produced an annual chart I reported that the sale of CDs had fallen by 14% and that digital sales by nearly 20%. This year CD sales have steadied, falling just 3%, whilst digital sales have fallen another 24%, as streaming continues it's take over the world. Vinyl sales have increased by 3%.

And so to our chart:

(View counts on Youtube from January 9th to December 19th)

1.  SUEDEHEAD 2017 Views: 6,725,465  (NON MOVER)
Total views: 16,729,552  (14,211,487 - Loaded by Morrissey (formerly Official Morrissey) + 801,167 - Loaded by Rhino + 1,716,898 - Loaded by beneficiosdelaluna)
Image result for suedehead video morrissey

2.  EVERYDAY IS LIKE SUNDAY 2017 Views: 3,324,796 (NON MOVER)
Total Views: 9,122,068 (7,093,354 - Loaded by Morrissey + 526,629 - Loaded by Rhino + 1,502,085 - Loaded by Morrissey (formerly Official Morrissey))

Total Views: 4,061,979 (3,924,853 - Loaded by Morrissey (formerly Official Morrissey) + 137,126 - Loaded by Rhino)

4. SPENT THE DAY IN BED 2017 Views: 1,811,666 (NEW ENTRY)
Total Views: 1,811,666 (Loaded by MorrisseyOnVEVO)

5. YOU'RE THE ONE FOR ME, FATTY 2017 Views: 773,227 (UP 3)
Total Views: 1,910,155 (1,768,350 - Loaded by Morrissey (formerly Official Morrissey) + 141,805 - Loaded by Rhino)

6.  TOMORROW  2017 Views: 768,253 (DOWN 2)
Total Views: 2,524,988 (2,485,889 - Loaded by Morrissey (formerly Official Morrissey) + 39,099 - Loaded by Aly Stevenson)

7.  NOVEMBER SPAWNED A MONSTER 2017 Views: 751,311 (UP 2)
Total Views: 1,679,241 (1,412,613 - Loaded by Morrissey (formerly Official Morrissey) + 266,628 - Loaded by Rhino)

8.  FIRST OF THE GANG TO DIE 2017 Views: 739,674 (DOWN 3)
Total Views: 3,259,931 (2,935,457 - Loaded by vitotemuko (formerly Canal de vitotemuko)  + 324,474 - Loaded by XvrBlk)

9. INTERESTING DRUG  2017 Views: 675,138 (UP 2)
Total Views: 1,427,250 (1,343,468 - Loaded by Morrissey (formerly Official Morrissey) + 83,782 - Loaded by Rhino)

10. MY LOVE LIFE 2017 Views: 672,750 (DOWN 4)
Total Views: 1,865,070 (Loaded by Morrissey (formerly Official Morrissey))

Total Views: 1,308,245 (1,128,923 - Loaded by Morrissey (formerly Official Morrissey) + 179,322 - Loaded by Rhino)

12. ALMA MATTERS 2017 Views: 539,168 (DOWN 5)
Total Views: 2,417,944 (Loaded by Morrissey)

13. SING YOUR LIFE  2017 Views: 456,581 (UP 3)
Total Views: 865,249  (Loaded by Morrissey (formerly Official Morrissey)

14. OUIJA BOARD, OUIJA BOARD  2017 Views: 440,916 (NON MOVER)
Total Views: 1,050,743 (Loaded by Morrissey (formerly Official Morrissey)

15. IRISH BLOOD, ENGLISH HEART 2017 Views: 408,958 (DOWN 5)
Total views: 6,110,140 (5,777,925 - Loaded by rhubarbcream (formerly The Sisters of Mercy) + 146,496 - Loaded by rgmu101 + 61,094 - Loaded by Cynthia Sanchez + there are two videos not included last time: 59,203 - Loaded by silasvocal2009 (5,000 for 2017) + 65,422 - Loaded by Anacristalesdeamor (5,000 for 2017))

Total Views: 319,422 (Loaded by MorrisseyOnVEVO)

17. I HAVE FORGIVEN JESUS 2017 Views: 277,211 (DOWN 5)
Total Views: 1,699,496  (1,078,510 - Loaded by rgmu101 + 290,494 views - Loaded by Donovan Torres + 172,036 views - Loaded by DennisRodmanBcn + 112,148 views - Loaded by heinvortex + 46,308 views - Loaded by Je Suis Morrissey (formerly Rotherham MindConcert). The video loaded by yackotion which had 15,263 views last time, had minimally more, so is no longer being counted - figures adjusted accordingly.)

18. BOXERS 2017 Views: 264,650 (DOWN 1)
Total Views: 695,035  (Loaded by Morrissey (formerly Official Morrissey)

19. LET ME KISS YOU 2017 Views: 237,925  (DOWN 4)
Total Views: 2,593,831 (Loaded by hackum1. This is not an official video release, however, as it comes from the live Who Put the M in Manchester video and has had so many views, it has come to be seen as the go-to video version of the song)

20. I'M THROWING MY ARMS AROUND PARIS 2017 Views: 110,438 (DOWN 2)
Total Views: 1,918,621 (Loaded by Morrissey)

21. OUR FRANK 2017 Views: 98,025 (UP 5)
Total Views: 305,767 (Loaded by Morrissey (formerly Official Morrissey))

22. CERTAIN PEOPLE I KNOW 2017 Views: 97,478 (DOWN 2)
Total Views: 440,540 (Loaded by Morrissey (formerly Official Morrissey))

23. THAT'S HOW PEOPLE GROW UP 2017 Views: 88,378 (UP 1)
Total Views: 2,056,171 (1,555,521 - Loaded by Morrissey + 500,650 - Loaded by Polydor)

24. GLAMOROUS GLUE 2017 Views: 88,319 (DOWN 1)
Total Views: 336,915  (Loaded by Morrissey (formerly Official Morrissey))

25. SUNNY 2017 Views: 74,153 (DOWN 6)
Total Views: 371,874 (327,270 - Loaded by Morrissey (formerly Official Morrissey) + 44,604 - Loaded by theardillet (formerly Sol). The poor quality copy of the video loaded by MorrisseyLife which had 31,952 views last time, had minimally more, so is no longer being counted - figures adjusted accordingly.)

26. PREGNANT FOR THE LAST TIME 2017 Views: 62,168 (UP 5)
Total Views: 125,739 (Loaded by Morrissey (formerly Official Morrissey))

27. BOY RACER  2017 Views: 58,857 (UP 1)
Total Views: 142,577 (Loaded by Rhino. The video loaded by Ekaterina K which had 19,728 views last time, had minimally more, so is no longer being counted - figures adjusted accordingly.)

28. YOU HAVE KILLED ME 2017 Views: 56,859 (DOWN 3)
Total Views: 999,751  (361,731 - Loaded by mo juh  + 235,099 - Loaded by Noiselab + 190,373 - Loaded by xafro + 117,596 - Loaded by Red Professor + 54,743 - Loaded by Hannerrrrr + 32,245  - Loaded by dmallea.)

29. GANGLORD 2017 Views: 54,842 (NEW ENTRY) 
Total Views: 95,301 (Loaded by MozLuv59)

30. KISS ME A LOT 2017 Views: 42,882 (DOWN 8)
Total Views: 490,688 (Loaded by Sam Esty Rayner)

31. EARTH IS THE LONELIEST PLANET 2017 Views: 13,443 (UP 7)
Total Views: 28,253 (Loaded by Ivan IlliΔ‡. This is technically a fan-made video. It consists of the official spoken word video, followed by the song being played over the top of the spoken word video images. This version has proven to be more popular than just the spoken word version which has been loaded by DonkeyDave68 - Total Views: 1,808 - 768 in 2017. Not included in the chart.)

32. DAGENHAM DAVE  2017 Views: 13,088 (UP 5)
Total Views: 58,114 (47,893 - Loaded by vivahate33 + one video not included last time: 10,221 - Loaded by Aidan Doyle (1,500 for 2017)

33. SEASICK, YET STILL DOCKED 2017 Views: 12,412 (NEW ENTRY)
Total Views: 101,351 (Loaded by rgmu101)

34. IN THE FUTURE WHEN ALL'S WELL 2017 Views: 9,641 (DOWN 1)
Total Views: 405,312 (306,630 - Loaded by godlovesugly05  + 98,682 - Loaded by nate47)

35. THE YOUNGEST WAS THE MOST LOVED 2017 Views: 4,234 (UP 7)
Total Views: 368,427 (304,420 - Loaded by nozzer + 56,333- Loaded by Noiselabpodcast  + 7,674- Loaded by rockger subtitulos)

36. I JUST WANT TO SEE THE BOY HAPPY 2017 Views: 4,009 (UP 7)
Total Views: 126,172 (Loaded by nate47)

37.  THE BULLFIGHTER DIES 2017 Views: 3,645 (DOWN 8)
Total Views: 10,238 (Loaded by DonkeyDave68. A fan-made video - that has been used by Morrissey on tour - loaded by trentmorrisson has had a total of 96,045 views (9,432 in 2017))

38. ALL YOU NEED IS ME 2017 Views: 2,841 (UP 6)
Total Views: 25,583 (Loaded by Morrissey Chile)

39.  WORLD PEACE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS 2017 Views: 2,223 (UP 6)
Total Views: 66,677 (Loaded by Lindsey Nicole. This is the official spoken word video)

40. ISTANBUL 2017 Views: 590 (DOWN 4)
Total Views: 1,803 (Loaded by DonkeyDave68. A fan-made video loaded by inaminnit has had a total of 62,384 views (21,306 in 2017))

There are fan-made videos of the following singles:

INTERLUDE (WITH SIOUXSIE) 2017 Views: 54,064 
Total Views: 760,698 (489,239 - Loaded by Trashbinder  + 271,459 - Loaded by johnnydapunk. I missed the second one last time, so have added 19,000 from it for this year.)

Total Views: 1,056,569 (830,365 - Loaded by natyvox + one video not included last time: 226,204 - Loaded by soytontonopesado (8,000 for 2017)) An official video WAS made for this single, and featured Morrissey walking down a corridor with low-hanging lamps. There are no copies of it on Youtube.

HOLD ON TO YOUR FRIENDS 2017 Views: 21,443 
Total Views: 54,560 (Loaded by scamparoo)

REDONDO BEACH 2017 Views: 9,417
Total Views: 18,022 (Loaded by ildieffe)

NOW MY HEART IS FULL 2017 Views: 6,758
Total Views: 183,830 (Loaded by Darragh Kelly)

Total Views: 84,843 (Loaded by iapislazuli42)

PICCADILLY PALARE 2017 Views: 6,007
Total Views: 18,321 (Loaded by scamparoo)

ROY'S KEEN 2017 Views: 2,174
Total Views: 118,508 (Loaded by delicious)

Total Views: 72,631 (Loaded by Katie Strife)

SATELLITE OF LOVE (LIVE) 2017 Views: 145
Total Views: 4,893 (Loaded by dj dubef)


MY DEAREST LOVE (b side to All You Need Is Me) 2017 Views: 31,574
Total Views: 227,676 (Loaded by sdsuedehead - Set to a scene from the film Love Story)


SPEEDWAY 2017 Views: 78,820
Total Views: 180,227 (Loaded by Rhino)
(This is a live video taken from Introducing Morrissey)


  1. A lot of work went into that. Well done!!

  2. Wow! How long did it take you to compile all this info? If I had attempted it I'd still be working on it comes June 2018. Thank you for all your hard work.

  3. Thanks for all of your efforts, Ratty, and for pointing out just how well LIHS and its singles have done. I hope that, as the year draws to a close, Moz might be able to focus on all the successes of 2017 rather than the disappointments.

  4. Thank you Ratty, excellent work! My favorite videos by now are The Youngest and Jackie, but I change my mind almost always because I love them all! I'm totally proud of Morrissey and I'm pretty sure 2018 will be a positive year for him and all of us. Merry Christmas to you, to Morrissey, to Blue Rose Society to all the people reading this blog, I 'm in an insane sense of positive that I could say Merry Christmas even to UncleSkinny or David Tze Tze... I said all.... for now! Peace and love and fuck Trump! Ciao!😘❤️😍πŸ₯‚

  5. You have compiled a grand collection here Rats.
    As the year draws to a close, I would like to say thank you for the boundless dedication & energy you have given to FTM.

  6. You are all very kind, but I would be doing this even if nobody at all read it....which is how it was in the beginning.

  7. Unbelievable!

    A NZ crime drama series where the "blue rose society" are united by the rose and tattooes.

    They try to discover the secret of blue rose.

    Every episode is named after a Smiths song.

    Morrissey's first ever tweet. "Testing, testing. One, two..."

    Precisely Dale Cooper's words at the start of Twin Peaks.

    Perhaps it is a Satanic conspiracy after all...


  8. Someone told me there is gonna be a Christmas present to BRS! TRB keep your eyes peeled!!!!!

  9. Amazing work Ratty. You and M have made this dreadful year bearable. Surprised Pigsty is not on the list.


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