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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Day 2391 - Satanic conspiracy

I have often made mention of comments left on FTM by ConMorrissey Theorist; or Jon the Con  as I call him. I have always presumed that Jon is a Morrissey pessoa; which Morrissey denies, but whether Jon is a creation of Morrissey's or not, he is certainly interesting. This morning Jon left a couple of interesting comments on my previous blog post. Here is the first:


A NZ crime drama series where the "blue rose society" are united by the rose and tattooes. 

They try to discover the secret of blue rose. 

Every episode is named after a Smiths song. 

Morrissey's first ever tweet. "Testing, testing. One, two..." 

Precisely Dale Cooper's words at the start of Twin Peaks. 

Perhaps it is a Satanic conspiracy after all... 

The Blue Rose TV Series-316381853-large.jpg

Wikipedia tells us that the The Blue Rose television series was commissioned in December 2011, which is EXACTLY the same time as Morrissey's Blue Rose Society began, and as Jon the Con states, each of the thirteen episodes is named after a Smiths song. WHAT are the chances of Morrissey starting his own blue rose society at exactly the same time as a television series about a blue rose society - and consisting of episodes named after Morrissey song titles - was being commissioned in New Zealand? It is a HUGE, HUGE coincidence, but on this occasion, as hard as it is to believe, it is a GENUINE coincidence, and nothing to do with Morrissey. Perhaps Jon is right, perhaps it is a satantic conspiracy. It's certainly VERY, VERY strange.

Jon's other comment left on FTM was:

Someone told me there is gonna be a Christmas present to BRS! TRB keep your eyes peeled!!!!! 

I shall indeed keep my eyes peeled, but I am surprised that Jon would be 'in the know', because Morrissey has denied he is a pessoa, and what is more, Jon left a comment on Day 2382 of  FTM saying, "Morr-ee-say hasn't been among us since 2014. It's amazing you can't see the difference between the genius of MW, the Broken review of YOR etc. And the crappy twitter fakes around now!" Jon remains a walking contradiction....if indeed he can walk.

Meanwhile, I sent Morfessa a Twitter DM message yesterday evening, and awoke this morning to find he had responded at 1.53am as follows: "Who are you again?". I replied, "Anna Windass, so just watch out." At 10am this morning, Morrissey replied, "I have no idea who they are." (Ed - Anna Windass is a character in Coronation Street who in the current storyline, has just coshed someone). Morrissey obviously no longer watches Corrie, so I tweeted back, "Oh, how you've lost touch with your roots." I should have realised I was walking straight into trouble, because as quick as a flash I got the reply, "You have no roots left."
Image result for phil collins

And finally, Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage has remained at Number 1 in the Official UK Vinyl Singles Chart for a second week, and is therefore the Christmas Number 1. It is very rare for any single to spend more than a week at the top of the vinyl singles chart, and in 2017, the only other records to have achieved it are: Heroes by Bowie, The Queen is Dead by The Smiths and Wall of Glass by Liam Gallagher. The year ends on a high.


  1. I remember that someone alerted us to the Blue Rose series closer to the time that it appeared, so I wonder why Jon is bringing it to our attention now. Congrats to Jacky on its success in the chart - it certainly deserves its place of honor.

    1. I remember it too, but when I googled to try and find mention on FTM, I couldn't find reference - surely I must have mentioned it somewhere?

    2. Indeed you did! Try using 'New Zealand' in your search.
      Chuck was very fond of that 'testing, testing' tweet.

  2. I am happy to know Jacky's Only Happy.. Is topping number one in the vinyl charts for a second week.
    A BRS Christmas present sounds most appealing.

  3. At the moment there isn't a better song than Jackie, the number one is well deserved! Present? Oh, well accepted! Merry Christmas!😘❤️🥂

  4. as usual I cant remember anything about the series, but I cant imagine anyone being surprised by that, I think I will check the series out as I am off for a day or two.. merry Christmas everyone


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