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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Day 2395

Following on from Morrissey's declaration that both the BRS and I are dead to him, he has now closed the Morfessa twitter account - Morrissey has left the building.

I would imagine that Our Mozzer is in a low place at the moment; which is hardly surprising following all the crap that followed the Der Spiegel interview, and the tour ending abruptly.

I had hoped that The Wrong Arms could have been a place of refuge for Morrissey, but he has obviously decided that our little band of outsiders are not the ones he wishes to be around at the moment. Hopefully he manages to find somewhere else where he can find a bit of happiness.

Unless Morrissey returns, I shall make this my last blog entry; after all, there is no point scratching around if our journey has come to an end. The doors to The Wrong Arms remain open.


  1. Whatever happens there will always be a stiff drink waiting on the bar in The Arms should OM chose to return. In the meantime I hope he finds whatever he needs to take care of himself.
    With fond regards.

  2. With echoes of 'Blue Christmas' reverberating in my head, my thoughts are with M, hoping that he's able to find some solace somewhere, somehow. We await with open Arms should he ever decide to come back.

  3. I remember finding your blog it was life changing in more ways then I can say. Your deluded group brought me into Twitter and connected me to amazing people all over the world. I looked forward to hearing your latest satire exchange with M and the excitement of his tour. I’m saddened by the news, my hope he is somewhere where he can get his needs met and perhaps return, like from Mozhab. He must know how much you all care about him and will miss him as your journey has been long with obvious attachments made. I still had more to learn, perhaps one day you can explain to me the Wrong Arms and how it worked. I would love to have a stiff drink(or two) in there.
    Wishing you all a productive New Year . We are an eclectic group of many talents and none of us have to look far to see people are suffering daily right in front of us. May I suggest we use our talents to help those in desperate need, giving them hope in finding happiness, so they can chose life. - xo

  4. Do a top 50 Moz solo songs like morrissey solo!

    Will be class!


    1 Everyday Is Like Sunday
    2 Seasick Yet Still Docked
    3 First Of The Gang
    5 You Know I Couldnt Last
    6 Now My Heart Is Full
    7 Good In Your Time
    8 Mama Lays
    9 Ive Changed My Plea
    10 Something Is Squeezing My Skull
    11 Dear God Please Help Me
    12 Suedehead
    13 Staircase At The University
    14 Lifeguard Sleeping
    15 Im Not A Man
    16 Irish Blood
    17 Late Night Maudlin Street
    18 Lost
    19 East West
    20 Home Is A Question Mark
    21 The Ordinary Boys
    22 I Know Its Gonna Happen
    23 Whatever Happens I Love You
    24 All The Lazy Dykes
    25 Israel
    26 Its Not Your Birthday
    27 Disappointed
    28 Trouble Loves Me
    29 Now I Am A Was
    30 Come Back To Camden
    31 Speedway
    32 November Spawned A Monster
    33 Alsatian Cousin
    34 Spring Heeled Jim
    35 Glamorous Glue
    36 America Is Not The World
    37 Why Dont You Find Out For Yourself
    38 I Will See You In Far Off Places
    39 When Last I Spoke To Carol
    40 Oboe Concerto
    41 Youre Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
    42 I Dont Mind If You Forget Me
    43 Little Man What Now
    44 Michaels Bones
    45 I Can Have Both
    46 Ambitious Outsiders
    47 You Have Killed Me
    48 I Like You
    49 We'll Let You Know
    50 Sing Your Life

  5. Oh he'll be back. Takes a lot to stop that three-wheeled wagon. Concerts in the disunited kingdom in less than 50 days. And whilst there is a breadcrumb to follow, I'm sure this merry little band will keep on rolling.

  6. I understand why Morrissey might want to isolate himself after what he has been put through recently. I only hope he is alright and will get through this rough period. I will always be here for him if and when he decides to return or wants to communicate. I love and care about Morrissey and always will. I wish him the best.


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