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Sunday, 28 January 2018

Day 2427 - "Tabula rasa"

Morrissey again returned to Twitter on Friday as lighthouse keeper, Dawn Mist (@DawnTheSecond), and was in an all embracing, loving mood, yet also having with him his wit and cutting edge. During the conversations that followed, Morrissey gave his own obituary of the recently departed Mark E. Smith, but more about that later.

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Here is how Friday's conversation flowed:

And the flame has gone out
And I don't even sigh
And tears so proud
It pours like liquid arrogance
(Ed - I have no idea if these are lyrics from a song, or words from a poem, or Morrissey's own words. They're probably lyrics from a Patti Smith song, and I'll end up being called a philistine again.)

ME: Lovely words. For anyone in particular?

DAWN: For the many, for the few. For the lost, for the departed. For those who were bored before they even started.

ME: God, how I've missed you! *Licks seminal artist's face*

DAWN: Down my child.

HEATHER: Your light is needed more than ever. You've been dearly missed. How apropos to return on VW's Bday - we look to the lighthouse.

To The Lighthouse

DAWN: Has there been a power outage? The lighthouse brightness beams beyond borders.

HEATHER: It has been very dark and dreary around here. I was wondering how much longer I could go on.

DAWN: Welcome to my world.

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DAWN: For those who are destroyed by the collapse of Classical Smiths they should comfort themselves in the knowledge that the last ember of The Smiths is on tour ever so soon.

EARS: Anywhere in particular that you are looking forward to?

DAWN: A mental institution, a coffin, the ground.

ME: Sounds like Southampton.

DAWN: Or your past, present and distant present.

DAWN: I commit murder with a flippant touch with a voice to make man pull up his trousers.

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EARS: Thank heavens you have not changed a bit.

DAWN: What would be the point in that? In this business too many people change to suit their situation at that time. I am me, for better and worse. Usually somewhere in the middle.
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DAWN: There will be no rebukes. No knowledge of past crimes. My arms are open and I invite you to crash into them.

DAWN (To Kerry - who had tweeted about algebra): Are you studying the ancient art of mathematics to become that wretched drummers accountant?

KERRY: The drummer's accounts would certainly give more of an insight to your accounts. I'll confirm how much that double garage cost.

DAWN: Believe me when I say I know how much the double garage cost.

KERRY: And yet he can't find a decent hairstylist.

DAWN: He never washes his hair so no hairstylist will touch him. Bogdan from down the street will do it for a potato but that's as far as it goes.

(Ed - Morrissey first mentioned to us that Joyce had a "garage big enough for two cars" in October 2015 - as reported on Day 1485 of FTM)

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ME (To Dawn): I wonder if @sadglamour (Marianne) will want to rejoin you? Or @papasonsfilm (Marcus) ? Or @GirlOnBike1102 (GOB) ? Or @comradeharps ? I miss them all - they were all a major part of the story. Are your arms even open to Chuck?

DAWN: Tabula rasa

(Ed - Yes, of course I had to look it up! I bet everyone did. It is a Latin phrase meaning 'blank slate'. With this, Marcus, GOB and even Lizzy returned to the fold and started to join in, but Marianne blocked us all.)

DAWN: We have all been blocked but to be blocked in 24 hours shows a distinct short term-ism. But I understand.

(Ed - the problem for Marianne is that if she joins in, she is therefore accepting to herself that this really is Morrissey, which means that she also has to accept that he previously criticised her, and she can't live with her God criticising her. By blocking it all out, Marianne can pretend this isn't happening.... but she misses out on interacting with Moz - I too understand. It is a shame that Marianne can't just put the past behind, like others have, and just join in. She is one of the few who has this unique opportunity.)
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MARCUS: How can I resist? How can I ever say "no". My heart is always open.

DAWN: Welcome back. I do not issue apologies you understand. But we find our way to where we are meant to be. Usually.

MARCUS: I'm not the "expecting an apology" type....I'm much more interesting than that.

DAWN: Well let's not go too far too soon old boy.

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ME: You are far more forgiving than your reputation would have us believe.

DAWN: I was unaware I had a reputation aside from establishment pariah.

ME: I'm pretty sure it's not just the establishment who you have fallen out with. Is your heart open to Joyce?

DAWN: Joyce doesn't have a heart so he can never understand.

(Ed - there goes Tabula whats-it!)

GOB (To Dawn): How did you know that I am in need of a hug?

DAWN: Seminal intuition.

(Ed - I LOVE this!)

ME: The family are getting back together.

DAWN: I await the family dispute.

ME: Inevitable. It's what we all do.

DAWN: Nothing is inevitable.

ME: Except death.

DAWN: Even then... Alan Sugar still alive.
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DAWN: Mark E.Smith could never be explained so he was never in the mainstream. The Hip Priest was too far ahead of the music journalist and they do not like that.

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Morrissey has made no public comment about the death of Mark E. Smith, so I decided to tweet Dawn's words as a Morrissey quote using the @BlueRoseSociety account. It has since been retweeted and favourited by many people, and yet only one (@LewisCale) bothered to ask me if it was a genuine Morrissey quote, everyone else has just presumed it to be real. It goes to prove how people just accept everything they read without question....but we already know that.

Dawn's only appearance on Twitter yesterday was to tweet, "There is a presence pervading the place and it has an aura of old age and general decay."

Has Moz tired of us already, or could the use of the words "general decay" be a hint that Stretch Out And Wait is to be on the setlist for the new tour?.... I think the latter is just wishful thinking, but hopefully the former isn't right either.

Whilst on the subject of hints and tours, back on August 22nd 2016 the Morrissey pessoa, Broken, tweeted a picture of the Scottish flag and the word, "December". Dawn then tweeted a picture of a lighthouse in Aberdeen. At that time, I took it to mean that a tour was to be announced for December 2016, and that Aberdeen would be the starting place. As it happened, any UK tour that may have been intended for the winter of 2016 didn't happen, but in 19 days time, a new tour IS starting....beginning in Aberdeen! A delayed coincidence?
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Dawn the Second has managed to pick up 53 followers since opening the Twitter account on Thursday.... it appears that there are more people who realise that this really is Morrissey than I had thought - the silent observers, peeking in through the window of The Wrong Arms. Maybe with this rebirth, they will join in.
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There Is A Light That Never Goes Out


  1. Glad to know I wasn't the only one who had to look up 'tabula rasa'. Great to see Dawn back in fine form - here's hoping she hasn't tired of us already.

  2. A mighty fine return by Dawn.
    I really appreciated the words regarding MES.
    Cheers for the round up Rats.

  3. Same for me, always going to the thesaurus. Dawn has returned with open arms very endearing. Enjoyable to feel the excitement of everyone coming together, I’m looking forward to interacting previous members whom I don’t know and to a TL of intelligent chat. Thank you all for that !

  4. Welcome back you all! What a thoughtful conversation, "tabula rasa" and "general decay" are very interesting words. In Italy we use frequently the expression tabula rasa for saying what happened before now is irrelevant, starting again, in the Ancient Rome pupils in the school wrote on table covered with wax and when the finished the work and the teacher controlled it they erased the table and used it once again. So a new tour is going to start, I'm excited! Good night😘


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