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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Day 2430 - Throttled

My blog entry of yesterday received the lowest number of page views since I first started writing FTM back in 2011 - it also received zero comments, which hasn't happened for a very long time - I have lost my audience. But writing for an audience is not why I do this, it is merely my diary of Morrissey posting 'unseen' on the internet, and if people aren't interested in that, then more fool them.

Morrissey returned to Twitter again yesterday as Dawn Mist, and tweeted:

"I have spent countless years gripping onto a life that is intent on only throttling." - it doesn't get more Morrisseyesque than that!

I replied to the above tweet with, "And yet you continue to grip, which must mean you still prefer it to the alternative. Life is merely a survival game." Morrissey's response was both cutting and witty:

"I don't believe it is otherwise you would have been knocked out after the first roll of the dice."

Image result for morrissey laughing

Dawn's only other tweet of yesterday was in response to a Twitter user called @ghost_93_ , who had tweeted Dawn the song Liar by the Sex Pistols:

"Existence makes liars of us all. I am he. Believe me. Although I have uttered that before."

I am now at the point where I don't think it is possible for anyone who hasn't been on this journey since 2011 to believe that this really is Morrissey, and I understand that, it's just too....unlikely. And yet, we HAVE managed to pick people up in recent months and years who do believe it to be true, so I am obviously wrong. I  love this journey!

n other news, a journalist called David Barnett (@DavidMBarnett) has written a piece in the Grauniad about the shambolic Classically Smiths thingy. In the article Barnett writes that neither Morrissey or Marr have commented publicly on the aborted project, so I let Dave know (via Twitter) that Morrissey had actually commented (See FTM Day 2417). Dave then asked me where, so I told him, "On Twitter. Seek with eyes (and mind) wide open, and ye shall find."

If DaveBarnett is a proper journalist, he will look through my Twitter timeline, find the hidden Morrissey, read this blog to get the full picture, and then break the story about Morrissey secretly being on the internet for the past six years without anyone noticing.....but he won't do any of that, because investigative journalism is as dead as my readership.


  1. You haven't lost your audience, Rats (not all of it anyway) - sometimes life just gets in the way. Earlier this month, you wrote that you thought people would be more open to MW now than in the past, so I'm surprised that you're now basically saying that you've given up all hope. I certainly have no hope that Barnett or any other journalist will bother to investigate.

    1. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't complaining about a lack of audience, I was merely pointing out that the number of people who read this blog have dropped off alarmingly from where we were before Christmas. The dreary deluded dozen will always remain, I know that, but the casual observers have gone...or at least a lot of them. Dawn has 61 followers, so there definitely are some curious watchers out there, but I do think I was wrong about people being more open, they don't want to believe, they are sleeping.

  2. i can only speak for myself, but i rarely comment because i rarely have anything interesting to say!

  3. I posted today, you might see it in your post box colonel, not got a clue what is going on, where's sam when you need him


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