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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Day 2431 - Inspiration

Dawn popped into The Arms last night at 7.30 just to play It's The Same Old Song by the Four Tops on the video juke box, and tweet:

"Inspiration? Where do I find it?"

The video for It's The Same Old Song was, of course, the inspiration for the Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage video, as mentioned on Day 2372 of FTM.

I have nothing else to report today, so instead, let's take a trip through the FTM archives.

On Feb 1st 2016 (Day 2066 of FTM), I reported how Dawn had tweeted, "I'd NEVER start at midnight, you'd do well to NEVER remember that." It was a clue to Morrissey's start time at the Mexican Roxy Festival that would take place on April which Morrissey came on stage at ten minutes past midnight.

On Feb 1st 2014, Our Mozzer was busy handing out bans, whilst Heather was writing about Jean Cocteau - FTM Day 871 - was this really four years ago?

On Feb 1st 2013, Barrett's Oesophagus had reared it's ugly head, but with it came a number of 'coincidences': FTM Day 506.

On Feb 1st 2012, Our Mozzer had just linked FTM on his blog, putting me 'into the game' - FTM Day 140.

And finally, the new tour starts this month. Happy days are here again.


  1. indeed happy days are here but are you writing for the sake of it, I reckon YOU need to write, soon you will be able to report on the concerts etc. not long now colonel

  2. Enjoyed the stroll through past years. Quite coincidental - just two days ago, I was listening to Hand in Glove and was reminded of my comment that you posted on Day 871. After re-reading Day 140, I'm curious if anyone remembers which MW blog entry is being referred to there, which apparently was interpreted as a clear sign about the blog.

    1. I have no idea what that MW blog entry was, but it obviously wasn't as clear a sign as I had excitingly thought. Mind you, Morrissey really could have stood on stage and announced he was behind MorrisseysWorld, and still no one would have believed it.

      Perhaps OM or 'R' could post that MW blog entry of Jan 31st 2012 on the TrueMorrissey blog. That would be a rather nice little treat.

    2. It certainly would be. My curiosity is piqued now.

    3. Excitement is in the air again for the tour!
      Manc lad if I may ask, where does calling Rat “colonel” come from? I remember seeing it but still having no clue .
      OM it would be lovely to post MW blogs escpecially for those of us (ok probably just me ) who never got the chance to read them.

  3. Fab watching The Four Tops and Jacky together. The turquoise outfits do remind me of something, but I just can't think of what.


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