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Friday, 2 February 2018

Day 2432 - Cutting Dawn

Dawn again popped her head around the doors of The Wrong Arms yesterday - here are her comments:

In response to me posting a Twitter poll asking if FTM was A) Self Indulgent nonsense B) A future historical document or C) Fake news: "Your life boiled down to a poll. Seems remarkably apt. I voted for self indulgent claptrap myself."

(Ed - the result of the poll was a tie between A & B, which basically means FTM is a future historical document full of my self indulgent nonsense....which is pretty much spot on.)

In response to @BBCEngland tweeting, "Brighton Pride organisers suspend ticket sales after Britney Spears fans crash the website": "If ever there was a need for the IRA to resurface this is it."

(Ed - My jaw dropped, and then I wept with laughter. Old Mozzer is outrageous! - For those reading this who may not know what Dawn is referring to, it is the IRA bombing of a hotel in Brighton in 1984.)
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"Paloma Faith is referring to her baby as "they". Progressive attitude. However the baby will wonder why "they" even gave birth to it. Babies are fashion statements for these people. Also she can now go on a career hiatus. No passion."

"Searches her name on google. Realises nobody has mentioned her in two hours. Releases this. Better than releasing an album I suppose."

In response to someone asking, "Do you not like her voice?": "I do not think it's voice. More of a distressed chime. Or am I describing myself? One can hardly tell these days. I blame the sound of the lighthouse seagulls."

Firstborn: The Changing singer, 36, who welcomed her child with long-term partner Leyman Lahcine in December 2016, opened up about parenting and feminism during a chat on Thursday's edition of Good Morning Britain

In response to Tim Johns (@timoncheese) (Jeremy Vine's producer on Radio 2) tweeting, "We had a caller on Radio 2 just now from Peterhead in Aberdeenshire who said he drinks two litres of Irn Bru every day. That would contain around 45 spoonfuls of sugar.": "Less than the majority of the UK then. Is he the next Mo Farah? But with a personality?"

(Ed - Dawn isn't actually following Tim on Twitter, so goodness only knows how she stumbled on this tweet. Is Moz a Jeremy Vine listener? Perhaps he was the Irn Bru guzzling caller from Aberdeen?)

In response to someone asking, "Are you open to requests?": "I am not a jukebox."

I enjoyed the little rummage through the archives that I posted yesterday, so thought I would do the same today:

On Feb 2nd 2012 (FTM Day 141), I wrote an absolutely hilarious parody piece about Morrissey being interviewed by a young journalist. I should write more of these, but I only ever seem to get inspiration if OM is writing his parodies.

On Feb 2nd 2016 (FTM Day 1603), Morrissey was nowhere to be seen, and The Loveless Go-Go Bar (which is now The Wrong Arms) was empty. I reported the tweets of Astra's Derrière (aka Mademoiselle Not Bot), but I found out a year later that this was NOT Morrissey, but was Rob pretending to be him....the cunt!

And finally, despite Dawn giving everyone a clean slate, and past crimes being ignored, I have been blocked on Twitter for no reason by that horror bore LizzyCatMoz, so she is once again banned from commenting on here. Stupid old hag.

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  1. Outrageous, cutting, witty, and insightful - it's so good to have Dawn back with us.


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