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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Day 2433 - Dawn tweets

Morrissey again paid a visit to Twitter yesterday as Dawn the Second. He spent a hour in The Wrong Arms between 7.45pm and 8.45pm, but was virtually ignored. Morrissey is on Twitter and open to engaging with fans, and yet he is ignored. You couldn't make this up.

Here are his tweets:

"You presented your bones but they were written in code"

In response to @SpiceGirlsNet tweeting a 'reunited' photo:

"Has the one on the left had a reverse face lift?"
Image result for spice girls 2018

As to how old Mozzer came to see a tweet by the Spice Girls, goodness only knows.

In response to a poll I had posted asking people to define Morrissey - he ignored my three choices and gave his own:

"Cultural Icon, Seminal artiste, Provocateur, Enfant terrible"

Image result for morrissey cultural icon

I replied by stating that I should have included 'Devious, truculent and unreliable' as a poll choice, to which Dawn replied:

"You are above that. Or below it." - I'm not, I simply didn't think about it in time!

In response to the Twitter hashtag MakeAFilmLessInteresting:

"Thatcher and I"

Image result for thatcher morrissey

"I'm interested in people but only in theory
I'm interesting to people but only if they fear me"

"Twotter is the debris of a good address"


  1. Have I been banned?
    My comment from previous post has been deleted. Granted it was a bit dull.

    I know I am an odd ball but I can still enjoy & appreciate Dawn's tweets quietly, without interacting. I hope this isn't interpreted as being rude or ignorant.

    1. Nothing deleted this end. Your comment arrived in the FTM admin box. Here it is:

      "Sharp humour,which is right up my street.
      My ticket for Glasgow arrived yesterday. Roll on 17th February!"

  2. Unfortunately I wasn't in a position to interact when Dawn was around yesterday - and sometimes I'm at a loss for words - but Dawn's tweets are always much appreciated. I love her choices of 'provocateur' and 'enfant terrible'.


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