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Friday, 16 February 2018

Day 2446 - Jacky should be happy

*Comes in singing* Jacky's only happy when she's up on the stage, free in the truth of make-believe

A new Morrissey tour starts today, so all is good with the world....or at least, I hope it is. The world has not seen or heard anything from Morrissey since he played in New York in early December - with the exception of a photograph posted by nephew Sam a couple of weeks ago - and even Our Mozzer hasn't been heard of since the early hours of last Wednesday.

In the past, OM has quite often interacted with us on Twitter the night before a tour starts - almost for reassurance that his fans are still here - but last night as I propped up the bar of The Wrong Arms, hoping to converse with him, nothing!

There haven't even been any sightings of Moz or the band reported on social media - not even sightseeing around lighthouses. Are Moz and the boys even in Aberdeen? I guess we will find out very soon.

Image result for aberdeen lighthouse

In other news, I had a lovely weekend in New York last week, and even waited in the rain for an hour with my youngest son, so he could meet Joey Bada$$, who I had never heard of. Mr Bada$$ was very pleasant, but having now listened to a couple of his songs, I can't say I'm desperate to hear any more, and certainly won't be rushing to see him in concert.


News reached me this week that the moderating wretch known on Morrissey So-low as Uncle Skinny has, at last, stepped down as a moderator on the site. This should have happened seven years ago, when Skinny (real name Peter Finan) stopped being a Morrissey fan, and turned into a full-on figure of hate. Perhaps now, Morrissey Solo can get back to being a proper fan site, although whilst David Tseng still runs it, and whilst warped contributors such as Benny the Butcher (who is probably Finan) are allowed to post, I doubt it. It is such a shame.

For obvious reasons, I don't visit the So-low site very often, but occasionally it can be useful for news, and yesterday an article was published which suggested that two new Moz singles are on the way: All The Young People Must Fall In Love and My Love, I'd Do Anything For You.

My Love is to have a live version of Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way on the b side, whilst All The Young Peeps will have a live version of Rose Garden, which as I reported back on Day 1392 of FTM, was a definite nod to the Blue Rose Society. The Rose Garden nod was repeated towards the end of last year, as reported on Day 2345 and  Day 2356.  Will we get nods to the BRS on this new tour? Or how about Moz accepting a rose? Time, as ever....


I really should be more thorough in my research. Moz (as Dawn) DID pop into The Arms after all, at 2am this morning....which is why I missed it. In response to Boozey Kerry playing My Love Life on the jukebox, Dawn played Girl Least Likely To. Kerry responded to this by saying, "You mustn't. I can't make any Scotland date", to which Dawn replied, "Somebody's got to make it."

The tour bus has arrived in Aberdeen.


  1. Did you not see Dawn's tweets from the wee hours of last night, Rats? It was nice to see her make a brief appearance. I quite like that recent photo from Sam. Exciting news about the new singles and of course the kick-off of the tour. The day we've long awaited is finally here!

    1. No, I missed those two tweets of Dawn's! What was M doing up at 2am on a school night? I had better update this blog entry.

  2. Oh I really like the sleeves for the possible new singles.
    Looking forward to the set list from tonight to see what tomorrow night may have in store.

  3. can wait for tonight to start, rainbow or blue rose (who knows).. maybe neither

  4. Wow what a start! I have never known such excitement for any artist I truly enjoy everyones energy here and the sharing process. Rose Garden so excited love the sleeves on the singles too. Can’t wsit to review all the footage.


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