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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Day 2447 - What would you do if you weren't afraid?


Morrissey made a triumphant return to the stage last night in Aberdeen, and OH!, what a set - it included NINE songs from Low In High School, with debuts for: The Girl From Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn't Kneel, I Bury The Living and Israel.


I haven't seen footage of TGFT-AWWK yet, but I have seen the other two songs and they are truly awesome live. Although Israel is (along with In Your Lap) my favourite song on LIHS, I would say that I was even more gripped by the live rendition of I Bury The Living, with goosebumps appearing when the song went into 'Dead John' mode. I can't wait to see these two sings live, and also am desperately hoping to hear/see In Your Lap at either/both Brighton/London Palladium; especially as it is now the only song from the new album not to have been played live.

The only other two songs from LIHS not played last night were: All The Young People and Home Is A Question Mark. Thankfully You'll Be Gone remains in the set, as does Back On The Chain Gang, both of which are right up there as the best covers Morrissey has ever fact, You'll Be Gone IS the best.


The surprise song of the night (other than the three debuted LIHS songs) was, If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me, but there was a reason for it appearing - it was aimed at all those haters who turned on Morrissey after the press had twisted his comments last year.

One such hater is a guy called, Hugh Clark (@Morrissey23rd), who, as I wrote on Day 2312 of FTM, had vented hatred about Moz on social media. Last night Clark was taken aside by Morrissey's security, and banned for life from attending his concerts - well why wouldn't that happen? If someone takes to social media posting hate about you, and then turns up at one of your concerts, what would any reasonable person think? This person is a danger.

Perhaps now, Morrissey fans will think twice about being keyboard warriors, and spouting their bullshit. The likes of Roberto Ferdenzi, who also peddled his 'Moz is a racist' views last year, is now shitting himself at the fear of a ban. Actions have consequences.


I would dearly love for If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me to remain in the set, as it is not only one of my favourite songs, but also one on my list of not having seen live - there were actually twelve songs sung last night that I have never seen live, so to say I am excited about my upcoming concerts in an understatement in the extreme.

The Morrissey band wore t-shirts last night with the words, 'NO ONE LIKES US, WE DON'T CARE', which is the motto of Millwall fans. Maybe it is a hint that Nobody Loves Us will be played on this tour - now that, would be the cherry on the cake.

During the singing of Israel the words, WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WEREN'T AFRAID? were displayed on the backdrop. I have no idea why these words were used during the song, but when Dickie Felton asked the question on Twitter, I answered, "Meet Moz!" I would of course dearly love to meet Moz, but I am afraid that it would ruin this quirky friendship that we have, so it is probably best that we don't ever meet - I think he feels the same way.  Maybe one day that will change.

Other things to mention from last night are: a Peter Wyngarde backdrop picture, a Make War Not Love backdrop for I Bury The Living, and a few nods to us MorrisseysWorlders in the form of: a finger plaster - which represents the ongoing suffering, a heart shaped sweat patch on the back of the shirt, and the inclusion of the Four Tops video for It's The Same Old Song in the pre-concert montage - Morrissey was obviously putting the montage together a couple of weeks ago, because on Jan 31st Dawn Mist played the song in The Wrong Arms and tweeted, "Inspiration? Where do I find it?" 


And whilst on the subject of Dawn, yesterday evening at 7.48pm, Dawn left me a message in the toilets of The Arms: "Excitement builds. I recommend checking the blog soon. That is all. Duty is pushing me away."

This was then followed up at 8.13pm with, "Der Stürmer, Der Stürmer, Der Stürmer."

I have been checking both and, but as yet there has been no update. Could we be getting a new parody? Maybe an updated Bans & Ejections Committee Meeting piece?

Tonight Morrissey plays Glasgow, where our very own EARS will be in attendance with a blue rose. Could today be the day at last for EARS?


  1. well it is official, the tour has got off to a fantastic start, by the way have I ever told anyone that I used to love Jason King, he was so suave (am I allowed to say that) I cant possibly begin to tell anyone the pleasure I have received following Moz for years, I wouldn't change anything, honest if I had the chance I would do the whole thing all over again, let me explain about my rose tweet, I sent Moz a rainbow rose surrounded by eleven blue roses, (we all know why twelve) I thought/hoped that it would brighten up his dressing room and maybe bring a smile to his face, him knowing that we are all still following in our own little way. I would just like to wish ears all the best for tonight, heaven knows she needs something to lift her spirits as her footie team are rubbish, I've had a few fantastic years the last five or so and I thank everyone of you for that, even you colonel whiskers for keeping the blog going and holding it together, maybe one day I will reveal myself (but then again).. so as ever forward with the Moz tour and everybody attending have a fantastic time

    1. Reveal? How exciting. The next time I am in Manchester I will offer my company for a beer or two, as I always do when there. One day I'm sure you will accept.

    2. That's meant for Manc.
      Good to see you here JG.

    3. Gremlins! I had left a cheeky fecker comment for Manc which didn't post.

  2. forgot to say that I cant understand anyone having a go at Moz and then turning up at his concert, if you claim that you don't like him etc. why would you spend money going to see him, of course today they will be on twit telling everyone that will listen to them that they are not bothered, but they are kidding nobody deep down they are hurting

  3. the photos and setlist look fantastic, glad to see there are still some wpinoyb songs, i love that album. lots of luck to ears tonight!
    (are plastic roses an issue?)

  4. Oh to have been there last night - what a concert! Can't wait to see what tonight brings - hopefully Moz will see Ears' rose. Really adore the new backdrop, it's a question I've been pondering a lot lately as I face midlife. Can't help but wonder how many more might have joined our little group if they weren't afraid of what others thought.

  5. Isreal gave me goosebumps as I said he turned air into art. From World Peace I would love to hear my favorite Istanbul again truly beautiful song. Heather and I discussed the backdrop, months I have also pondered that question. Many things regarding mid life come to mind, but one thing keeps telling me it’s now or never and I keep pushing back. No more time is now. Yes H good question, how many more would have made the journey? In honesty it was a little nerve wracking at first, I see how others might have been afraid to interact, believe and/or be challenged. I am proud of myself for continuing on and so glad I met all of you (Manc I would like to follow you -hint hint) Wishing best of luck to Ears and her rose, should be an amazing show !

  6. Hello Ratty dear, Morrissey is going fine for the little I saw on the web and no one pay attention to Der Sturm... oh, I was going to write de strunz, but better avoid, anyway This is the era of the lynch mob, the internet haters and people are living in a permanent high school bullying each other, but expecially famous people, but sincerely who does care? Looking forward the tour has just started!👍🏻😘

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I was wondering if Dawn's Four Tops would crop up, either as a cover or something else. Delighted to see it in the pre-show videos, one from my youth.

    Is anybody travelling to Dublin? Please shout, I would be delighted to meet up, either beforehand or afterwards.


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