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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Day 2451 - Treat enough

Despite Morrissey being on tour, and despite me producing an excellent chart, yesterday's FTM readership was through the floor - WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? THIS IS A LIVING AND BREATHING HISTORICAL DOCUMENT OF MORRISSEY SECRETLY INTERACTING WITH HIS FANS VIA TWITTER AND A BLOG AND NO ONE IS INTERESTED!..... well, a few people are, and why should I care about all those who have either dismissed this or can't be bothered? - it's their loss.

It was rather nice that old Mozzer (as Dawn) joined us for the chart rundown yesterday; although he did accuse me of lying when I was explaining to someone that the chart is scientifically produced. When I asked him to prove I was lying, he replied, "The proof I have given you over the years old boy. Yet you still demand more."

There certainly has been a lot of proof given to us over the past 6+ years by Morrissey, all of which leaves no doubt whatsoever that he is indeed the 'Fake Morrissey' that continues to interact with us. And all that proof is contained within this blog, but I can't remember the last person who actually bothered to plough their way through it all, and conclude that it is true - As I mentioned in my opening paragraph, it doesn't bother me that there are so few people involved in our journey, but I would dearly love for someone to read through FTM from the start, and come to the conclusion that we few have reached..... but as the average human attention span is now just 8 seconds; which is less than a goldfish, I don't hold out much hope.

When I welcomed Moz to the chart countdown yesterday, he replied, "The pleasure and privilege... You know the rest."

Before he left, Morrissey asked me via the Twitter DM which concerts I would be attending, and I told him I would be at both Brighton and the London Palladium. I then asked him if there would be any treats in Dublin, to which he replied, "No treats this evening. It's treat enough if I bother to turn up."

There were indeed no changes to the set list in Dublin last night, although Mozzer did throw-in an acoustic snippet of Gilbert O'Sullivan's Alone Again (Naturally), which was lovely to hear. There are a few videos on Youtube, with I Bury The Living again a massive highlight. Home Is A Question Mark was dedicated to the designer, Judy Blame, who died on Monday. You'll Be Gone was once again a stunning set opener, with Morrissey's voice sounding perfect. I also really enjoyed My Luff, I'd Do Anyfink For Yer. My only nagging concern is that Moz did cough before he started, but hopefully that was just to clear his throat, and nothing more serious. Once again NO ONE seems to have filmed If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me. Grrr.

Next stop is Newcastle on Friday and Leeds on Saturday.


  1. I recognise its of no use to you but I get your frustration Rats.
    Hope Moz & co have good couple of days off before the next stage of the tour.

  2. It seems that most people prefer to believe media lies and the prevailing popular opinion rather than being challenged by alternate perspectives. I think that BRS member, lifeisapigsty, is an example of someone who actually did plough through FTM fairly recently with an open mind, and she is to be commended for eschewing popular opinion and being willing to join our little band of outcasts. So it does happen occasionally, although such cases are few and far between. Dublin looked to be another glorious evening. Why is no one filming If You Don't Like Me? Really hoping to see footage of that one.

    1. Very good point about Jo (lifeisapigsty), and perhaps there are others who silently observe and believe. Each FTM blog entry gets between 150-200 views, of which some of those are multiple views (I must click on it a couple of dozen times a day), so I would imagine there are about 50/60 regular readers. I do get that it must be very hard for anyone who hasn't witnessed first hand what we have witnessed, to believe the truth; after all, "I know Morrissey, and he just WOULDN'T do it."

  3. For some reason, this comment from Jaz didn't publish:

    The only proof I'm concerned about has to do with whichever alcohol I'm sipping.

    As we lament once more on the general publics blind eye, I can't help but feel that maybe it's meant to be this way. The public has been indoctrinated to ignore the oddest things. A UFO could land on earth and be forgotten within a week after all the snaps, selfies, and grams had been posted. What people want is attention, even a Russian bot could figure that one out.
    I enjoyed the Alone Again intro I had never heard that song before, I adore very sad, very jaunty songs.

    Posted by Jjazmine to Following The Mozziah at 21 February 2018 at 16:55

  4. I can report that Morrissey was in fine fettle and form last night in Dublin. Having thought I would be seated in the gods I was surprised to be scanned through into the standing area, presumably to offer myself to the guardians of the seats upstairs. Hmmm, don't think so. In the event I found myself not too far away from the stage action. Very appreciative crowd around me who knew the songs. Shame it was just one night, it has been a long time since the last Dublin visit.

  5. ah jg glad you had a good night, as for people 100% if some journo were to put it out there that they believe moz is online it would go haywire.. one of them did mention it once but then just left it be, if they had pushed it I guess it would have become insane.. anyway onwards for the tour, I am working hard to be allowed time off for the summer tour, I still fancy south America but could do hong kong.. cough cough (hey why does kitty empire spring to mind)

  6. don't you just love my council estate grammer

  7. Thsnk you Heather, your comments are very kind. Yes it was a bit difficult starting out, alll the pessoas and so many “coincidences.” Rat I do think there silent viewers a lot of people don’t want to made a fool. I did try and come in with an open mind, but there are so many distractions, M did this, he didn’t do that, or people believing you made this all up. .Constant questioning and friendships strained.
    I do believe you are a lucky group to have such a journey. and I enjoy all your personalities.
    .Hopefully I can be an asset to the group. As he says “I’m just happy to be here.”I do appreciate all of your support and for Manc to finally let me follow lšŸ˜

    1. that is ok but you may not like what you see, as you can see I don't take many pics I really should try harder

  8. Interested, but just not obsessed anymore. The thrill wears thin. Life moves on.

    Funnily enough, been busy researching fake news:


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