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Monday, 26 February 2018

Day 2456 - "You'll be disappointed"

Morrissey has opened every show on this current tour with his wonderful rendition of Elvis Presley's You'll Be Gone. He also opened every single show on his last USA tour with You'll Be Gone. On Friday afternoon, at 3.46pm, I took to Twitter and posted the following:

"With the lyric, "let's make this a night to remember", You'll Be Gone is the perfect set opener for Morrissey. The fact that it also mentions 'Dawn' makes it even better."

Three hours after I had posted my tweet (at 6.42pm), I was sent a DM Twitter message by Morrissey (as Dawn) which read:

"I must tell you, blatant song hinting will be ignored. I much prefer the element of surprise."

That evening in Newcastle; for the first time in seventeen shows, Morrissey DIDN'T open the set with You'll Be Gone, and in fact, it disappeared from the set completely. A coincidence? YES, of course.... just like all the other hundreds of coincidences that have happened on our six and half year journey.

On Saturday in Leeds, You'll Be Gone was back as the opener.

Myself and Dawn exchanged a few other words on Friday afternoon. I won't publish all that was said, but I must make mention of Dawn's response to a poll I had posted on Twitter. I asked the question (via the BRS Twitter account):

Do you believe that Morrissey is secretly on Twitter in the form of a lighthouse keeper called Dawn?

A) Yes
B) No, Morrissey would NEVER
C) Who is Morrissey?

Dawn tweeted to me, "I'm annoyed I voted. I never vote. Or do I?"

Well, does Morrissey vote? Despite the public denials and those lyrics to World Peace Is None of Your Business, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if old Mozzer voted in elections..... actually, on second thoughts, there really isn't anyone worth voting for, so I do believe him when he says he doesn't vote.... although I bet he had his say in the EU referendum - a postal vote, naturally.

Related image

As for my poll, the results so far (with a few hours to go) are as follows:

A) Yes 45% - 51 votes
B) No, Morrissey would NEVER 42% - 46 votes
C) Who is Morrissey? 13% - 14 votes

Perhaps there are more people who secretly follow and believe than we anticipated. Maybe they don't get involved for fear of being wrong or ridicule. Who knows! For the record, Dawn (@DawnTheSecond) currently has 74 Twitter followers.

I wonder which option in the poll Dawn voted for. I reckon I can take a pretty good guess.

Image result for morrissey who is

The only other sign of Dawn in The Wrong Arms was at 11.30 this morning. I had been musing on Twitter as to what title I should give this blog entry; toying with You'll be gone gone or You'll be gone and returned, when Dawn interjected with, "You'll be disappointed." Well that's that then - title decided for me.

And so to the concerts in Newcastle and Leeds. On Friday the BRS Twitter account managed to recruit a Moz fan called Nicola Laing (@nic_laing1975), and she took a blue rose to the concert in Newcastle. She didn't manage to get the rose to Moz, but it was nice that she made the effort, and her blue rose photos have been added to the BRS tumblr.

With You'll Be Gone removed from the Newcastle set, Moz opened with I Wish You Lonely, and replaced the Presley song with I'm Not Sorry from the wonderful LP, You Are The Quarry.
The Leeds set didn't have I'm Not Sorry.

From the footage that I've seen on Youtube, both concerts were excellent, with Moz and the large arena crowds fully engaging with each other. Caitlin (@a_m0nster) took her blue rose to Leeds, and was right at the front, but she didn't get the rose to Morrissey; although she is convinced that he pointed straight at her as he sang, "that wasn't the job I loved" during I Bury the Living.

As is always the case in these arenas, there was a big gap between the stage and the audience, but someone managed to hand Morrissey a portrait, and it's a rather good likeness... although I'm not sure about the Spock ears.


Every concert on the tour has been getting rave reviews from the press, and none more so than the concert in Leeds, which received a glowing write-up from David Markham for the Yorkshire Times. Markham gave NO spin, and unlike the likes of The Guardian, there was NO agenda, just an appreciation of a great show by Britain's greatest living artist. Even the Solowers are raving about the concerts, and the new material is really, really going down well.


There was a rare tweet from the 'Official' Morrissey Twitter account yesterday, with the tweet reading, "12,000 in Leeds last night. Thank you to all." The tweet was accompanied by a photo:

The tour party now move onto Birmingham (tomorrow), before playing Brixton Academy on Thursday, and then the big one - Brighton on Saturday, where myself, Kerry 'Action' Cocktail, Bitchy Bobby Neville, Midlife Matt and Garry Baldy will be among the four and a half thousand sell-out crowd.

*Goes off singing* I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control and I think I like it.


  1. As soon as I heard that You'll Be Gone had been omitted in Newcastle, I thought of your tweet, Rats, and chuckled. So exciting to see all the rave reviews, glorious footage, and blue roses. Can't wait to see what this week will bring.

  2. love that review in the Yorkshire rag, I have my head down in work the rest of this week so catch up will be hard for me, but i'll try

  3. All is going fine, Morrissey is in top form and very positive with the audience. What else? I read about "You'll be gone", surprising coincidence...😉 I like the portrait too! Watching the footage now! Ciao!😘


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