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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Day 2458 - Trick or treat?

Dawn Mist (@DawnTheSecond) quietly observed the countdown of our weekly Wrong Arms chart yesterday lunchtime, and after I announced that the Number 1 was the NON-playing of You'll Be Gone in Newcastle, Dawn tweeted, "I truly spoil you."

Dawn then returned at 4.07pm and tweeted, "Tricks or treats? Tricks or treats. The squalor of the mind."

I wondered if perhaps Dawn's tweet was a clue to a treat in Birmingham, and was half expecting to see You Know I Couldn't Last added to last night's set, but it wasn't to be. The Birmingham crowd were however apparently (according to a tweet I read) treated to an a cappella snippet of something from West Side Story during the Speedway pause, but there is no footage on Youtube, so I don't know if it's true, or which song it was. I have tweeted to ask if anyone knows, and the only response I have had is from Dawn (at 8.30pm this evening). Dawn tweeted:

"Mr. T"

I must presume it means, Tonight. I now await footage to see if this is correct.
Related image

Dawn also posted a couple of other tweets yesterday afternoon. When I retweeted a tweet from Genting International Casino (which is just yards from the venue Morrissey was playing in last night) inviting people to, "pop by and grab a bite to eat", Dawn tweeted, "If I get the faintest whiff of meat I will immediately suffocate Lenny Henry."

Image result for pillow lenny henry

I pointed out to Our Dawn that as Lenny Henry had survived 25 years underneath Dawn French without being suffocated, a scanty bit of a thing like Dawn Mist would't harm him. Dawn replied, "You are suggesting you know the inner workings of their relationship. They may have spent each evening completing a jigsaw. Of lard. Made from lard."

Image result for fat dawn french lenny henry

There was also a tweet yesterday evening from Official Moz - a Vevo video of I Wish You Lonely from last year's Berlin TV concert, with a tweet reading, "Performing 'I Wish You Lonely' at Berlin Live." The tweet surely wasn't posted by Moz, not with the word 'Performing', as he hates that word. "Only seals...."

And so to last night's concert. From what I have read and seen, it looked great - they always are great.

Tomorrow night will see Morrissey play Brixton Academy. The last time he played there, there was certainly a treat, the only live playing of Art-hounds. Will there be another treat this time?


  1. Treats or tricks would be most welcome. Could mischievous Dawn have been referring to the song "Mr. T" by the rapper Westside Gunn?

    1. Apparently so! Dawn has contacted me to say you are correct. It was actually Somewhere that was sung...or at least a very small bit of it:

  2. Sometimes tricks or treats are the same thing. All the footage has looked amazing. He appears in good health and on fire. Truly enjoy the whipper snapper thing that he does with the mic. On to the next !

  3. really wished I could have attended any of the UK concerts but I have built up time in lieu for a far flung place (providing the wheels don't fall of the wagon) but why should they, everything is rolling on nicely right now

  4. So many cryptic messages. It is difficult to know what is real and what is not.


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