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Friday, 2 March 2018

Day 2460 - Morrissey's forte

In my previous blog entry I wrote how I had presumed Dawn's tweet about "Mr T" had meant Tonight was the song sung during the pause in Speedway in Birmingham, but it was nothing of the sort. The actual snippet sung during Speedway was from the West Side story song Somewhere. Moz sang, "time to share, time...time...forget it".

Our Heather hadn't interpreted Dawn's "Mr T" tweet to mean Tonight, she left comment on my blog entry of Wednesday to say, "Could mischievous Dawn have been referring to the song "Mr. T" by the rapper Westside Gunn?"

Heather's theory was indeed correct. Dawn left a message on my Twitter DM in the early hours of Thursday morning saying, "Clever Heather once again."

I had never heard of Westside Gunn, nor his dreadful Mr Sodding T song, but more to the point, how and why does Morrissey know about this artist and song - Is Moz a secret rap fan?

Anyway, onto last night's concert at Brixton Academy. Snow fell for most of the day throughout the UK yesterday, and as more and more fans coming from outside London started to realise that they weren't going to make it to the concert, they started posting on social media that they wanted the concert to be cancelled. When it became evident that it wasn't going to be cancelled, people started to moan. So there you have it, when Morrissey cancels a concert his fans moan, and when he doesn't cancel a concert, his fans moan.


For only the second time on this tour, You'll Be Gone was omitted from the set, but unlike in Newcastle; where it was omitted as a tease to me, it was left out this time because Morrissey decided to throw-in Judy is a Punk instead; which was obviously as a tribute to London based punk designer, Judy Blame, who died last week - as mentioned by Morrissey at his concert in Dublin.

Judy is a Punk was accompanied by a picture on the screen of actress, Tallulah Bankhead.
Image result for tallulah bankhead

With You'll Be Gone out of the set, Morrissey opened with The Last of the International Playboys, which had been requested on social media by Lyn Boorer back in January. I doubt there are many other people that Morrissey would play requests for; although perhaps it came at a price.....

BOZ: Er, Moz, Lyn has asked if we can play Playboys for her when she comes to see us in Brixton.

MOZ: Lyn?

BOZ: You know, my wife.

MOZ: Oh yes, I recall. The woman deserves a medal. I deserve a medal. 

BOZ: So, is it alright if we play it?

MOZ: What?

BOZ: Playboys! At Brixton.

MOZ: You're putting me in a very difficult situation here Boz, old son. You know I don't do requests, and, well, if I do one for Liz-

BOZ: -Lyn

MOZ: Yes, quite, if I do one for, er...

BOZ: Lyn

MOZ: Lyn, then I'll have every Tom, Dick and Larry wanting a song.

BOZ: But it is my wife we're talking about, Moz, it's not like she's a fan or somethink

MOZ: Not a fan?

BOZ:  I mean, well, you-

MOZ: I'm only toying with you Boz, of course Lyn can have her song, but it'll mean I have to give old Etienne Rue some royalties, so your wage packet will be a little lighter next Friday, old chum - I know you understand.

BOZ: Er, yeah, I, er, I understand. Thanks Moz. So I can definitely tell Lyn we'll play it, yeah?

MOZ: Of course. Tell her it's a special present from me....for her birthday. 

Image result for lyn boorer

The backdrop picture displayed during Playboys was one of singer/actor Fabian Forte; who a certain shimmying french maid told us back on Day 842 of FTM was the influence for the cover of You Are The Quarry.

According to Wikipedia, Forte was drafted for military service during the Vietnam war, but was rejected after producing a doctor's note that stated induction into the Army could cause him to develop homosexual tendencies.

Forte was also mentioned by Morrissey in a TTY Question & Answer session in 2014, when he named Forte as an influence, saying, "You possibly haven't heard of Fabian because he's practically prehistory these days, but I loved the way he dressed in his heyday. I always loved traditionally masculine suits and accoutrements and classically designed trousers."



As Morrissey walked out onto the stage at Brixton, he was clearly making an 'O' sign with his left hand, which he held in place for ages. He then cried, "Bring back free speech, bring back free speech".

Apart from Playboys and Judy, the set was full of the same gems as we have had all tour, and AT LAST, AT LAST, AT LAST, somebody filmed Jacky's Only HappyIf You Don't Like Me was also filmed, which is great, because it's a cracker.... they're ALL crackers.
During the outro of Everyday Is Like Sunday Morrissey sang, "Fatty, you're the one for me". There was no I Started Something I Couldn't Finish, which meant the set only had one Smiths song, in the form of How Soon is Now.

The concert finished with Irish Blood, English Heart, and for the first time in ages there was no shirt toss, which is rather ironic because back in August 2011, Brixton was the venue of Morrissey's first shirt toss for a very long time - which 'coincidentally' happened following a pledge on the MorrisseysWorld blog from three days earlier made by 'Parody Morrissey' that stated, "I have decided I will once again strip down to the waist".... as mentioned by Kitty Empire in her Guardian review: That was one of the very first 'coincidences' on our 6+ year journey.

Next stop, Brighton, and as long as the snow doesn't stop the trains, I will be there for my first Moz concert since August 2016 . I cannot wait to witness the new songs in person. I will, of course, be taking a blue rose, but the Brighton Centre is another of these vast arenas, and so I don't anticipate getting to the front or being noticed. There is always the Palladium next Saturday for the offering of blue roses.


  1. The tour is rolling along quite nicely. Our Moz has never sounded better. Sail on, sail on, O mighty ship of state! Here is a little piece of useless information. Fabian lives about 15 miles from me on a large estate. I vaguely remember driving by his place when I was a kid, with my family. I think the gates had a large "F F" on them but as we all know, with time, memories fade.

  2. I was wondering about the shirt toss last time and was going to comment (being the mother I am ) maybe he shouldn’t do it anymore if someone did get hurt. Again just me being motherly and I had never heard of Fabian before . Thanks !

  3. M's vast knowledge of music never ceases to amaze me. I hope you're able to make it to Brighton, Rats. Whether tricks or treats are in store, no doubt you're in for a wonderfully memorable evening.

  4. Hello everyone. Having sold my house months ago its just my luck that the long awaited date to move out comes along bang in the middle of a Moz tour. So I have been somewhat distracted & stressed out over the past week or so. I was very upset that I had to miss the Birmingham concert. However I am looking forward to next weekend, my blue rose looks as battered as I feel, but it should make an appearance again in London. (That is if my ticket arrives as currently I am snowbound with only 4x4s getting through)
    Thanks Rats for keeping me up to date with all the news. I am delighted for Moz that the tour is such a well deserved success. And its good to know that Dawn has been around on Twitter.
    Enjoy tonight Rats, its gonna be special.

    1. Moving, how stressful. But it's one way to do a mega de-clutter. Wishing you peace and enjoyment at your new home.

    2. I dear, I hope you're no more stressed for the new home, take care!😘👍🏻

    3. Thanks for the kind words ladies. My new abode isn't ready to move into yet. So I am sleeping on a mattress in my brothers spare room. The plus point of my temporary home is, big screen to watch YT so I have been doing some catching up.

  5. yep have a great time colonel, i'm sure somewhere along the way the odd blue rose will be spotted by his holiness, as for him reaching out for it I would say unlikely in dear old blighty (hope i'm wrong by the way) as we spoke in the toilets colonel I can only hope that Joe plays his part, I will know about 40 mins before his holiness takes to the stage.. love the picture of Boz and Lyn and as for the Forte shaving pic I actually thought that I was looking in to my bathroom mirror

  6. Excellent memory on the TTY mention of Fabian Forte.

    1. Google, not memory. I don't remember what happened yesterday!

  7. Hello Ratty dear, all is going fine, I read a lot of positive tweets about Morrissey's concerts, he looks truly in top form! Someone is moaning about the snow? Oh, please that's very silly, some Morrissey's fans love moaning, but they are simply a minority and at the last the could join with Uncleskinny and start a new band named the moaners, of course it would be a very unsuccessful band. Playboy was a nice surprise and a well deserved present for Lyn Boorer, but now I have to do a little research about Forte, I don't know why, but I'm curious about him and that's another privilege of the Morrissey's fans, our hero gives us always great suggestions about people and facts completely forgotten, have a nice week end you all! Ciao 👍🏻😉😘

  8. I can't describe the hilarity I feel as OM continues to turn up for shows and punters moan. I'm glad that you got to Brighton Ratticus and I wish I was at the Palladium, where we both were back in the day but didn't know each other or indeed any of the wonderful people we have encountered along the way.

    Good luck with your move EARS, having just done one of my own I know what it's like.


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