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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Day 2465 - The mistake of hope

On Day 2427 of FTM I wrote that I wasn't going to buy any more records and would instead be selling my collection. Yesterday the new Morrissey single; My Love, I'd Do Anything For You, was made available to pre-order, and somehow I ended up pre-ordering it! What is more, last week I also purchased a few CD singles for my Number 1s Collection.... addictions and obsessions die hard.

Who would have even thought that any artists were still issuing CD singles? - It would appear that there is still some sort of appetite for them in Germany.


Even with those purchases of last week, my collection of Number 1s still has a number of un-fillable gaps; which has been caused by those artists who haven't released their 'single' in a physical format, so as to why I am bothering, I really can't answer - I guess addicts rarely do have answers. At least Morrissey doesn't issue his singles on CD anymore; not that I bought all of his singles on CD, I managed to keep that addiction to vinyl releases only. For the record, the last Morrissey single to be issued on CD was the re-issue of The Last of the International Playboys, which was in April 2013 - FIVE YEARS AGO! Yes, it really was five years ago! Where does the time go?

Anyway, in other news, it was announced today that the NME was to be issued in print format for the last time this week, which marks the end of an era. In truth, it ceased to be relevant years ago.

In other, other news, I posted a tweet earlier today asking, "Why oh why has Israel only been played once on this tour?" Heather replied, "I've been wondering the same thing - really hoping it makes another appearance", and in response to this, Morrissey (as Dawn) tweeted, "My only mistake is I keep hoping."

I also exchanged some pleasantries with Dawn this afternoon via Twitter DM, but I won't reveal what was said in this blog entry - anyone who is remotely interested will have to purchase the hardback book, available from German High Street stockists in the year 2035.

Tonight Morrissey plays the Royal Albert Hall, where I saw him play in 2002. My standout memory of that night was Mexico. I was sat directly behind David Baddiel.  How I dearly wish I was there tonight.


  1. have a great night everyone

  2. I knew you wouldn't be able to stop yourself from buying more records, Ratty. I always knew Dawn had special powers, but her tweet to me today confirmed it for me. I thought it was somewhat coincidental that I had just happened to listen to my Maladjusted CD yesterday in the car for the first time in months (including The Edges Are No Longer Parallel). But I was floored when I started my car today a while after receiving Dawn's tweet, and the first song that played was The Edges. I just love it when life brings signs of synchronicity. Looking forward to finding out what happens at the show tonight - dearly wish I was there too.


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