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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Day 2466 - "Welcome to my world"

Well, where do I start? I guess the beginning is always a fairly good place, and last night Morrissey took us back to the beginning of this epic journey of ours....not that any of those in the Royal Albert Hall would have realised it...except our own Girl Without and Marcus the Greek.


Morrissey took to the stage last night, belted out The Last of the Famous International Playboys, and then addressed the audience with the immortal words, "Welcome to my world".


Anyone who has been involved with our journey from the start - or has since caught up on everything by reading FTM - will know that this phrase was the one mentioned on the MorrisseysWorld blog on August 3rd 2011, and then subsequently used by Morrissey on stage at the London Palladium five days later - it should have been evidence enough to EVERY Morrissey fan that Morrissey was involved in the MorrisseysWorld blog, but the moderators at TOLD everyone that MorrisseysWorld was the work of a hoaxer, and everyone believed them - it virtually killed MorrisseysWorld dead....until along came an inquisitive rat and a few others, who just WOULDN'T be told.

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There was one journalist who noticed the significance of, "Welcome to my world" back in August 2011 - Kitty Empire, who wrote about it in The Observer - but Kitty, like all the other Morrissey fans, just couldn't believe Morrissey would do such a thing, and so didn't bother to see the story through. Coincidentally; or NOT, as the case may be, I only mentioned the Kitty Empire review last Friday on my blog - did this act as a reminder to old Mozzer, and hence the reason he used the words last night?  Quite probably, yes!

As I mentioned in my blog entry of three days ago, another major part of the MorrisseysWorld blog back in 2011, was the request that fans bring red or white roses to Morrissey concerts, but again, because the blog was deemed to be a hoax, the roses didn't come - except from the Blue Rose Society, which was formed later. Last Saturday in Brighton, a fan brought a white rose, which Morrissey held to his heart before tucking it into his trousers, and last night at the Albert Hall, another white rose was offered to Morrissey during I'm Not Sorry, and AGAIN, Morrissey readily accepted it - it would appear that SEVEN YEARS later than had been hoped for, the message is finally getting through to the fans.


The only changes in last night's set from the one in Brighton were, I'm Not Sorry and Speedway coming in, with I Bury The Living and All You Need Is Me making way. Speedway was particularly interesting, in that Morrissey changed the lyric just before the pause from "ugly mouth" to "rosebud mouth".... oh, those roses! The Speedway pause also included Morrissey singing a snippet of Roy Orbison's Number 1 Hit, It's Over - "Setting suns before they fall, echo to you that's all, that's all"

From the reports that I have read and the footage I have seen, it really did look to be yet another great concert last night, and it isn't just the fans who are having a great time on this tour. Yesterday afternoon, Morrissey (as Dawn) informed me in the toilets of The Wrong Arms, "I feel very pleased with this tour so far", but then he did add swiftly, "Of course, this can all change within a blink of a glass eye. However, I shall remain positive."

Other things to mention from the RAH concert, as mainly reported by Girl Without:

A) Morrissey asked for the spotlights on him to be turned off, as they were giving him a headache. He allegedly said that if they weren't turned off, he would get his hat and coat and leave.


B) Following When You Open Your Legs, Morrissey talked about people with huge libidos.

C) The band weren't introduced

D) There were no stage invaders - I don't think there has been a single one this tour.

E) A heart shaped sweat mark appeared on the back of the shirt - which is yet another reference to that MorrisseysWorld article of August 2011, in which it was discussed how Bieber used the phrase 'Welcome to my world' and had a heart shaped sweat mark

F) Everyday is Like Sunday had the long piano intro and an outro of, "Oscar Wilde, Oscar Wilde, Oscar Wilde"

G) Morrissey entered the stage for the encore (Irish Blood, English Heart) wearing a shirt with a couple of inscriptions and a signature - it was subsequently ripped to pieces in the pit. The shirt read, "RAH RAH 7 March 2018 ESTY DWYER (His granddad) My tomb above The ground - Morrissey"

Let me finish for today by mentioning that as soon as I had read that Morrissey had said, "Welcome to my world" last night, I sent him the following message: "I was secretly hoping for a "Welcome to my World" at the Palladium; which no doubt you suspected, so instead you throw it out there tonight. Brilliant."

I awoke this morning to see that he had replied - at 1.44am - saying, "Expect the unexpected. Prepare to be disappointed."

There's no disappointment here, and no expectation of ANYTHING, EVER!


  1. Disappointment? For what? Oh we have the most beautiful, gorgeous, talented man at the top form, touring a pile o new footage on you tube, what could be the disappointment? My disappointment, because I wasn't at RHA yesterday, ☹️, but I have a little hope for a summer tour, crossing fingers!👍🏻😘

  2. Definitely no disappointment, with such a splendid tour and so many delightful surprises. Such a pleasure to see the roses catching on, which is exactly how it should be.

  3. Rosebud mouth 😻😻😻

  4. Best keep this brief as WiFi is, like me, rather sketchy. I have travelled early to London. I have a room for the night which is akin to a dungeon! Things will hopefully look brighter tomorrow when I collect my roses. I am wondering now if I should have got white ones instead.
    I am so pleased to see more roses this tour. Let's hope we can continue to build the momentum.

  5. Replies
    1. that is what they all say about me after a quick fumble

    2. Lol, as the kids say. Except they don't anymore they have moved onto something else. Maybe a Kimoji.

  6. well I am a tad disappointed.. no JB tee shirt yet after all these years and i'm sure we all bloody voted on it

  7. What an amazing night. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much. Whereas I loved WPINOYB, LIHS just doesn't reach those same heights for me. Having said that, I have found myself humming and singing odd bits from the album since it came out - damn those catchy hooks. Come the big event, there I am sandwiched between two men, like a rose between two thorns, singing our socks off to the LIHS songs. One of us was dreadfully out of tune, but I won't point any fingers.
    With the spotlights, it wasn't all of them that were turned off, just the two either side right at the front. You can see in some of the video clips that Morrissey is not always as well lit as he usually is.
    As to the libido comment - did he say huge, big, enormous? I really cannot remember.

  8. These have all sounded like amazing evenings. New item on bucket list-see a M concert in another country-Heather too. From an outside view I clearly see how much this journey has meant to all of you including M who’s always a few steps ahead with treats, teases, and taunts but greeted by great sleuths. I’m always impressed how quickly you catch something and how frustrated you can make him when you don’t :) what I never asked is what you all do for a living ? Feel free to dm me. Just curious...As always Rat nicely done.

    1. Unemployed, hairy-backed, bedsit dwelling blogger.

  9. Great post. Sorry haven't read this for a long time. I saw Morrissey at Ally Pally this evening and thought to check in. Alexander


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