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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Day 2468 - "Never have I tweeted"

Yesterday afternoon, the DawnTheSecond Twitter account was deactivated, and Morrissey; or 'Fake Morrissey' as most people would have you believe, was no longer with us.... for with the dawn, you'll be gone.

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A few hours later, whilst on stage at the Alexanrda Paalace in Londinium, Morrissey announced to the audience, "Just for the record, never have I tweeted, I've never had a Twitter account, so please take note. Now you know." - I'll take note all right, matey, LOTS and LOTS of notes!

Morrissey's announcement about Twitter was made straight after he had sung Glamorous Glue to a crowd that included our very own, Bitchy Bobby Neville. BBN is one of the few people who interacts with 'Fake Morrissey' on Twitter, and the one song that BBN has constantly asked Fake Moz to play is Glamorous Glue, so to have GG appear in the set for the first time on this tour, and to have it appear whilst BBN is in the audience, and for the song to then be followed by an announcement by Morrissey about Twitter is, er, rather coincidental, don't you think? It is coincidence number 134,546 of our journey, but still it proves NOTHING.

The one question that NO ONE will bother to ask is , WHY did Morrissey mention not having a Twitter account? WHY would he bother saying that, when no one thinks he has one anyway?


BBN wasn't the only member of the Blue Rose Society in the audience last night, EARS and Caitlin were also at the Ally Pally, and they were both armed with blue roses. Unfortunately they were't able to get them to Morrissey, but someone did pass Moz a bouquet of roses, making it three concerts in a row that he has now been given them. The bouquet can be seen in various Youtube footage, including during the opening number, You'll Be Gone - yep, it returned to the set last night, along with I Started Something I Couldn't Finish, I Bury The Living, Judy is a Punk and as already mentioned, Glam Glue. Making way were: Playboys, Suedehead, Speedway and I'm Not Sorry, as the number played increased from 21 to 22.


As I write this, there isn't much Youtube footage available to watch from last night, but the 5 or 6 clips that I have seen, show that once again it was a great night.

Tonight we reach the end of the tour. As a thank you to Morrissey, Manc Lad has arranged to have 24 blue roses delivered to Morrissey's dressing room. I will wear a blue rose on my lapel tonight, just as I always do, and just as Wilde and his followers wore their green carnations, but instead of offering a blue rose to Morrissey, I will this evening try to get a red rose to him. The reason for this is that when Morrissey was given those white roses at Brighton and the Royal Albert Hall, it reminded me that our journey actually started with Our Mozzer asking for red and white roses, in honour of Oscar. I re-read The Nightingale and the Rose yesterday, and was reminded how Morrissey is the nightingale, singing and giving blood, in order to turn the white rose red. As we reach the end of the tour, the red rose will appear, and our nightingale shall die.....but unlike in the story, our nightingale will be re-born when he gets back up on the stage.

*Goes off singing* And now, the end is near, and so I face, the final curtain


I highly recommend a re-reading of The Nightingale and the Rose - lots of references to 'dawn'.


  1. fantastic story the nightingale and rose.. remember south America when the white rose turned red under the stage lights.. heaven.. as for Morrissey anyone recall he doesn't own a laptop and there he was on a flight watching shameless on his very own laptop.. oh well what can one say

  2. Is there anybody else who could play four such different venues in London in the space of a week? With reviews consistently praising the strength of his voice. I think not.

    That is one terrific coincidence by the way. As good as any of them.

  3. Sad to see Dawn leave and the arrival of the end of the tour, but no doubt it will be a special night. Hilarious that M mentioned twitter out of the blue, with seemingly no context - he's always one step (or ten steps) ahead. For those of you going to the Palladium tonight, savor every second and send Moz all our love.

  4. My epic rose delivery fails are rather embarrassing. Apologies to all concerned.
    Nice touch with the red rose Rats. I am so looking forward to tonight in such a historic venue.
    Hells bells I had forgotten how manic London is!

    1. fails are part of the fun, I can remember trying to revive a drooping rose by leaving it in a glass of beer... I know, I know

    2. As you surely hold the distinction of having brought roses to more concerts than anyone else, there is no need for embarrassment or apologies, Ears. Your dedication and persistence are inspiring.

    3. not forgetting her rose tatoo

    4. Thanks Heather, you are way too generous.
      Manc, you do make me smile! Yep the tattoo is a firm reminder of the journey we have all shared.

  5. Just saw the hilarious notice posted by the Palladium about set times for tonight's show. Film 8.15pm, Morrissey 8.49pm. Noticed there was a fair amount of whingeing on twitter yesterday about stage times.

  6. I wish you luck with your red rose tonight Rat
    How dense are people that they cannot take the hint to actually challenge what they're told and see for themselves? I dunno maybe 12 out of 12,000.

  7. I'm going to reading! Don't you have the suspect that Morrissey says exactly the opposite of what it is sometimes? He's such a teaser! Ciao!

  8. The 20yr olds who owe their life to him will sob tweet unable to comprehend why such a majestic creature hasn’t tweeted plus the fact never even had an account-ever!
    Oh the horror and all those conspiracy theories about Moz not Moz-shattered.
    Hope you both had a rose colored evening!

  9. That is a wonderful story. About the nightingale and a rose. Very much the way my life has been too. Thank you.

  10. Morrissey name-checks Ken Dodd from the stage of the London Palladium on Saturday.
    Ken Dodd dies on Sunday.

  11. This Glamorous Glue coincidence, I've looked on that @geniussteals Twitter, and I can see no evidence of him requesting or even mentioning the song in question. How is this a coincidence?

    1. Private message tweeting. The week before in Brighton, BBN told me he'd requested it. It's a BIG one....but with no public evidence.


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