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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Day 2472 - Chapter of Accidents

When Morrissey (as Dawn) tweeted, "Farewell my friends" yesterday afternoon, and then closed the Dawn Mist Twitter account, I presumed that we wouldn't be seeing anymore of Moz around these parts for a while, and also thought that it may be the last we ever see of the Dawn pessoa, but I am pleased to report, I was wrong.

At 9.13pm yesterday evening, Dawn posted a comment on my blog entry of Day 2209, which was published on June 24 2017 with the title 'The Test of Naked Male Flesh'. I presume Dawn chose to post her comment on that particular blog page because it is an entry about new album track titles, and my blog entry of yesterday included mention of a new Morrissey album. Here is Dawn's comment:

Morrissey's forthcoming album "Chapter of Accidents" track listing (guaranteed number one in Lithuania). 

1) Danger to National Security 
2) My Bed is a Danger Zone 
3) Intelligentsia is Dead 
4) Insiders Asset 
5) Underestimated at Peril 
6) I Found My Place on Earth and Still Left 
7) England Is Part Morgue and Part Retirement Home 
8) Jailer of Vanity 
9) Charade of Germany 
10) Bad Omens I Tend to Ignore 
11) Migraine in The Medicine Cabinet 
12) Milestone of Circumstance 
13) My Final Resting Place 

1) Poisoning Spies in Salisbury is My Favourite Pastime 
2) Only God Can Judge Me but He's Spending His Time with You 
3) Chief Aggravator 
4) The Book of Fallacies: From Unfinished Papers of Jeremy Bentham to be read out by @TheRatsBack 

*Bonus tracks will not be available in HMV.

BONUS BONUS TRACK 1) I Touched My Reflection in The Mirror And Now I Am Suing Myself For Sexual Harassment #metoo #timesup  

I wonder if there is any relevance to the mention of bonus tracks not being available in HMV - an independent only record shop release perhaps? Probably not.

Dawn's album track titles are very amusing, and I am particularly honoured to have a guest spot reading Bentham; although it will come as no surprise to anyone that I had no idea who Jeremy Bentham was, so I googled him, to find out about the man whose unfinished papers I shall be reading.

It transpires that Bentham was an English philosopher, born in the 18th century, whose main principle was that, "it is the greatest happiness of the greatest number that is the measure of right and wrong". The list of things Bentham advocated, have lead me to believe he was one of the good guys, and he also would appear to have been ahead of his time - many philosophers are.

Image result for jeremy bentham

An album titled A Chapter of Accidents already exists; by Polish goregrind band Dead Infection, but as to whether or not Morrissey has been influenced by this album, I do not know, but sincerely hope not.

It is very exciting to know that a new Morrissey album is going to be coming so soon after the last one, although it isn't a huge surprise, as we were given a hint to it by Morrissey (as Morfessa) towards the back end of last year, when he tweeted, "Hidden recordings may surface oh so soon."

As to the real track names that will appear on the new Morrissey LP, I guess we will just have to be patient, but we do already know of six new titles that have been added to the BMI Repertoire: Lover To Be, I Couldn't Understand Why People Laughed, Brow Of My Beloved, Diana Dors, Blue Dreamers Eyes and This Song Doesn't End When It's Over. Presumably if all goes well in the recording studio, we may get the new album in the early part of next year - maybe it will be released on Friday March 29th to celebrate Brexit happening. If Morrissey wants to try and get the album to Number 1, his best bet will be a January release, as there is never much competition around then.... although whether or not Morrissey's fans will have enough money available after Christmas to buy all fifty seven versions of the LP is another matter.

Image result for LOW IN HIGH SCHOOL

Following on from the posting of his comment on FTM yesterday, Morrissey then reactivated the Dawn Twitter account and tweeted, "Is it better to kill desire or to harbour thoughts of what can never be?"

I wasn't online at the time, so didn't reply, but what was rather nice was that ten other people did reply, including a few new bods - it would seem that there are more people starting to believe....although not that many, as Dawn still only has 96 followers. My favourite response was from longtime believer, 'Hockey boy Harrison' (@OdysseyNumber5), who simply tweeted a photo of one of the stage invaders from last Saturday.


And finally for today, as Britain continues to mourn the loss of Ken Dodd, we are reminded of Morrissey's quote about Dodd from March 1984, when asked by the NME to name his favourite comedian:


It has been announced today that former Bullseye presenter, Jim Bowen has died. The only Morrissey link to Bowen is when The Sun compared the two, which was, er, rather amusing actually.
Image result for JIM BOWEN MORRISSEY


  1. Slipped my mind that we already knew six new titles which could be half of the elpee in waiting. I guess that this won't be LIHS2. The titles sound almost tender. Interesting to see what the other half will be, conceived at a different time and given birth to under different circumstances.

  2. wow I remember that Moz photo he was spotted in Afinia sorry if wrong spelling,, what is dawn playing at.. coming and going like a proper diva, in out in out shake it..

  3. The Bonus Bonus track made me laugh out loud in the carpool lane. See how I appreciate the ways of this blog ?it also slipped my mind about the titles though I do stand by my favorite so far “This Song Doesn’t End When It’s Over” because I have been told there is no end and I can see it being used as a hashtag. Well all of them actually . Maybe he goes backwards creating hastags into song titles. Curious minds would like to know ..

  4. A certain record producer we all know and love appears to be in Mexico City.

    1. Indeed, and I have received a DM tweet from Dawn that reads, "Recording, recording, record..." - it looks like that half-finished LP is going to be finished in Mehico. Happy days.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. anyone else hoping for a POP up concert on the west coast of the USA on the way back from Mexico, it would make sense, but after not long playing there.. who knows

  7. This track listing reads like the chapters out of a spy novel. "My Bed is a Danger Zone" is about going deep into shaven caves with explosive kegs between his legs. "My Final Resting Place" is where he fakes his death and assumes a new identity as a race car driver.


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