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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Day 2473 - "Recording, recording, record..."

It would appear that the recording of a new Morrissey album; which I wrote about yesterday (and also mentioned on Tuesday), is a lot closer than anyone might have imagined, i.e. it's happening NOW!

Morrissey and the band are all currently in Mexico to play the Viva Latino Festival on Saturday, but also in Mexico at the moment is producer Joe Chiccarelli, and what is more, Morrissey (as Dawn) has tweeted me saying, "Recording, recording, record...." - THEY'RE IN THE STUDIO I TELL YER! If this is true; and there is no reason to believe that it isn't, then we could even have a new album THIS YEAR.

Joe C yesterday tweeted a picture of a house, and added the words, "Love the Art Deco homes in La Condessa Mexico City." Could this actually be a clue as to where they are recording? - There is a recording studio in Mexico City called Artco....... or does Joe simply like Art Deco houses?

Morrissey and the band have also appeared on Mexican TV today, performing Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage. The band wore those turquoise suits again.

Aside from Morrissey contacting me regarding the recording, I also had another message from Dawn just after 7pm (UK time) yesterday, as follows:

"I have had quite an interesting conversation today, which included you. It wasn't face to face. It was twitter. I wouldn't want you to think I waste my precious breath on you (Ed - charming!). They've said they now believe all this to be true as you didn't get a concert ban, which I found extremely hilarious, and useful for the future perhaps. If I ban you all the blame for any crimes fall in your lap. Mind the pun. Anyway, please feel free to eat your murder tea, which no doubt you are currently doing, and ignore little old me."

Having finished my murder tea (how did he know?), I sent a message back asking why I would be banned? Dawn replied, "Apparently you've threatened my integrity, which of course is true. I'd never... Etc etc."

All of those hundreds of 'coincidences', and yet it is me NOT being banned from Morrissey concerts which convinces someone that all this is true.... and yet it is a valid point. Morrissey has had fans banned from concerts recently for things they have written online, and yet the lying fantasist who has been making outrageous claims about Morrissey for the past six and a half years, greatly affecting his integrity, is greeted fondly at The Palladium by tour manager, Donnie. Well, I wonder.

The someone who was chatting to Dawn was actually Dan Abnormal (@nothappysad75) - he told me earlier today. I thought Dan already believed, but maybe my 'non ban' was the cement he needed.

My only problem now is, if the heat were to ever be turned up on this secret little world of Morrissey's, I could very well be given a concert ban so that all crimes land in my lap, but surely Our Mozzer would never do that to little old me..... would he? Too right he f***ing would!
Image result for morrissey smirk

In other news, I had tweeted about Fabian Forte the other day, and yesterday my tweet was retweeted by his wife, Andrea (@MrsFabianForte). I asked Andrea if she was aware that Morrissey had been using a picture of Fabian as a stage backdrop, and asked if she was aware that the You Are the Quarry cover was influenced by Fabian. I also asked if Fabian was a fan of Moz. Andrea replied:

"@TheFabianForte has always been a fan of Morrissey and knew about the inspiration for his album cover from his movie Pretty Boy Floyd. Thank you."

I asked if Fabian had ever met or corresponded with Morrissey, and got the reply, "No he's never had the pleasure."

Fabian (@TheFabianForte) has just three followers on Twitter, although he doesn't actually tweet very much; in fact, it looks like just one tweet a year. According to Andrea, "He doesn't like social media and he likes to laugh."



  1. All the years of dedication and yelling from the rooftops ITS TRUE and all you had to do was not be banned ! We will see how that plays out. Excitement in Mexico! The show looked good and in recording a new album so soon-anyone happen to know the shortest span between M solo albums ? Someone will know off the top of their head as the kids say “nobody got time for that ! “

  2. Firstly, I merely pointed out that Rat not being ejected/banned is a valid point. At no point did I say I was now convinced. I said that I now believed that Rat has no other connection except for this blog and any interaction that he has with the accounts on twitter.
    Secondly, “after all the years of dedication and yelling” comment has greatly agitated me, as where was lifeisapigstyperiod over all those years? Correct me if I am mistaken, however, I don’t remember this person being around through those years of yelling. Whereas I did have the pleasure, somewhat sporadically and as and when time would allow, to read the original MW blog.
    There are a great number that read this and follow the current twitter account(s), blogs etc. that do not comment on here or indeed mix on social media. To me taking every word that Rat prints as gospel is another example of people believing everything they read (no offence meant to Rat, I am just pointing this out).

    1. Goodness, you sound like Chuck! You can hardly blame Jo (life is a pigsty) for not being here earlier. At least she was astute enough to read the evidence and realise the truth. You, however, are still claiming you're not convinced this is Morrissey - REALLY?
      And as for taking my word as gospel, EVERYTHING I write in this blog is the truth - it has to be, as this is a historical record. I may make mistakes, but I certainly won't make anything up.

    2. Pardon? Why is anyone that questions you or your followers always Chuck?
      I have not mentioned anything even slightly derogatory to, or about Jo, my point is you wrote that I was now convinced due to the above when this is simply not true. You assumed that I was, and she believed this without another thought.
      At best, Morrissey plays along. Throw enough shit and some of it will stick. If you could ever take a step back and stop seeing things through rose-tinted glasses, you would perhaps realise this.
      This phenomenon is called synchronicity. Quite simply when coincidences take place in this way and are recorded, people cannot help but become impressed by them. However, the more that these so-called coincidences take place, they become less meaningful.
      Of late Morrissey clearly cannot be bothered to play along any longer, it was probably quite entertaining for him for a while. But alas like many things in these times, people soon become weary and boredom takes over.

    3. Your comment about Jo (Life is a Pigsty) agitating you wasn't exactly friendly, and then to add your comment about being there at the beginning was almost a brag; which is bizarre seeing as you are now stating that Morrissey isn't the person behind MorrisseysWorld. Your knowledge that, "at best, Morrissey plays along" is based on what exactly? And your claim that Morrissey no longer bothers to play along when we've had more 'coincidences' in the past few weeks than I could shake a stick at, basically leaves your whole comment looking hollow, meaningless and also slightly bitter....hence the reason I compare you to Chuck, or Maren, or whatever her name is.

    4. Out of interest, WHO exactly do you believe IS the author of MW, and all the different Twitter pessoas?

    5. Oh, and one other thing. You also stated, "my point is you wrote that I was now convinced due to the above when this is simply not true. You assumed that I was, and she believed this without another thought" - I didn't ASSUME you now believed it all to be true, I was going on Dawn's statement, i.e. "they've said they now believe all this to be true". You are therefore saying Dawn is a liar - are you Judge Weeks?

    6. The real argument here is why would Morrissey as Dawn feel the need to tell you our private conversation, especially as recently you’ve felt you’ve had more coincidences than you can shake a stick at? Was it just so you would fall for it and blog, which then in turn further validates their legitimacy? If that is the case, in my opinion it invalidates their legitimacy. Think about it.
      They’ve tried to be clever, however they’ve done more harm to their cause.
      And I have no idea who it could be. They’ve certainly played a very long game.

    7. I am calling Dawn a liar, as I never once said that I was now convinced they were Morrissey in that private conversation.
      And just because I have watched things unfold over the years does not mean I believed it was Morrissey. I found it entertaining and beyond funny that you could truly believe it is him, that’s why I followed.

    8. God will be my judge. And I am answerable only to Jesus.

  3. In response to Dan - Nobody tells me what to believe or think, including Rat & Morrissey.
    Anyway, sorry I have not contributed over past few days, I have been struck by the dreaded lurgy. Still ill, but news of a potential new album has been the very best medicine.

    1. Hope you feel better soon.

    2. Thanks sweet. I've just watched the video which brought a smile. Loving the scarf/ cravat look.

  4. I love how Joe drops informative hints to us. My mind is blown that we should have a new album relatively soon. And I really enjoyed the TV appearance, which made me smile - the MW term, 'self-aware parody' springs to mind. I really don't understand why people elsewhere are moaning about it - have they no appreciation of irony? Evidently not, otherwise MW would have been more popular.

  5. bloody hell I stepped out of the room for a moment..


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