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Friday, 16 March 2018

Day 2474 - Peanuts!

Morrissey's appearance on Mexican TV yesterday has come in for a bit of a slating from some fans, with it being described as "chaotic". Morrissey's lip synching and the band's "wooden" dance moves have come in for particular criticism. I awoke this morning to find a comment posted on Twitter by Dawn (at 1:53am UK time, 7:53pm Mexico time) saying, "Blame for Sale El Sol must be directed @TheRatsBack also."

Great! Not only am I the fall-guy for MorrisseysWorld, I am now to blame for EVERYTHING!

Image result for morrissey sale el sol

Yesterday I reported that Morrissey (as Dawn) had sent me a Twitter message to say that they are recording, and I took this to mean that the band was recording/finishing the new album, but I may have been getting a little carried away. It has today been announced that Morrissey is recording a session for a Mexican TV station, to be screened later in the month, so perhaps this is what Dawn was referring to, and not a new album. I guess we will find out soon enough.


Following publication of my blog entry of yesterday; in which I made mention of a certain Dan Abnormal now being convinced that Morrissey is behind this whole thing, a number of comments were left by Dan DENYING he believes, and suggesting that it is all the work of a faker, and that "at best, Morrissey plays along." What an unexpected turnaround!

After Dan had posted his comments, I received a Twitter DM from Dawn, which read, "How entertaining! I do like this Dan chap very much. I like the uncertainty his comments will bring."

I started to smell a rat....and I have a good sense of smell for rats!

Image result for RAT SNIFFING

For someone who now seems to be very much distancing themselves from believing, Dan has been VERY helpful in the past with things I have missed. For instance, last September; when Morfessa had tweeted, "Dawn of the Black Hearts", and I had no idea what it meant, who was it who pointed me in the right direction? DAN!

And just three days ago, when a new album was being discussed by me on FTM, who was it who posted a comment to remind us that Morfessa had mentioned new songs appearing soon? DAN!

It would seem to me that Doubting Dan is playing a game, and my thought is that perhaps old Mozzer has asked him to put people off the scent. Maybe M is concerned that all the recent 'coincidences' have been too much, and he feels this little secret world of his is in danger of being exposed.

I wouldn't want this secret world of ours to be exposed either, so I guess I shouldn't be trying to discredit Dan, I should just leave his comments there to let people be put off, but there is something in me that compels me to blog my thoughts. Also, I don't have any fear of our story being exposed - the masses really don't want to know about our world. Only yesterday I got into a discussion with a Morrissey fan on Twitter called Paddy Maguire (@ModernMorrissey), and he just wouldn't have it that this story of ours is real. Paddy tweeted, "He said last week he's not on twitter. He also stamped on a blue rose. I saw him at Ally Pally and he rejected every rose chucked at him. Just give up." - Clueless! We're quite safe.
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So, now that I have no fear of our amazing story being exposed, there is one question I need answered - Who is Dan Abnormal?

It did occur to me that it might be Moz himself, but then I remembered that Dan had tweeted me whilst Morrissey was on stage last Saturday at The Palladium, so that ruled him out.

I decided the best place to try and find clues about Dan was by looking through his tweets. This morning he tweeted, "Watched @rickygervais Humanity last night. Enjoyable would recommend." He then retweeted a few fans of Ricky Gervais.

Naturally, this got me suspicious, so with tongue firmly in cheek, I asked Dan, "Is Ricky Gervais still alive?" He replied, "Indeed. You should watch it. Might cheer you up!" I responded by saying, "I'm not uncheered! I saw one of the warm-up shows he did in Finchley....were you there?" and got the reply, "Regrettably not. I had a unfortunate run-in with a peanut."

For some reason, the comment about a peanut received a 'like' by Dawn.

Could it really be that Ricky Gervais is Dan, and is there an in joke between Gervais and Morrissey about a peanut? Morrissey has told us a number of times on this journey that Gervais was involved in writing some of the articles on the MorrisseysWorld blog. Hmm.

Image result for gervais peanut

The only other person who I thought might be Dan is Bitchy Bobby Neville, but he has denied it.... well he would, wouldn't he, but I believe him.

One of the comments left on FTM yesterday by Dan was, "I am calling Dawn a liar". Following this, Dawn sent me a DM saying, "I do lie a lot - it's really useful..." - ain't that the truth!

Tomorrow, Morrissey plays the Viva Latino Festival.



  1. Wow day two first person here! Well half the group is asleep . Curious I noticed Dan hadnt been around and didn’t he misspell abnormal when he first joined ? “Just give up” Rat now that’s funny. Recording is exciting doesn’t matter what it is . I am going to disagree with you about the pic (now it’s not the most flattering as it’s blurry-could be a nicely dressed Jay Leno :) All kidding aside I would bet that is either a veggie burger or veggie taco. Yum !

  2. A mobile phone? He would never! Because I've already commented on the misguided criticism of the TV appearance, I will just say that I've had my suspicions about Dan ever since he first arrived on the scene - he seems to know quite a bit about our little world for a newcomer. Thanks for including the link to Day 567 - a lot of interesting things to re-read there. Always enjoyable to reminisce about the good old days in the chatroom.

    1. It was either Noel or Russell that said they received a text message from him. Whether or not he answers a ringing phone, we'll never know. Personally, I use my phone for everything except talking.

  3. Hello Ratty dear, glad you're keeping blogging, first of all I don't care a lot about the criticism on Morrissey's televion apparente because we all know he just finished a U.K. Tour and immediately flight to Mexico for other concerts and I think he was a little bit tired and jet legged, anyway I didn't watch it yet and I hope I can watch it soon as for his recording session. What about Dan? I don't know, but all is possible, always! See you soon!������

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  5. ok st pats.. good night to have a concert and dance the odd jig, can Moz dance a jig or will he think it is a game with funny shaped wooden pieces

  6. There are a couple of other photos of Morrissey in Mexico with fans where it looks like he is wearing Dr Jocoby's spectacles.

  7. Loving this one. Fom the old MW, the tour diary headed Mar 6th 2009 - the first two sentences are "Crawled out of bed. Wished I hadn't".

    Also found the wonderful "Music Press Ad for a New Drummer".

    1. ah was it the old def leppard thing or was that something else

    2. Must have been another one Manc, not the one I was reading.

  8. Boz has tweeted to say he is heading home, so no recording of an album.

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