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Monday, 26 March 2018

Day 2484 - I bid farewell

There has been no sign of our Mozzer in The Wrong Arms for over a week, and so as I have no Mozziah to follow, and no tour to report on anymore, it is time for me to bid farewell - for now at least.

The 'Morrissey In Session' for Mexican TV was broadcast last Friday, and it amounted to three songs: Jacky, When You Open Your Legs and Day In Bed. As to whether or not any other recording took place at the Panoram Studios whilst producer Joe Chiccarelli was with the band, who knows.

Image result for morrissey tnt session

Friday also saw the latest single from Low In High School released on lovely 7 inch vinyl. It is My Love, I'd Do Anything For You, which despite being an excellent song, will receive NO radio airplay, particularly as the opening line is far too political for the likes of Radio 2.


I can't ever imagine the day arriving when I stop buying vinyl, but yesterday something rather momentous did take place in my life, I subscribed to Spotify - I am now officially a streamer. The only reason I signed up to Spotify is because it was effectively free to do so. My two kids already pay £5 each a month for the streaming service, and yesterday Mrs TheRatsBack (aka Mrs Whiskers) decided she needed to become a streamer - mainly because her new car doesn't have a CD player. Not being entitled to a student discount, Mrs TRB was going to have to pay £10 a month, but it transpires that there is a Family Spotify for £15, so it was a no brainer for me to jump on board too - we are now a streaming family, but I do feel as though I have committed an act of betrayal.  Here is a reminder of what Morrissey had to say about streaming in that interview for FTM of last April:

"Streaming is the tomb into which artistic integrity will soon lower itself into. One has no emotional attachment to something that can be played at the click of a button and re-played, and re-played and re-played. It is unlikely that Sheeran or any of the other parade of PR popstars you have listed have ever spent their own money on music and therefore they devalue it completely. Rihanna would not pay $10 for her own album but she can sit at home, with the sound down on her electronic device, and listen to her own songs for as long as she wants. One wonders if streaming is a record company ploy which would explain why I am never streamed. Streaming is an easy victory. Have any of these people muttered or stuttered a single word of importance? Perhaps I should have kept my mouth shut all those years ago and today I would be considered of greater importance than David Bowie or at least Limahl."

Image result for limahl

With streaming now being so cheap, downloading is effectively dead. It was announced last week that both vinyl and CDs are now consistently outselling Downloads for the first time since 2011, but that isn't anything much to celebrate as sales of physical music are also in decline as the streaming monster just gets bigger and bigger.

Before I sign off, I feel I must make a list of the highlights, the 'coincidences' and other events that occurred during the UK tour. It really was an incredible few weeks, and hopefully we won't have to wait too long to see Mozzer back on the stage.

1. Hugh Clark banned for life from Morrissey concerts because of things he'd posted on social media.
2. The Four Tops song It's The Same Old Scene added to the pre-concert video montage - Dawn Mist had posted the video on Twitter on January 31st
3. Morrissey dances like it's 1984
4. Live debuts of I Bury The LivingThe Girl From Tel-Aviv and Israel - the two latter songs weren't to be played again all tour. 
5. Finger plaster worn and a heart shaped sweat patch on the shirt - both nods to MorrisseysWorld

A new blog piece featuring Nicola Sturgeon is posted on TrueMorrissey at 5pm. Four hours and forty minutes later, whilst on stage, Morrissey mentions Nicola Sturgeon - a coincidence.

Morrissey sings a snippet of Alone Again (Naturally)

In the afternoon I tweet that You'll Be Gone is the perfect set opener. Dawn tweets me to say blatant song hinting will be ignored and then, for the first time in seventeen shows, Morrissey doesn't open with You'll Be Gone, and in fact drops it from the set completely - another coincidence.

The show closes with imagery from Jean Cocteau's Blood of a Poet - a possible nod to the MorrisseysWorld journey

Morrissey sings a snippet of Somwhere during the Speedway pause 

1.The Last of the International Playboys is added to the set with a photo of Fabian as the backdrop
2. Prominent 'O' sign made as Morrissey walks out on stage - a nod to MorrisseysWorld
3. No shirt toss for the first time in ages - a possible reverse touch of the cap to MorrisseysWorld

1. Morrissey catches a rose during How Soon is Now and places it down his trousers
2. Sings All You Need is Me with the aforementioned rose down his trousers

1. Morrissey welcomes the audience by saying, "Welcome to My World" - a HUGE nod to MorrisseysWorld. The very same words were also tweeted by Dawn in a Twitter conversation on January 26th of this year.
2. Morrissey accepts a rose during I'm Not Sorry
3. The words "rosebud mouth" are sung during Speedway and during the pause, a snippet of Roy Orbison's It's Over

1. Morrissey sings Glamorous Glue, which had been requested by BRS member Robert Neville via Twitter
2. Having closed his DawnTheSecond Twitter account in the afternoon, straight after singing Glamorous Glue Morrissey announces, "Never have I tweeted, I've never had Twitter".

1. Despite allegedly being a lying fantasist who has made up the whole MorrisseysWorld story, I was greeted fondly by tour manager, Donnie, and NOT banned.
2. Following on from my blog entry of the previous day, in which I had written that with the tour ending, Morrissey the nightingale would die, Morrissey entered the stage and cried, "I live on, I live on, I live on" before bursting into You'll Be Gone.

I shall now slip away into the real world, where I have a very busy time ahead. I have to oversee the merger and rebranding of one of my businesses, I am moving house after twelve very happy years in our current home, and of course I need to spend time saving all of those songs into my Spotify library. There is also the small matter of the new cricket season plus Pompey are pushing for the playoffs. I shall also be watching The Honourable Woman, as recommended by a certain some one. Adios. 


  1. Thanks for the handy summary of the many wonderful highlights of the tour - here's hoping the next tour isn't very far away. Good luck to you, Ratty, in your endeavors, and best wishes to M for whatever his endeavors may include (hopefully some R&R). And now I must try not to get too depressed at the prospect of returning to the dreary humdrum world...

  2. amazing tour, the voice & songs were truly life-affirming, & also cemented my believe in @DawnTheSecond & True Morrissey. lots of luck with your move & business, but still hope to see you blogging again soon! (we all go our own way separately...)

  3. Grassy ass for the excellent blogging. Really appreciate you gathering all the Moz snippets together for us. Almost didn't notice the seamless move from one typeface to another - technology still conspires against us!! M always has something up his sleeve, so I expect to see the blog resurface soon.
    ps don't get too competitive with the family over Spotify
    pps freeloader

  4. yep I too have taken a break off twit until the announcement of the summer tour (of course there will be one) so catch up with you all soon

  5. So this is what a post-tour feels like, it’s quite depressing . Hoping it won’t be long until M re-emerges and the blog continues on. Thank you all for welcoming me and helping me find the way. Appreciate your help surviving my first tour via blog/Tw. This past year has been life changing for me and has led me to challenge myself with classes and volunteer opportunities. We also do Spotify family for the same reason.. I have Capitol One and if I pay every month using the card they take 50%0ff so I pay $7.50 for all of us. As always thank you for all you do and I am so happy I found you all. Wishing you the best on your move and business endeavors!

    1. chin up, this is the norm post tour.. something tells me that we wont have to wait too long for an announcement

  6. Hi Ratty dear, I think dear old Manc is perfectly right, surely Morrissey around summer will tour again. Excellent blog, I need to read it one more time, your list of relevant facts is interesting. Please don't disappear from twitter as you use yo do. Ciao!������


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