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Friday, 20 April 2018

Friday April 20 2018 (The real and proper Day 2410) - For Britain

Yesterday, the leader of the political party For Britain, Anne-Marie Waters, posted an open letter to Morrissey on her website, thanking him for his, "recent kind words."

Morrissey has responded to this by today posting a message on his Morrissey Central website titled, I've Been Dreaming Of A Time When/ the English/ are sick to death of Labour and Tories. Here are his words:

I despise racism. 
I despise fascism. 
I would do anything for my Muslim friends, and I know they would do anything for me. 

In view of this, there is only one British political party that can safeguard our security. That party is For Britain
Please give them a chance. Listen to them. Do not be influenced by the tyrannies of the MSM who will tell you that For Britain are racist or fascist - please believe me, they are the very opposite!!! Please do not close your mind. 
Labour is hopelessly naive. 
Theresa May’s policies have turned Britain into a international target.

The BBC has closed down.

The Loony Left is concerned only with victim culture.

For Britain will keep British society together. Violence is not the way forward. 

There are many problems in modern Britain that have become too large for Theresa May to deal with - mostly because she created them in the first place. The press appear to deal only in fashionable outrage; inflammatory and unjust comments against any new party that threatens the same old bloody pointless two-party system. 
Please give For Britain a chance. They will bring an end to the modern Westminster mania for self-destruction. For Britain is the bulldog breed that will never surrender. Both Labour and Conservatives have already sold you down the river into righteous oblivion. This is my last political strike.  No wish to upset anyone!  But the time has come to fight, and Labour and the Conservatives have their backs to the sea. 
Are you capable of change? 
Thank you, and peace for all of us 
20 April 2018
This is a message that the two main political parties have stopped representing the people, and that the time has come to turn our backs on them - which some of us did years ago. Morrissey has never before given his backing to a political party, so he must really believe that this one offers something different - the very fact that the leader cares about animal welfare will no doubt be difference enough for Mozzer.

The part of the message that grabbed me the most is the mention of Muslim friends. Although Morrissey may not like the ideology of Islam, it doesn't mean he can't have Muslim friends, and he obviously does, but the snowflakes will struggle to get their heads around this, even though it is basic common sense. As I have stated many times, I don't like religion, and really struggle to understand why anyone with an ounce of intelligence believes there is a God, or believes the words of the bible, but this certainly doesn't stop me from having religious friends, in fact, many of my friends have a christian faith. My mother has a Christian faith. I don't agree with their religious views, but it doesn't stop me liking them. I can't claim to have any Muslim friends; mainly because I live in an area where there aren't very many, but I certainly wouldn't let someone's faith be a barrier to a friendship, in the same way that I wouldn't let a football team be a barrier - some of my best friends support Southampton, which again makes me question their intelligence, but nothing more.

Anne-Marie Waters is obviously over the moon to have received Morrissey's full endorsement, and this afternoon tweeted, "What an incredible endorsement, I'm grateful and humbled. Thank you @officialmoz. Let me know if you're ever up for a chat. Thanks again."

Perhaps we should invite Ms Waters into The Wrong Arms. Or maybe not.

Image result for morrissey muslims

I have nothing else to add today, other than to mention that yesterday I received my first email from Morrissey in ages. It was actually signed by 'R'. It was only about two lines long, but it suggested that FTM may be getting a little something very soon. I shall keep 'em peeled.


  1. i did log in and comment but for some reason it hasn't posted.. anyway to cut it short, expect the press to say look told you For Britain are racist Moz is a supporter etc etc.. you know how it goes

  2. Mesmerized and the black background are nods but did you know on MW they once joked about creating a site called Morrissey Central?

    Can anyone find it? Its the mother of all coincidences!!!

    1. Hmm. I spent half a lifetime looking for that turquoise reference that turned out to be a wind up.

    2. good luck with the Morrissey central one, I certainly don't recall it and heather and detective GWO have not mentioned it so....... i'm with the colonel on this one, it doesn't sound right

  3. Agree this is huge, a political party endorsement! Well really what can the man do ? He’s a humanitarian, who wants everyone to have better lives.
    Sorry I can’t help with MW stuff, way before my time..Morrissey Central does have a nice ring to it .

  4. Which turquoise reference?
    Morrissey Cebtral was mentioned!

    1. The turquoise in Jacky - see Day 2379. You made that up! If Morrissey Central really was mentioned, link it.

  5. I don't recall any mention of Morrissey Central and I didn't see it during a quick look through my MW drawers - doesn't mean it didn't happen, though. Perhaps you could point us in the right direction, Jon? RIP TTY, which finally appears to be truly dead and buried now. A gift to FTM would be most appreciated.

  6. just been on so-low.. (don't know why) but anyway, that idiot cretin Urban has posted a picture of skinheads claiming it to be us off here yet in the chatroom night after night he used to spew out such filth about muslims etc. he is a first class coward because on so-low if he were to tell them how he really feels they would ban him, yet there he is pointing the finger at us, what a sad man he must be

    1. by the way I did reply on so-low but not sure if my posting went through ok

  7. I didnt make it up!!!! Nor did I make up the oesophagus part. Ah you found that? So what you mean is you didnt manage to find the turquoise part?!?!

    I never lie.

    Morrissey Central was mentioned.

    Remember Our Mozzer in the chat room commenting on David Icke's turquoise shellsuit moment?


    1. phew!!!!!! thought you were calling him something else then.. anyway I did say the new central website seemed to have a certain format about it.. as for CON fair play if he doesn't tell fibs who are we to say otherwise

  8. Hi Ratty, sorry if I didn't write my comment before, but all the tweets against Morrissey truly disturbed me and you, as always, did your best to clarify his thoughts. As always people refuse to be genuine and to say what they truly think about everything. The fear to look racist prevails on the honesty and on the need to call out things just exactly for what things are. People were born and raised in family with different religions, as the age of reason arrived they are free to choose what they want, sometimes this kind of freedom doesn't arrive, but other people have the responsibility to call out this lack of freedom just exactly as Morrissey did, where is the racism? Can we defend something as halal meat? Can we say kosher is better than halal? Of course not, we just say give up with this stupid things, middle age is over! Well, give up with rant by now, I can't wait for the dates of new concerts, maybe new songs and updates on Morrissey Central. I can't remember if it was mentioned on MW, but if it was well, good coincidence! At first sight the word Central makes me think to a reference to the Central Station, something about the lyrics of the poem "By the Central Station..." and the site could be as a station where everything about Morrissey starts and arrives... just a thought! Have a nice day!👍🏻😘👏🏼

    1. as a child I caught an old stream train from central station (showing my age now) must have been about six or seven

  9. I remember it well, there were newer trains but my dad wanted to take me on a steam train, forgot all about that until now

  10. by the way Moz could well be having fun with the press about the tour as not long ago he also mentioned China


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