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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Tuesday April 10 2018 (The real and proper Day 2400) - Interlude

There has still been no sign of Morrissey in The Wrong Arms, and it would appear that we are very much in an interlude. There would also appear to be an interlude in Morrissey's professional career if the new article that has appeared on Morrissey Central is to be believed. The article; which was published yesterday, and is titled The Secret of Music, consists of the following:

1. Thanks to fans for the recent tour
2. A swipe at the art-hounds at The Independent and Guardian
3. Thanks to Radio 2
4. Top 12 Tour List
5. Thanks to venues for going 100% vegan
6. Release of Back On The Chain Gang
7. The Strange Death of Europe
8. Johnny Rogan
9. More thanks to fans

I'm not too sure why the article has been given the heading The Secret of Music, but it is clear that Morrissey is in a very good place at the moment. It starts off with Morrissey announcing,  "With great relief, some pride and joy, I express my sincere thanks to you for our recent UK/Mexico tour - which, impossibly, perhaps, seemed like our best yet." In what is possibly a nod to MorrisseysWorld, he goes on to use the word 'mesmerized', before once again using the word 'joy' and even throwing in 'happiness'..... did I mention that Morrissey is very obviously in a good place?

The thanks to Radio 2 is because they have added Jacky to their Playlist - better late than never. My Love, I'd Do Anything For You is currently spending it's second week at Number 1 in the UK Vinyl Singles Chart, so perhaps that will make it onto Radio 2's Playlist circa October 2019.

Morrissey's list of best concerts of the tour has the Palladium at Number 1, but I honestly think he randomly throws these tour lists together, with there being no real thought as to the best or worst. He no doubt laughs to himself as he reads the comments of fans who seem genuinely disgruntled that the concert they attended only made it to number 9. For the record, the Brighton concert came second to last.

According to yesterday's 'message', Back On The Chain Gang is scheduled for an August release, but only if, "the wind remains at our backs and in our sails" - ever the pessimist!

Morrissey adds, "If you find yourself at a loose end until then, please read Douglas Murray's The Strange Death Of Europe." It must be a bloody long book if it is going to take from now until August for people to read it. I for one am certainly not at a loose end, so won't be reading the book. Even if my ends were loose, as I haven't actually read a book since working my way through Enid Blyton's  The Enchanted Wood at the age of seven, I wouldn't be reading it anyway.
Image result for enchanted wood

A quick search of Google tells me that The Strange Death Of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam, is basically Murray telling us how Europe has lost it's identity due to mass immigration and declining birth rates. Murray apparently rues this, and also throws in that the loss of Christian traditions is also bad news. Who needs to read a whole book when you have Google? If Google had been around in 1973, Enid Blyton would have had one less sale.... although as she died in 1968, she wouldn't have received the money anyway - Mike Joyce probably claimed it!

Although I would agree with Murray that multiculturalism doesn't work, I certainly don't think that a return to the fairytale land of Christianity is the answer, and it is annoying that so many people use Christianity as the alternative to the barbaric and woman hating religion of Islam. ALL RELIGIONS ARE MAN-MADE, and societies don't need ANY religion to be civilised - the world would be a much better place with NO religion. Without religion, multiculturalism would work.

As religion is very big business, and is here to stay, there isn't much point getting too worked up about it. I could let it bother me greatly that ALL of our world leaders; the so called intelligentsia, believe in a made-up God of some sort, but as there is nothing I can do about it, why let it concern me? And as to the subject of Europe losing it's identity, or indeed the UK losing it's identity, I won't let this concern me too much either. I actually believe it is only the major cities that are losing their identity, in much the same way that the major cities of the USA lost theirs all those years ago, and there is nothing that can be done to reverse this now. Places like Manchester and London have turned into unrecognisable places of 'non-culture', but how can that now change? Thankfully the provinces have managed to retain their identities, whilst at the same time embracing those who bring a different culture - immigration has never been a bad thing, only MASS immigration.

Image result for rural england pub crowd outside

Going back to the Chain Gang single, I still find it quite strange that Morrissey went straight into the studio the minute the tour had finished to record without Boz, Gustavo or Mando. Why was there such a hurry, and why has there been no explanation as to why the three weren't part of the recording? My theory is that the three of them have said that they no longer want to continue with such a hectic schedule, but Morrissey doesn't want them to leave, and so therefore rushed into the studio with ready-made replacements in an attempt to try and make the three of them see what they were missing, in the hope that they reconsider. Time, as ever...

Johnny Rogan got a mention in the Moz Central Message because apparently he is putting another book about Morrissey together. It goes without saying that I didn't read the first one, so I won't be reading this new one, and won't even bother to google it.

*Goes off singing* No, nobody knows when love will end, so till then, sweet friend, time is like a dream, and now for a time you are mine, let's hold fast to the dream, that tastes and sparkles like wine


  1. indeed ms hamil, Dickie the scouse, need to take note Moz does not like people living off the back of him, but that wont bother people like that as long as people fawn over them.. as for August, pull your bloody finger out lads I need a tour before then

  2. I too have been trying to figure out the connection with the 'secret of music' title, and I had to smile at the appearance of 'mesmerized'. Glad to see that M is in a good place right now - long may it last.

  3. The concept of time has evaded me. I didn't realize its been so long since I stopped by to leave a comment.
    I appreciate all your updates Rats. I have at long last moved into my new flat, however nearly 4 weeks in & I still have no landline, broadband etc & I have no 3G or mobile signal.(Its 2018 ffs! Ive moved to a small town, not the middle of nowhere!) Anyway I am feeling rather disconnected & things feel a tad more surreal than usual. If the wind is blowing in the right direction I am now able log on to an internet "hotspot", which is tepid at best & very unreliable. My war with BT continues, but of course they are winning.

    Enough about my dull life. I do hope everyone is well. I have enjoyed visiting the new Moz website. I do miss TTY, so hope Morrissey Central will flourish. Moz sounds chipper. It makes me happy to think he enjoyed the recent tour so much.
    Cheers all
    EARS x

  4. Hi Ratty dear, I can't forget your "mesmerizing' blog, how I could? I have the feeling that the 'Back on the Chain' cover could be recorded with special guests as the others was resting with their family, just my thoughts of course. Manc suggested about a forthcoming tour before August, well It's all I need too. Pretty sure you're right about religion, it's just a business with a few profiteers and a lot of losers. The book about the Death of Europe? Morrissey is very provocative, as always, can you imagine Uncle Skinny ranting against Morrissey? Better don't think about it. A special kiss to the girls and to Ears, and to all of you!��❤️

    1. aah, our favourite Italian scrumpet I also said something was going down on the west coast of the USA and it was only the recording, so please just take my rantings as just that, simple rants.. I am hoping for a tour obviously, lots of love to you and those fabulous beaches that you are always on.. Manc. Whythenshawe by the Sea

  5. oh Moz you've let the cat out of the bag for the summer tour now

  6. The curtains are twitching. I am watching. No time for farewells, no space for welcomes.

    1. fantastic statement off Macron.. now if Moz had said that uncle skinny would top himself


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