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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Tuesday April 3 - New beginnings

When I wrote my previous blog entry just over a week ago, I didn't expect to be returning again so soon, but there have been happenings in the world of Morrissey.... BIG happenings.

First of all, a new 'official' Morrissey website has been launched - - and it looks to be the replacement for True-To-You, which Morrissey hasn't used now for over a year.


The first articles placed on Morrissey Central; which launched last Wednesday, are the covers of all the recent singles, plus the cover for All The Young People, which would tend to suggest it is scheduled for release sometime soon.

There is also an article on M Central dated March 23rd (posted on 28th) titled Why The Independent Hates Independence, which is basically all about how the Independent newspaper; who recently published a scathing article about Morrissey, are anything but independent, which is what I wrote on March 19. Morrissey points out that the Independent are more interested in demonising him than reporting on the Telford grooming gangs.

Morrissey's mere mention of the Telford grooming gangs has had the likes of Uncle Skinny accusing him, once again, on Morrissey-Solo of being racist, simply because the Telford grooming gangs are muslims. In the eyes of the likes of Uncle Skinny, to even mention the Telford grooming case must instantly mean you are racist, in the same way that if you voted Brexit or question immigration policy, you are automatically racist. This sort of mindset is neither logical or rational, but unfortunately the easily-influenced in society, such as Uncle Skinny, read articles like the one in the Independent, or articles in other left-wing publications like the Guardian, and they believe what they read and are influenced by them. Exactly the same happens with those who read the influential right-wing media publications such as the Daily Mail or the Sun. There are NO independent newspapers, and therefore people really should STOP reading these things, unless they have the ability to understand that the authors are trying to influence them.

It's funny how a vast majority of those who criticise Morrissey, and publish lies about him, are white middle-aged men. Is it a jealousy thing? Who knows. I don't see the likes of Uncle Skinny (real name Peter Finan) giving comment about Anoosh Chakelian's article in the New Statesman, where she states, "I've always said the ethnicity of street groomers is an issue. We can't pretend that's not what's happening." Is Anoosh racist? I don't think so. Those, such as Peter Finan, who choose to ignore the fact that so many of these grooming cases involve muslim men, are apologists. Those who choose to ignore the fact that many religious groups, including muslims, treat their women as second class citizens, are enablers.

Image result for muslim women treated badly

Anyway, back to Morrissey Central, and the biggest news of the week; in fact, the biggest news for twenty seven years.... Boz Boorer wasn't involved in a Morrissey recording session that took part last week!!! And neither were Gustavo Manzur or Mando Lopez!!!

There has been no announcement of anyone leaving the band, but an article published on Morrissey Central yesterday titled Back On The Chain Gang read as follows:

Morrissey has concluded recording at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles for Back On The Chain Gang. The song was written by Chrissie Hynde and was released by The Pretenders in 1982 when it reached number 17 in the UK, and number 5 in the USA. Joe Chiccarelli has produced Morrissey's Back On The Chain Gang, and the musicians are: Jesse Tobias (guitars), Solomon Walker (bass), Matthew Walker (drums), with Roger Manning on keyboards. Morrissey is hoping for a summer release for the single. Morrissey is presently number 1 with My Love, I'd Do Anything For You, and number 4 with Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage in the UK vinyl singles chart.


So, has the Moz/Boz partnership come to an end? Has the hugely talented Gustavo Manzur left the band for good? Does Solomon's return mean that Mando is no longer part of the set-up? I did write a couple of weeks ago that I thought a certain tweet of Boz's read like a retirement speech, and
Heather seems to think she remembers Our Mozzer mentioning something about Boz wanting to retire.
It is certainly a huge commitment for anyone who is married to spend a life on the road; and when you are a member of Morrissey's band, it literally is life, so it would be perfectly understandable if Boz, Gustavo and Mando have decided that it is time for them to anchor down and be with their collective families, but surely if this was the case, there would have been a proper farewell, or at least an announcement. And if they haven't left the band, then why would Morrissey record without them? There are more questions than answers. I guess we will find out in time.

Image result for mozziah solomon

In other news, I have discovered in the past few days that the numbering of the days of this FTM blog thingy are completely and utterly fucked up. It seems to have all gone wrong in July 2016 - the entry dated July 5th was Day 1756 and then 15 days later when I next blogged, for some reason I added 100 days and labelled it Day 1871. It isn't the first time that I've got the numbering wrong, and have had to amend quite a few others; which I really shouldn't do as sometimes (but not always) when I edit an entry, blogger then puts it as a new entry with a new date, instead of putting it back where it belongs. For this reason, I won't try and amend the numbering of the past two years, and from now on will just give each blog entry a date and title. If any editor one day tries to make sense of this blog and turn it into a book, they will certainly earn their money.

And finally, I have at last gotten around to watching The Honourable Woman, as recommended last December by Morrissey. It is an eight-part series based on the complexities of Israeli and Palestinian relations, and although Morrissey informed me that both this and The Promise (another Moz recommendation) were for "educational purposes", I still have no idea if I feel more sorry for the Israelis or the Palestinians - the whole place seems so fucked up. If nothing else, both of these series have given me a historical education, and they were both thoroughly enjoyable to watch.

*Goes off singing* The people sing when the warlords all burn, do not feel sad, it's simply their turn, they tried to wipe us clean off the map....


  1. Welcome back to Rick/Bruce! Maybe Boz, Gus and Mando simply wanted a break after the tour or had other obligations, but their absence has certainly opened the door to much speculation. Anyway, it's very exciting to have the new site up and running - communications from M are always greatly appreciated, especially after a tour when he tends to go into hiding. Can't wait to hear the studio version of Chain Gang.

  2. none of you remember my question to Morrissey about Boz being married and having to call it a day or words to that effect

    1. I do. Did you notice the 'indefatigable' mention on the new website? That always makes me think of you.

    2. I noticed it & also thought of manc lad.

    3. Here's the answer to manc lad's question, for anyone who might be interested in re-reading this interview from last April:

    4. yes I noticed it as well. as for Boz I wouldn't worry too much, indeed that was a good answer Heather and to be honest totally expected

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Shame that you should lose your day numbering. That was your USP!

    1. fear not colonel, time to worry is when you lose your marbles

    2. USP? I'm not selling anything! I know what you mean though.

      And Manc lad, I AM losing my marbles! That fact that I can't even manage to write consecutive day numbers is pretty much proof of that.

    3. And especially for GWO, today is Day 2394.

    4. And I'm SO tired of counting the days....

  5. Can't see that new website lasting long. It is a bit clunky. TTY will come to life again on M's birthday.

  6. Oh no,how frustrating with the numbering I do wish I had paid more attention, sorry about that. Where is M’’s band ? It’s like finding Waldo at this point. Yes agree with Gwo website appears in infantile state. Anyways looking forward to hearing Chain Gang. Thanks Ratty as always.

  7. I actually like the new website, the format l 00 ks familiar, it will evolve if allowed to


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