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Monday, 7 May 2018

Monday May 7 2018 (The real and proper Day 2427) - Liberate

There were a couple of very brief visits to The Wrong Arms by Our Mozzer (as @AlfsButton) over the weekend, but I missed both of them.

The first visit was on Saturday at around 5.30pm (UK time....I have no idea if Morrissey is in the UK!). Morrissey retweeted a photo posted by Joe Chiccarelli from La Fabrique recording studio; where he is working with Vagabond Specter, and then replied to a question which had been posted by @comradeharps.
Harps asked, "Have you ever felt the need to be liberated from the burden of being Morrissey?", to which Morrissey replied, "I always hear how difficult it is to be a Morrissey fan, However, one did not force oneself on these people. This is something I'd like to be liberated from." 

Why anyone should find it difficult to be a Morrissey fan is beyond me. In fact, it is a ridiculous statement for any fan to make, and yet it is true that many are making it these days, particularly on Twitter. In truth, I don't think these people find it difficult being a fan at all, they are just politically correct fools who only ever say what they believe other politically correct fools want to hear. Fuck 'em all.


Morrissey's only other visit to The Arms was yesterday evening. He tweeted, "Intervention for staged anorexia. Collapse. Rehab. Relapse."

Caitlin (@a_monster) responded to this by stating that to get mental health treatment you have to have something more than just anorexia, and asked, "Were things ever worse or are we going backwards?" OM replied, "No fast forward, just rewind."

I have no idea why Morrissey is tweeting about anorexia, but would presume that somebody close to him must be suffering. It is a dreadful illness, and those close to someone with it must feel so helpless.

I have nothing more to add today other than to mention that Alfsbutton has a new profile picture, and his follower numbers are now up to 42. These 42 include people like @stracy1675 and @YunaGunarso, who have both been involved in the MorrisseysWorld journey previously. Are there people who are just happy to watch from the sidelines, or are they still not sure (after seven years) if this really is Morrissey?



  1. not much can be said really but you are 100% correct about the PC brigade, you sit back and just laugh at the dribble that comes out of their big gobs

  2. Since this came up several times: There ARE people who are happy to watch from the sidelines, at least one (me of course). This is the first comment I ever posted on the internet (and I grew up with the internet actually) - even when anonymous I am too shy to contribute anything - or is this contribution at all?
    P.S.: I’m very happy that people like you and of course Morrissey are alive, even if I see you as rivals for me being superior to all human kind when in a heightened state

  3. Hi Ratty, I can't remember by now if I'm following Alfbuttom, if not, pretty sure I will follow him������


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