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Saturday, 26 May 2018

Saturday May 26 2018 (The real and proper Day 2446) - Frightening

Once again I don't really have time to write a blog entry today, but something happened in Britain yesterday that I feel I have to write about, because it is frightening.

Yesterday morning, the broadcaster and political activist, Tommy Robinson (aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon), turned up outside Leeds Crown Court to do a report on the sentencing (not the trial) of a gang of Islamic rapists. On the order of Judge Geoffrey Marson, Robinson was arrested - on the trumped-up charge of Breach of the Peace - and thrown in prison. For this to happen in Britain should be a concern to EVERYONE. Forget your political preferences and put aside what you might think of Tommy Robinson, the actions of the state in this instance is FRIGHTENING. It's the sort of thing we expect to see happen in Russia or North Korea but NOT in the UK.

Those on the left of the political spectrum; such as the self-obsessed Guardian journalist, Owen Jones, and the despicable George Galloway, are celebrating the imprisonment of Robinson, which just goes to prove that they have NO interest in freedom of speech and NO interest in civil liberties, unless it is on their terms. They are charlatans and frauds.

Also frightening is that there has been a news blackout on Robinson's arrest, and the only way people are getting to hear about this major injustice is on social media. Such is the outrage, that people are going to gather in Whitehall today at 3pm to protest against the arrest and imprisonment of Tommy Robinson. Will this demonstration be reported in the media? I very much doubt it. It is ALL horrifying.

Meanwhile, in the world of Morrissey, tickets went on sale yesterday for Morrissey's two concerts at Manchester's Castlefield Bowl. I have no idea how ticket sales are going, but one person on Twitter called Tony Donaldson (@teedee74) tweeted yesterday to state that because Morrissey has recently aligned himself with For Britain and their leader, Anne-Marie Waters, he believes ticket sales will be slow and stated that he won't be going. He added, "I'm not the only one...seen him in Glasgow, London, Manc, Munich, Krakow, Prague, Dublin...Will always listen to him but now pay £ mention Anne Marie Waters?"

I replied to Donaldson with, "So, you believe Morrissey shouldn't speak out about the barbarism of Islam because it might smear his lovely career? You obviously weren't listening to those lyrics of Crashing Bores. Bravo to Moz for putting his career on the line to speak out - he's ALWAYS spoken out."

And it is true what I tweeted, Morrissey really has put his career on the line by speaking out against Islamic terrorism. Many of Morrissey's fans are people on the left of the political spectrum, and these people want to believe that love is enough to make everything right, so for Morrissey to take a stance on these terrorists, they have backed away .....ironically using words full of hate, not love.

One thing that Donaldson is right about, is that in the good old days Morrissey would have sold out The Castlefield Bowl in a flash,  but here are the five main reasons why this hasn't happened:

1. The anti-Morrissey media - the words of the media have greatly influenced people, and many now truly believe that Morrissey is racist.

2. Social Justice Warriors - people such as Tony Donaldson and Peter 'Uncle Skinny' Finan have influenced people, and made them believe that it is 'cool' to no longer like Morrissey. Every one of these people who have labelled Morrissey a racist have damaged his career.

3. Fear of Islamic attack - the bombing of a pop concert in Manchester last year WILL have put people off attending events like Castlefield. People are scared.

4. Short notice - for many people; me included, the relatively short notice is a factor in not being able to attend.

5. Recent attendance - Many Morrissey fans attended concerts in March in the UK, and will therefore have made the decision not to go again so soon.

The ticket price of £75 may be a decision maker for some, but it certainly didn't stop the concerts in March selling out, and tickets for the London Palladium were £100.

That's all I have time for today. It is both worrying and sad that Britain is in such a state. It is disappointing that so many Morrissey fans can't see the truth.

Free Tommy Robinson.


  1. where to start, first of all Moz on Saturday has sold out I believe with tickets now only available on the resale sites.. as for poor Tommy Robinson he was arrested for breach of the peace and then the charge was changed later on, that should be wrongful arrest on its own but of course we all know what is behind this, he had the balls to report on muslim men who were guilty of abusing white girls, had he been reporting on white men doing the same he would not have been arrested, sadly it is there for all to see and god knows what will happen to this country in about 50 years from now.. I fear for our kids futures

  2. don't expect many comments on this subject colonel, even those that know it is wrong will keep quiet, others will just call us racists

  3. only just seen this in the mail... one of them is accused of 21 rapes along with other crimes against under age children and he is out on bail... what a fucking disgrace our corrupt judicial system is, I will say it.. NO white man would get bail with those charges against him, by the way NOTHING on the BBC homepage

  4. These are frightening times we live in. And as long as the majority blindly accept such developments without protest, the powers-that-be will continue to get away with such atrocities more and more, which is why we desperately need brave voices such as Morrissey's to speak out and wake people up. (A minor point of correction: apparently the judge's name is Geoffrey Marson, not Denise.)

  5. This is a difficult post. I agree with all of you and mostly concerned for those children. My God one man 21 rapes out on bail . Sickening to know those children will never sleep again and the trauma they have endured with last their lifetime. Who’s protecting whom?

  6. If we could just start the discussion neutral, but we can’t, we’ve passed that station, and now anyone with an opinion is driven into left or right bs. I agree that politically our nations in Western Europe have failed to recognise problems behind mass immigration. I don’t want to blame it on left, right or middle. It has for some reason never been a popular subject to discuss in any camp, only a few politicians have spoken. And some of them made sense, while others were very good in spreading hate. Both were silenced. And now that problems are becoming bigger I wonder why there never have been constructive honest talks? People are taking more and more notice and ventilate their thoughts, now it just needs to lead to intelligent decisions which recognise where the pain comes from without labelling it extreme right, racist etc. because as someone here already said, that stops all discussions. I hope I’m making sense....
    Tickets! I got mine for the Rättvik concert in neighbouring Sweden! The Dalhalla open air theatre is beautiful and tickets in the front rows went fast! I accidentally clicked back when booking and ended up on 4th row. Not expecting they are really meant for sitting, so getting closer shouldn’t be a problem. Help me wish for sunshine on that night!

  7. Good for sold out Morrissey's concerts, the mob lynch against Morrissey indipendente way of thinking and braveness is simply pathetic! About the news of the reporter I'm totally scared, he was just doing his work and everything written on the press could be clarified, corrected or simply attacked with different opinions what's the point to arrest a journalist? Expecially this days with a lot of people spreading fake news and hates on socials? Sad time for everyone. Now I'm busy to searching for news about an interview by Morrissey on Rolling Stone Italy, ciao!


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