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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Thursday May 24 2018 (The real and proper Day 2444) - Stupid and dumb

This is just a quickie because I am rushed off my feet with things in the real world.

A couple of days ago an interview was published in which Sparks singer, Russell Mael is quoted as saying about Morrissey:

"I'm totally in agreement with anybody being disillusioned because I am as well. It seems so inconsistent, all these perspectives that he has on various issues, just stupid, dumb kind of things. I obviously don't agree with any of these things. They're just so ill-conceived and wrong."

Obviously the quotes may not be true, but if they are, it is very disappointing that Mael; just like so many others, has been sucked-in by mainstream media headlines. Mael doesn't actually state what exactly it is that he finds "inconsistent" or what words of Morrissey's are "stupid and dumb" or what it is that he doesn't agree with. He also doesn't state what it is that is "ill-conceived and wrong".

It is sad enough that the average pleb in the street is sucked-in by the media bullshit, but when someone who you think wouldn't fall for it does, one can't help but feel truly, truly disappointed.... or maybe I have got it wrong, and Mael hasn't been sucked-in, but simply doesn't agree with Morrissey's view on Islamic terrorists. Perhaps Mael sympathises with them. Who knows, but if anyone is looking stupid and dumb here, it is Russell Mael.
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In other news, someone called Moby has also apparently taken a shot at Morrissey, but as I don't know anything about Moby and have no interest whatsoever in his ill-informed viewpoint, I haven't bothered to read what he has said.

In other, other news, there has been no sign of Our Mozzer in The Wrong Arms in the past few days, although he did 'like' a tweet I posted yesterday, so he is keeping his eye on things. For anyone who may be remotely interested, the tweet he liked was:

"I Know It's Over would have been a perfect song for Nico to cover - I can even hear her singing it....and changing 'mother' to 'mütter'." - M obviously hears it too.
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  1. oh no, I just don't believe it, how could Russell do it, once again in an interview the fuckin journalist has asked a question about Moz and his views, the reply should have been "ask Moz about his views not me" but instead these idiots reply by jumping on the bandwagon, this will feel like a real kick in the teeth for poor Moz as it comes off someone he considered a friend, poor Moz I feel so badly for him.. chin up Moz fuck the lot of them


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