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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Tuesday May 22 2018 (The real and proper Day 2442) - Happy Birthday, Mozzer

Today is Morrissey's 59th birthday. A year ago today both Morrissey's birthplace and vocation were attacked by an Islamic terrorist. The death of 22 innocent people; mainly children, at a pop concert in Manchester quite obviously, and quite understandably, had a huge effect on Morrissey, and led to him making a strong statement expressing his anger.

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Although there was nothing controversial in Morrissey's anger-filled statement, the fall-out from it was quite incredible, with so called Morrissey fans turning against him on social media as they chose to believe the misguided words of the Morrissey hating journalists and jealous fools like Billy Bragg and Martin Rossiter.

As the anti-Moz momentum gathered, the fools all turned into Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), getting a thrill out of looking cool in their small group, without ever stopping to think about the truth, and without ever stopping to think about the real issue - terrorism on the streets of Britain.

A lesser person might have been crushed by such nasty, vicious and completely inaccurate attacks, but not Morrissey. Rather than let these cunts kill him off, Morrissey has stood firm. Bragg and the rest of the loony left offer NOTHING other than 'prayers and thoughts' to the victims of attacks by the Islamic State, whereas Morrissey has been brave enough to actually risk his career by standing up to the terrorists. Morrissey has recently planted himself firmly next to Anne-Marie Waters and her For Britain party - the only political party who are prepared to speak out against Islam. By doing so, Morrissey is standing up for Manchester, he is standing up for those in the entertainment business and he is standing up for a Britain that is under attack.

Bragg & Co have, of course, labelled Britain First a bunch of racists, but this hasn't deterred Morrissey, because unlike Bragg, Morrissey isn't prepared to stand by and do NOTHING whilst Britain is attacked by these evil people. The attack in Manchester last May could very easily have happened at a Morrissey concert, and Morrissey realises that if nothing is done to stop these terrorists, it could still happen at a Morrissey concert. It could also happen at a Billy Bragg concert, but Billy is more interested in looking 'right on' than actually doing anything to prevent it.

The announcement of the upcoming Morrissey concert in Manchester on July 7th made mention of 'invited guests'. This may be a reference to a support act, but I wonder if we might see Anne Marie Waters giving a speech. It would be yet another brave move by Morrissey, but he has ALWAYS stood by his convictions, and that is why he is admired by so many.

I am prouder than ever to be a Morrissey fan, and whether he likes it or not, I wish him a very happy birthday. My gift is a Youtube clip of I Need Your Love Tonight by Elvis, which was Number 1 (as a double A side) on the day Morrissey was born:


  1. I once had the misfortune to see Bragg in concert, all the luvvies were saying that the concert was great when in fact all he did was spout left wing dribble, people in work call me racist because I once told them that I hate everyone who hates me because I am white and English, of course by the time it got round it had all been twisted, I don't care what people think or say we have a pathetic judicial system that allows people who come to this country that hate us, don't want to speak English or don't want to mix with us, now of course someone like uncle skinny would label me racist for that statement.. so be it, happy birthday Morrissey you're almost as old as me

  2. I too am more proud than ever to be a Morrissey fan, and recent developments have only made me more thankful than ever for his presence. He's a constant source of inspiration for standing up for his beliefs no matter what the consequences may be. Despite the recent backlash from some so-called fans, I hope that he is able to feel the love from the loyal fans that remain, even more devoted than before. Wishing him a most enjoyable birthday, filled with whatever delights his soul. Viva Moz ~

  3. To TRB: You once asked me if I was still skeptical. With the recent revelations or coincidence, I must say that my skepticism has turned into slight certainty that @Alfsbutton is Morrissey. Of course, I can never say with complete certainty that it is him. I've spent years undoing the whole practice of blind faith. I don't want to go down that road again. It is a privilege to have knowledge of this blog. Your dedication to Morrissey is admirable.

    To Morrissey: I've only known about you for a short while. I want you to know that I appreciate how transparent you have been with your life and feelings. I find your thoughts and opinions to be an expression of your love and concern for people and animals. How anyone can think badly about you baffles me. So, on the anniversary of your first breath of life, I wish you peace and good health. Happy birthday you handsome devil!

  4. 1. The 'loony left', as a rule, don't believe in God(s) or adhere to any religious belief system - organised religion typifies all the left oppose. Hence, those on the left of the political spectrum are highly unlikely to be offering their 'prayers' after a tragedy such as the Manchester attack.

    2. Morrissey hasn't 'stood up' to anything or anyone. He does not vote in UK elections, so his political viewpoint is of no import. He is not racist, but he HAS chosen to back a party which believes that feminism is the new misogyny while simultaneously decrying the sickening misogyny inherent in Islam (the same is true of ALL organised religion, including Morrissey's own Catholic church). It is clear his support stems from the misguided notion that this party promotes animal welfare; it does not. It simply condemns halal slaughter. ALL slaughter is barbaric and murderous; the Green Party are the only party which condemns ALL animal slaughter. Perhaps Morrissey's decades of living abroad as an immigrant overseas have left him out of touch with the UK's political landscape and options.

    3. The party Morrissey has endorsed is For Britain, not Britain First. Britain First is a completely separate entity, a party whose leaders are currently serving prison sentences for hate crimes.

    Happy birthday, Morrissey. You will always be my inspiration, flawed because you are human. I will neither elevate you to god-like status, nor turn my back because your views do not always echo my own. You are you, I am me, you made me who I am. And I suspect that all of us made you who YOU are. For better or for worse.

    1. 1. Stating that those whose political persuasion is on the left don't believe in religion is quite a statement...and not true. Many on the left hold religious beliefs, but my point about the politically correct fools is that they do and say nothing when there are terrorist attacks other than criticise those who are prepared to say it how it is.

      2. By publicly giving For Britain his support, Morrissey very much HAS stood up. He has risked his career by doing so.

      3. Yes, it is For Britain.

      I don't like you very much, but I respect your words....even though they are all horse shit apart from your last paragraph.

      Good day.

    2. fantastic name Ann Coates I will be on the edge of that area on Saturday in the northern quarter hopefully watching Madrid beat Liverpool

  5. Socialism eschews all forms of religion. I assume that when you invoke the 'loony left' trope, it is socialism to which you refer; most people equate the more extreme left with socialism. You will be hard-pressed to find a socialist who holds religious beliefs, much less one who prays. You might like to research the effects of the French Revolution, and how all religious holidays, saint's days and so forth were abolished following it; even the calendar was changed to expunge all form of, or reference to, religion. It's a good example of, and grounding in, the relationship between religion and socialism.

    The 'politically correct fools' who did 'nothing' to whom you refer include many who raised money for victims, gave blood, worked in hospitals or as frontline emergency crew on the night of the attack. In the months that followed they showed that the spirit of Manchester could not be broken. Where was Morrissey then, as his home city mourned? Having an opinion is not the same as standing up to the perpetrators of an atrocity. He did not risk his career any more than he has done with his previous statements on similar topics.

    Like Morrissey, I have no interest in whether my opinions are popular, or make me unpopular. Although I do find it curious that you consider my words 'horse shit' when on some points we seem to be in agreement. I'm no fan of any patriarchal, misogynist religion, for example. I'm also no fan of cliché and lazy parroting; words like 'snowflake', 'loony left' and 'SJW' are just as unhelpful and obstructive as terms such as 'racist' and 'fascist' when so blithely used. All shut down debate and only serve to widen gulfs.

    Thank you for your respect, however. I wish you a pleasant evening.

  6. I am very proud to be a Morrissey fan and being part of this unique group of individuals who opened their arms to me even when I had a bit of difficulty assimilating(thank you Rat.)
    Morrissey , you are a constant reminder of what a good person should be . You care for the world, humans and animals. You state your opinions and convictions, always consistent and transparent in doing so, it’s quite admirable.
    Like my friend Leslie said we need you more then ever so please continue to stand up, loving from your heart and soul as you do. Wishing you a wonderful birthday and again thank you for making me smirk and laugh this past year I’m very grateful for that gift, it makes ordinary life a little less lonely. To me you are a work of art !

  7. Happy birthday Morrissey. To know someone like you exists in this world makes life bearable. We will always ALWAYS have your back.

  8. ok so I have just got home from work, I log on to the interweb only to find out that the press have now rolled out that C**t Moby to call Moz a racist now, how many fucking more halfwits are they going to drag up, can you imagine how it goes, Hi we would like to interview you, by the wat what are your views on Morrissey.. surely the answer should be why do you want me to comment about Morrissey, they are all being played and cant see it.. GGRRRR!!!!

  9. why has Sam not put on Morrissey Central the picture of Manchester town hall with the words THERE IS A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT emblazoned across the front of it in a lovely BLUE light, come on Sam, yours, indefatigable

  10. Today, over 350,000 children were born. Mothers cried for joy. Brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunties, cousins and friends were informed. Goodwill and joy reigned and rained! In hospitals and care homes, people passed away in peace and memories came flooding back to those who said their final goodbyes. The end was still beautiful and it was in the 100s of 1000s. The sun rose! And it was magnificent. Birds, dogs, cats, bugs, joyfully lived out their existence. One billion people said the words "I love you" today. There were two billion embraces. There were millions acts of compassion and often between strangers today. Gifts were bought, sexy texts were sent, millions of smiles were raised every hour. People of different faiths and skin tones made bonds of friendship. Some even made love and it was passionate. The amount of dances danced and songs sung could not be recorded today. The weddings, the proposals, the new businesses started. The reconciliations and the scientific breakthroughs. If you played every Smiths and Morrissey song played today on Spotify and the radio, back to back, it would take over 26 years to complete. The laughter today was a record for the month. Four billion laughs and rising. In offices, hospitals, homes and on trains and in taxis and in some very strange places. It was such a good day. And then there was this small window on the world - portrayed through the TV - and it wasn't very pretty at all. And some thought that was the reality of the world. And for them, it was the reality. Cold, dark, divisive, ugly, confrontational. The entire world was this way, seen through this small window of television and news. And it upset them that the world was this way. And they could not see anything but this reality - even though the Sun rose and it was magnificent.

    1. aaw, far too deep.. but nice words all the same

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