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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Tuesday May 29 2018 (The real and proper Day 2449) - Play Up Pompey

Our Mozzer has come out in support of the journalist/political activist/political prisoner, Tommy Robinson, who, as I wrote on Saturday, was arrested and jailed last Friday having done absolutely nothing illegal.

Mozzer (as @Alfsbutton) took to Twitter  yesterday afternoon and tweeted :

"Free Tommy Robinson"

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Morrissey's 'Free Tommy Robinson' tweet was replied to by a tweeter called Garrett (@MRLennon__40), who wrote, "whats sad is you cant even look up what happened without being piled with useless rhetoric from the left and right. mainly left of course but still i digress". Mozzer responded with, "The modern malady", to which Garrett came back with, "gotta dig it baby, this is the modern world".  This reply obviously amused Mozzer, and he tweeted back to Garrett, "You have raised my lip 45 degrees on the left side".

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It takes a lot for anyone to interest Our Mozzer on Twitter, let alone make him half-smile, so I immediately became suspicious of this Garrett character, and let my suspicions be known. M initially replied to my tweet of suspicion with, "I'm suspicious this is you", and also posted a video of Elvis singing Suspicious Minds in Vegas, but when I tweeted to say that I suspect Garrett to be one of his rock n roll chums, he replied, "Joyce?".
I shall keep an eye on Garrett, but I'm sure I will never discover his/her true identity. It's all fun and games.

Morrissey remained on Twitter for a while yesterday afternoon, and although he seemed in a fairly jovial mood, he wasn't up for engaging conversation. For instance, when I told him that I thought Johnny Marr's new song, Hi Hello was A) There Is A Light Part 2 B) A nod to Morrissey C) A good song D) A song that perhaps Morrissey might consider covering, I got no reply.

When Manc Lad (@mancladmozfan) tweeted to insist that Morrissey's Saturday night show at Castlefield Bowl would sell out, and that he knew a few people who hadn't yet gotten around to buying their tickets yet, Moz wittingly replied, "Waiting for giro day?"

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The rest of OM's tweets were centred around the Tommy Robinson story. I replied to Mozzer's initial tweet of 'Free Tommy Robinson' by tweeting, "It really is very frightening. If it had been Owen Jones thrown in jail, you can bet your bottom dollar there would have been no media blackout." A tweeter called Mark (@towergreen) replied to this with, "To be fair, Owen Jones doesn't preach hate", to which Morrissey replied, "Neither does he challenge hate." I replied to Mark too, tweeting, "Tommy Robinson fights for justice. He has been incorrectly 'labelled' by the media. Don't fall for it.". Morrissey obviously agreed with me, as he 'liked' my tweet. He also retweeted a cartoon drawn by Ben Garrison of Tommy Robinson being carted off to jail by a Muslim rapist and a Politically Correct Policeman.

Morrissey also tweeted a Youtube clip of him singing The National Front Disco at the Hollywood Bowl. If this song had been written last year and not in 1992, it could quite possibly have been about a character called Raymond going off to join IS.

Actually, if Morrissey were to add The National Front Disco into his next set, and change the words from 'David' to 'Raymond', 'England for the English' to 'England for the IS' and 'You've gone to the National Front disco' to 'You've gone to the Islamic State disco', would the likes of Martin Rossiter finally understand the meaning of the song? Probably not!

Raymond Matimba is thought to have left Britain in 2014 to travel to Syria.

There has been no word of support for Tommy Robinson from 'Official Morrissey' but that is hardly surprising. Morrissey's backing for Anne-Marie Waters and her For Britain Party has undoubtedly; and very unfairly, done a lot of damage to Morrissey's UK support, so for him to publicly support Tommy Robinson could do further damage..... although actually, maybe it wouldn't, maybe it might actually have a positive effect. Thinking about it logically, all the lily livered politically correct bods have already disowned Morrissey, so the ones who remain are the fair minded, balanced lot, and public support of Tommy wouldn't send these people running to the hills. In fact, as over 500,000 people have now signed a petition for the release of Robinson, publicly supporting him might actually do Morrissey a whole lot of good. Well, I wonder....

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Morrissey returned to Twitter at 12.17am this morning to tweet, "Lighthouse gin has been my most successful venture to date." I do love it when Moz hits the bottle!

Morrissey also returned to Twitter earlier today, after it had been announced that he will play Portsmouth Guildhall on July 10th. I was unable to control my excitement, and had tweeted, "PLAY UP POMPEY! @Alfsbutton I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU", to which he replied, "Whatever next? Isle of Wight Community Club?" I replied, "The way you're managing to shed your fan base, you'd struggle to sell it out", to which he came back with, "Yet they are still here...."

And indeed we ARE still here, THOUSANDS of us, and all very happy to still be here. Those who have turned their backs on Morrissey are fools. Those who have walked away (although ironically most haven't actually walked away, and are still hanging around on social media obsessively writing about Morrissey) are the ones whose lives will be worse off for not benefitting from the joys that a Morrissey concert brings..... and all because they let themselves get hoodwinked by a couple of journalists from The Guardian and Independent.

And whilst on the subject of The Guardian and the Independent, Morrissey has used positive quotes from those two particular newspapers to publicise the ticket sales for Portsmouth. Oh, what a wag old Mozzer is. Hilarious!

That will do for today. I really can't believe that Morrissey is going to come to Portsmouth. I sent him a Twitter DM earlier which read, "Call me a deluded old fool, but I know you are playing Portsmouth for me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You are very kind." He replied, "You are a deluded old fool."

Roll on July 10th.



  1. Exciting to see more concert dates appear, including one close to you, Rats. I say good riddance to the former 'fans' who've decided to leave. There are still plenty of us who remain, more devoted than ever. I'd love to see NFD appear in the set.

  2. ah Portsmouth, I just hope that they lock up the tour bus etc whilst the concert is going on.. by the way do they still hit people over the head with wooden clubs and cart them off for a life in the navy, if so it might do old Mozzer the world of good


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