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Friday, 15 June 2018

Friday June 15 2018 - Marred (The real and proper Day 2466)

All has been fairly quiet on the Moz front over the past few days, with Morrissey's only visit to The Wrong Arms being on Wednesday afternoon to make a comment on a list of songs I had tweeted as a request for the upcoming concerts. He tweeted, "None of the above". The list included Trouble Loves Me, Pigsty, Israel, In Your Lap, My Love I'd Do Anything and Jacky's Only Happy. Surely at least one of those will be played... won't they?

In other news, Morrissey has been spotted in Soho House, which is a members drinking club in the heart of London. If he has been spending nights out on the town, it may explain those late night tweets that I mentioned in my last blog entry.

In other, other news, the despicable and morbidly obese, LizzyCatMoz; who was heavily involved with our story in the early days before disappearing up her own backside, has once again been putting the boot into Morrissey on Twitter.....but I can't be bothered to write about her because she is irrelevant. I won't mention her in this blog again - ding dong, the witch is dead.

And finally, Johnny Marr was on Channel 4 News yesterday, where he stated that he disagrees with Morrissey, although he didn't actually say what it was that he disagreed with. I doubt he even knows what he disagrees with, but just disagreeing will no doubt help him shift a few copies of his new album to all those Smiths fans who have turned their backs on Morrissey. I am reluctant to criticise Johnny Marr, because the last time I did, I got severely slapped across the wrists, but there was no need for him to try and look 'cool' and 'right on' by saying that he disagreed with Morrissey, and in doing so, he has cheapened both himself and the Morrissey/Marr legacy. Morrissey has never done that, and I'm pretty sure he never would.

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  1. shame about mr marr, I reckon he is guilty of headline reading and listening to others speak, it really is sad if people cant work out what was said etc. etc., by the way it is true that the mayor of London cant pronounce certain words, does that make you a racist for being truthful, as for miss diane, well I laugh when I see her getting ripped apart on things like question time, if she does not know the answer she repeats the party statement that dear old jezzer said earlier on.. quite funny really


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