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Friday, 1 June 2018

Friday June 1st 2018 (The real and proper Day 2452) - "I will be here after we have all gone"

Our Mozzer (as @Alfsbutton) paid a visit to The Wrong Arms late last night and stayed from 10.15 to 12.40am...we had an extended licence.

Moz appeared to be in good spirits, and interacted with a number of the regulars, including, Garrett (@MRLennon__40); who I still think might be one of Mozzers showbiz buddies, and also Contradictory Ricky Dan (@nothappysad75) who I am now absolutely 100% convinced is Ricky Gervais....although I have been known to get one or two things wrong....but not this time!
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Moz started his session by posting a Youtube clip of LBC's Maajid Nawaz talking about how the word Islamophobia should be scrapped. To hear this from Maajid will no doubt completely confuse the Social Justice Warriors, but their leader, Owen Jones will no doubt tell them how to react to it.

I responded to Morrissey's posting of the clip by tweeting that I like Nawaz, and find him a level headed and balanced person. Moz replied, "He will probably be silenced soon enough. Religion does not allow for rational thought."

And on the subject of Owen Jones, he was next up on Mozzer's tweet list. Responding to a ridiculous anti-Tommy Robinson/anti-free speech piece written by Jones for The Guardian, Morrissey tweeted:

"Oh Owen. An Oxford education clearly doesn't make you intelligent. You are on the wring side of history and on the wrong side of Muslim grooming gangs. Sorry, does the word Muslim offend you?"

When Garrett replied, "citing the guardian....real player huh", Morrissey responded with, "I'm scything the guardian if anything."

Here are a few more of Mozzer's tweets:

"I assume everyone has noticed that Diane Abbot always looks to the skies when answering a question. Her answers are plucked from thin air and her thinning hair."

I replied, "Hairist", to which Our Mozzer came back with, "I am so used to hearing another word like that." I then tweeted, ""With every its and every ism". Those deserters who all sang along at the top of their voices were failing to actually listen to the words." Moz then replied with quite possibly one of his best quotes ever, which I have used as today's blog title:

"Not just words. Messages, secrets, history, truth. I sang their life and then their life changed. Or they pretend it has. I am still here. I will be here after we have all gone."

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"It is impossible to lift me up.....psychologically and emotionally you understand. Not in the weight sense. I'm not Peter Kay just yet."

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"I once said Richard Madley had married his mother. He now appears to be dressing like his son who has gone on an innocent night out in soho and returned home with a tattoo of a swallow."

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"@ToplessMoz is the most erotic account on Twotter. Which is remarkable considering Piers Morgan has an account."

In reply, Contrary Dan tweeted, "I've heard @rickygervais is behind that account. Nothing better to do", to which M came back with, "That account would not hide Gervais." Dan replied, "True. However, there is a photo of Morrissey in a bathtub. Just saying."


Image result for gervais in bath

In reply to me suggesting to Moz that Garrett (@MRLennon__40) is, "One of your lot", M replied:

"A masculine lonesome traveller?"

Just before leaving for the night, Mozzer tweeted, "So I must inform you I am entering Rear of the Year 2018. Please vote using the red button."

And finally, my ticket has been purchased for Portsmouth. All those who have denounced Morrissey in the past few months because they think they look cool doing so, will miss out. They lose.


  1. I’m here Rat and I enjoy your cliff notes. Thank you for all you do. I agree that all those who have denounced him will soon be grieving when he comes to their town. Like a funeral for ex-Mozers.

  2. Great blog again Rat. Best tweet by him yet.Brilliant.

  3. Alf was certainly on quite a roll last night - so many great tweets. I had no idea that Rear of the Year was a real thing - one can learn so much around here.

  4. who exactly is this Garrett person? has been seen around this stuff before? is he another person of notoriety in deguise?

  5. Great. I've asked him if he is going to write another novel...hope for a reply one day.

  6. ah the late night twit encounters, I am usually out or too tired these days, I must make more of an effort, you do know that some of those people who actually denounced Moz will still actually go to a concert, not all of them I e uncle skinny and a few who think that they are high profile and cant afford to be seen after saying they would never again etc. etc., but the ordinary person in the street who jumped on the bandwagon will press the bell for the next stop, if there is one thing that I have learnt over the years it is that people are fickle.. by the way colonel, this is not Monday

  7. nice to see this place getting a few more comments (so just added another)

  8. he has my vote (if his ankles are anything to go by)


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