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Friday, 29 June 2018

Friday June 29 2018 - Feeble offerings (The real and proper Day 2480)

Yesterday I reported that Morrissey had closed his Alf Button Twitter account, but within minutes of it closing, a new account called @FeebleFedelma opened, which a number of the regulars seem to think might be Our Mozzer in a new guise. There have been many people over the years pretending to be OM, I at present I am reluctant to fully embrace this new account as The Mozziah, although it is certainly funny and there are a number of Morrissey hallmarks, especially the profile photo which is; according to Google Images, a performer from a Parisian Transvestite Cabaret club called, Madame Arthur.


Fedelma's opening tweet was:

"Good afternoon. I trust I am within the company of the ill-informed?"

I asked, "And whom might we be in the company of?", to which FF responded, "I'm never company."

Other tweets followed:

"I am extremely delicate and frail."

"Cultural creator, cultural hater."

Feeble Fed returned to The Wrong Arms again in the evening, so I took him by the arm and led him into the Ladies for a little interrogation. I asked again who FF was, and got the reply, "Where would be the fun in answering that?" followed by, "I've been created for someone's amusement." I asked, "Are you the court jester?", and got the reply, "That's you!"

My chat in those Ladies loos left me feeling as though this probably isn't Morrissey, but perhaps someone close to him, or one of our own group pretending to be him. FF's next tweet was interesting, in that a not very well known name was mentioned. I had posted a general question on Twitter asking, "Does anyone know which personnel will be in the Morrissey band next week?" and FF wittingly replied:

"Joyce, Gary Day, Lindsey Buckingham and Mrs Mills."

It was the mention of Mrs Mills that was of particular interest, as I can't imagine that very many of the BRS (myself included) had ever heard of Mrs Mills; who I have now discovered was an English pianist from the 60s/70s. The only two people who would have known who Mrs Mills was, are Loughton Lil (aka JG) and MancLadMozFan (Manc Lad for short). I asked JG if he was behind this new account, but he assured me that it wasn't him. I didn't bother asking Manc Lad - witty impersonation would be well beyond his remit. Could this account could be M after all, and if so, whose "amusement" has it been created for?


In other news, just a few hours after I published my blog entry about Dave 'has been' Haslam yesterday, the Official Morrissey Facebook page posted a message about Haslam, calling him.....wait for it.....wait a little longer....."Has-been Haslam" - just another coincidence, of course. As if the global superstar, Morrissey would know that FTM even exists.

The Facebook message, which also criticised The Guardian for yet another article full of lies and deceipt, was signed by Peter Katsis, Morrissey's manager, but there can be no doubt that it was written by Morrissey himself.

Has-been Haslam has, predictably, today been lording it - thrilled that Morrissey has noticed him. As FF tweeted to me earlier this afternoon, "Nothing like self promotion off the back of old Mozza's name." 


The AlfsButton account was re-activated just after 3.30pm today, with Our Mozzer announcing:

"Due to heteful fake news and Dave Hassle attempted career resurrection the currently scheduled concerts are in jeopardy. Be warned."

I guess the cancellation of the Castlefields concerts would certainly piss on Haslam's bonfire, and it is perfectly understandable that Morrissey would not want to play with so many hate-filled people around. If the concerts do get cancelled because of Haslam, he will no doubt be the target of many very annoyed Morrissey fans.


  1. I'm not getting that the FB comment signed by PK was written by Morrissey. 'Let's get real' is not a sentence I can see coming from his lips. Dunno.

  2. the cancellation has nothing to do with Has been, don't give him any such credit and colonel I knew who mrs mills was like you thought but am a tad pissed that you think I am thick

    1. Of course it's to do with Haslam & his Disco of Hate - extra police would have been needed. I don't think you're thick, it's just that you don't do witty impersonation. Don't take it to heart, Mr touchy.

    2. that was alcohol induced normally I don't care what people think or say about me (or so I thought)as for the disco of hate I think the Revoultion holds about 4000 people, I cant imagine that 4000 would have turned up for it, sadly with all the publicity that Haslam has received I think that he wont stop doing this now plus not to mention he might make money out of suckers too, so I guess unless M is going to cancel every tour in Europe again meaning we will never see him again that is why I say the cancellation has nothing to do with Has Been.. Moz is not one to shy away from a head on fight especially when he is in the right

  3. It sounds as if Alf was a couple of hours ahead of the official announcement. How does he do it? I scratch my head and wonder.

  4. I was deeply saddened to learn of the cancellations and can't believe that things have actually come to this point. The world really has gone mad and has never seemed so full of crashing bores. My deepest sympathies to all the fans who were planning to attend the upcoming concerts. Viva Moz - we will always stay true to you.

  5. Dark & toxic times for many reasons.
    I don't want to waste my dwindling time & energy writing about fuckwits.
    I have been thinking about blue rose & the meaning involved. I am upset that I will not be in Edinburgh holding on, oh so tightly to my blue rose I had ordered to take with me.
    The spirit & sentiment of BRS always has been & always will be incredibly special to me.
    So many memories. Love & thanks to Moz & everyone else involved.

    1. yes and my dozen that were to be delivered will now go to the lady in the box office, oh well ears, we WILL get another go at it

  6. Hahaha! Haslam & His Disco of Hate.
    That was a sauer laugh, because I’m still in shock. Even if this was to be expected. As a matter of fact, hours before the statement I was saying to a friend this could be the end of the Manc dates or even U.K. tour, never thinking the rest of Europe would be cancelled too. I don’t believe for a minute ticket sales were bad as is rumoured. It’s a lame excuse to make the masses believe it has nothing to do with freedom of speech.

  7. Has anyone spoken out against Haslam? Does anyone have Morrissey's back? Is he out there by himself? If I was in Manchester next Sunday, I know where I would be. I would make the evening news.

    1. sadly we cant cover Mozs' back, you see the left luvvies get treatment afforded to them that the rest of us just cant count on, when things don't go their way they scream and shout, look at Brexit, you only hear about the remainers crying.. if you dare stand up to them you are a racist or a facist, sadly when someone points out the truth they all come together as one big collective so in essence poor Moz will have to ride this one out almost on his own. But don't worry our Moz is made of stern stuff, he will come back fighting and soon

    2. It's a shame that the likes of Noel Gallagher don't come out with public support for Moz, but I guess they have careers to protect, and don't want the left-wing press destroying them too. Johnny Marr could have gone a long way to nipping this nonsense in the bud by slamming down accusations of Morrissey being racist, but he chose not to.

    3. good points colonel such a sad state of affairs, in years gone by we would have been saying only in America.. sadly our country as we once knew it is lost

  8. Sad times, I never thought I would see a day where John Robb and Dave Haslam were attacking Morrissey. It seems world sanity is none of their business.


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