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Monday, 18 June 2018

Monday June 18 2018 - Fuck MozArmy (The real and proper Day 2469)

I awoke yesterday morning to find that Our Mozzer (as @Alfsbutton) had been posting tweets at 5.30am, which either means he had another very late night, or he had awoken early. Coincidentally, Contradictory Dan (@nothappysad75) had also been tweeting at that time of the morning too - had Morrissey been out on an all night bender with Ricky Gervais, and then the pair of them had arrived home and taken to Twitter?

Image result for gervais drinking

It is a rather far fetched theory about Moz and Ricky both tweeting at 5am, and as Ricky Gervais's official Twitter account sprang to life at 9am yesterday morning, I think it is highly unlikely that he was awake at 5am tweeting as Contradictory Dan, so perhaps it is time for me to drop my theory that Contradictory Dan is Ricky Gervais, but I remain convinced that this Dan fellow is someone 'connected' to Morrissey..... I think.

In truth, I don't know what I think, so let me stop thinking and get back to the one thing that I am quite sure about - Morrissey as @Alfsbutton.

At 5.25am yesterday, Alf tweeted, "Time. Slowly slips away."

His next tweet was a reply to a tweet posted by his most recent interviewer, Fiona Dodwell (@Angel_Devil982). Fiona had tweeted, "The cards that best represent my emotional life are the ones that read: [BLANK INSIDE]", to which Mozzer replied, "[BLACK INSIDE]"


Morrissey's final tweet of early Sunday morning was actually a retweet of a tweet I had posted on Friday which read, "Fuck MozArmy". The reason I had posted that tweet is because I have been in constant dispute with members of the so called MozArmy lately, pointing out to them that they are hypocrites to still be using this group name when they have all turned their collective backs on Morrissey.

One of the biggest hypocrites in their group is a Scottish guy called Andy B; who for some reason uses the Twitter name @tonymerchison. Andy B seems to be one of the leaders of this MozArmy, and yet although the profile on the @MozArmy Twitter account reads, "Kindness to Morrissey", this despicable Andy B/Tony weasel has a pinned tweet which states that Morrissey's words are, "abhorrent, inexcusable & indefensible" - that's the Moz Army's idea of kindness! First of all we had Judge John Weeks calling Morrissey, "Devious, truculent and unreliable", and now we have Weasel Andy B calling him, "Abhorrent, inexcusable and indefensible" - what a pair of cunts.

Weasel Andy B's pinned tweet also goes on to state, "I'm damned if his words are going to spoil the friendships I've made through @mozarmy; a warmer, kinder & more loving group of people I have never known", to which Morrissey has wittingly replied, "People said the same about the SS."


These ex-fans of Morrissey are the worst kinds of wretches imaginable. If these turncoats all want to remain friends with each other then fine, but DON'T do so in the name of Morrissey, and STOP obsessing over a man that you supposedly no longer care for. I ran a Twitter poll yesterday to see what other Morrissey fans thought about these people. The result was:

20% were in favour of the turncoats being banned from MozArmy
33% wanted the MozArmy renamed SmithsArmy
47% thought that MozArmy should be disbanded

Whatever happens to this group, the one thing that is absolutely clear, is that Morrissey does NOT approve of them. The MozArmy has now sunk to the levels of Morrissey-Solo. Of course the truth is, as we all know, that these weasels do still love Morrissey, will still buy and play his records, and some of them will even have the audacity to still go to his concerts....although whether or not they will be allowed in is another matter - Morrissey KNOWS who these people are. The likes of Andy B would do well to remember what happened to Hugh Clark - you can't expect to slag Morrissey off on social media and then expect to be allowed to waltz into his concert halls when it pleases you.

The MozArmy founder, Julie Hamill (@JulieHamill), is one of the few members of the 'Army' who hasn't yet turned on Morrissey, but whilst she continues to let these deserters tarnish Morrissey's good name whilst being part of her 'gang', then in my eyes it is guilt by implication and association. She is as bad as them.

One day these MozArmy lot will wake up and remember that the lyrics to All You Need Is Me were right on the money.

Image result for MOrrissey arms open

Mozzer's early morning activity on Twitter yesterday not only surprised one or two of us irregular regulars of The Wrong Arms, but also must have surprised those at Twitter HQ, because Alf's account was yesterday 'restricted'.

This restriction didn't last long though, and at 12:37 PM, Morrissey returned to Twitter to tweet, "Never fear, fear is here"....and then he went again, although not before 'liking' a tweet of one of the songs I had posted - Art-hound. Could we be getting this song on the upcoming tour? Probably not!

And finally, just as I had managed to convince myself that Contradictory Dan isn't Ricky Gervais, a 'coincidence' occurred on Twitter yesterday that has immediately brought my theory flooding back to the forefront of my mind. Let me explain:

Yesterday morning I was in a debate about Morrissey with a couple of no marks called, Michael Legge (@michaellegge) and Christopher Webb (@chrisporkerwebb) whilst using the BRS Twitter account. In an attempt to try and belittle me - because they couldn't out-debate me - Porker Webb tweeted, "Wasn't Blue Rose the name of Mike Read's crazed stalker fan?" - as it happens, Porky was nearly correct, DJ/Presenter, Mike Read did have a crazed stalker fan, who actually went by the name of Blue Tulip Rose Read - Blue Tulip Rose deludedly believed that she was married to Read, hence the reason she had taken his surname.

A few hours after my Twitter debate, Ricky Gervais (as @RickyGervais) posted a tweet about German football coach, Joachim Löw's hairstyle, saying that it resembled the hairstyle of......wait for it.....MIKE READ!!! Of all the DJs and all the hairstyles in all the world, WHY did Gervais mention Mike Read? No doubt it is a genuine coincidence....maybe....definitely maybe.  

Image result for mike read pop quiz


Julie Hamill has now reported me to the Twitter police. It would appear that the MozArmy are not happy to have Morrissey fans call-out their Moz hating members - you couldn't make this up.


  1. fantastic, banned from the Moz army although I know you were never really in it, I cant wait for the tour to start and maybe all this rubbish will die down, anyway had to laugh at that t**t talking to Venessa Felt Em, first thing the knob said was he was arrested because he could have caused the trial to collapse, there was no fucking trial it is over but it just goes to show that some knobhead gave him a script and off he went, as for Mr Robinson pleading guilty, he had no choice because had he pleaded not guilty and then found guilty.. well, comptempt of court is a strange one, they can lock you up for as long as they wish, as for Moz well head down and carry on, I am out of the uk timeline on Thursday as I am off to new York, I will expect to log on and find out what I have missed, thanks for writing colonel

  2. Joan Jett said it best when she wrote "Fake Friends." "You don't lose when you lose fake friends." Fuck 'em and move on. M will show them what they're missing and they will try to weasel back into his good graces.

  3. Never a dull moment.
    How do you know that you have been reported, and what happens next?

    1. @Mozarmy tweeted: "We had to deal with a little problem today. A last straw for a person that really needs help, blocked and reported. Sorry if this little man caused you hurt." This was then followed by a tweet from the army's general, @juliehamill to me:
      "You’re unwell, you don’t listen
      and you‘ve been fed enough. You’re blocked from all the accounts."

      I am pleased to report that I am neither unwell or in need of help. This Julie creature is yet another charlatan - it is glaringly obvious why she won't ban all the turncoats, they buy her books!

      As to what happens now that I have been reported to the Twitter police, well, who knows? They will probably raid The Wrong Arms and drag me out by the hair....*sets it up for baldy/Phil Collins jibes*

    2. As always, people can't handle hearing the truth so they will do whatever it takes to silence it.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. 19 June 2018 at 00:29
    Ah, finally my google account is back up after a few days .Twitter police ? Do they shut you down ? Sorry for the messy exchange with the army. I’ve never been a part of them I can not say what they are or are not but I am empathic to anyone suffering. Please know I am behind M and what your blog stands for . As you say “carry on old boy.” :) xo

  6. I've been listening to AYNIM a lot lately. The lyrics ring more true now than ever. Whether or not the turncoats care to admit it, they really will miss him when he's gone (that line gets me every time).

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. The sky is dark for many others.
    They want it dark for you as well.


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