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Monday, 4 June 2018

Monday June 4 2018 (The real and proper Day 2455) - "Evil is the food of genius"

The last few weeks have been absolutely manic for me, with a number of family 'issues' taking up a lot of my time. On top of that I have also been: putting together a business merger, organising & playing cricket matches, carrying out the job for which I am paid, buying into a new business venture and packing up all my worldly goods in readiness for this month's house move. I also been doing tip runs galore and carting car loads of stuff to charity shops.  Finding time to write this blog has been challenging to say the least, but despite last Friday being the day of the business merge, I somehow found time to write a blog entry. The reason I was so keen to blog on Friday was because Morrissey (as Alfsbutton on Twitter) had given a wonderful quote that I wanted to report on as soon as possible, just in case the account got deleted, as has happened in the past. As I have stated a number of times over the past six (nearly seven) years, I truly believe FTM will become some sort of historical record; or if nothing else, an interesting story of the interaction that took place between Morrissey and a dozen of his fans that the masses refused to believe was real, so I don't want to miss recording anything.

I take great pleasure in writing this blog, in fact, it probably gives me more pleasure than anything else; not just because of the reasons already stated, but also because I would always have loved to have been a writer, and so this is my way of fulfilling that dream....although the pay isn't quite what I would have liked it to be.

I also get a huge buzz knowing that Morrissey enjoys this blog. On a few occasions he has even sent me messages via Twitter asking when I am going to publish....although I am sure he would NEVER admit to such a thing. 
I still can't quite believe this is all happening, after all, I only ever started writing Following The Mozziah as a personal diary to record my suspicions that a blog and Twitter account called MorrisseysWorld might actually be the work of Morrissey himself. Who would have thought it would lead to this?

Anyway, back to last Friday, and that blog entry that I really had no time to write, but did so because A) Morrissey had given a particularly brilliant quote that I was excited to report on B) This is history in the making C) Writing this blog gives me more pleasure than anything else D) Morrissey enjoys reading my blog E) There is NO E. Having published the blog at 6.20pm, I linked it on Twitter and waited to see if anyone would place a comment. Three hours later I gave up waiting. Five hours later Morrissey took to Twitter and sent me the following message:

"Please wait until you have more time before writing that blog of yours. It needs more care."

 One minute later, Garrett (@MRLennon__40) appeared from nowhere to tweet:

"kinda agreed, ya missed some goodies from yesterday"

Thirty seconds later Contradictory Ricky Dan appeared from nowhere to tweet:

"It was lame as fuck."

Everyone's a bleedin' critic! 

At this point I should write, why do I bother, but of course I bother because it matters, and in fairness to my critics, Friday's blog entry was rather rushed (unsurprisingly!), but apart from mistakingly referring to Contradictory Ricky Dan as Contrary Ricky Dan, I didn't think it was that bad a blog entry. As for the "goodies" I didn't report on, the only tweets of Our Mozzer's that didn't get a mention were the ones where he posted photographs of three actresses called June following his tweet of, "June, June, June", plus some interaction with Garrett. Admittedly the posting of the three actresses was quite funny, especially as "June, June, June" is an ongoing MorrisseysWorld theme*, which incidentally in previous years has meant Morrissey related announcements and nothing whatsoever to do with ageing British actresses, but nonetheless, was my omission of the June tweet really such a heinous crime?

For those wondering, the June's in question were: Brown, Whitfield and Chadwick. I had never heard of Chadwick before, but apparently she played the character of Lydia in V: The Series - which was an Sci fi series from the 1980s.

Image result for june chadwick

When Morrissey posted the photo of June Chadwick, I asked him who it was and he replied, "I refuse to answer the question. Next!" Garrett then interjected, "And what has Lydia have to do with this mess?" Morrissey replied, "You're far too young to know this. Who are you really?" Moz then tweeted to me, "Apparently @MRLennon__40 is aware. He must be the youngest looking 89 year old in the world."

Here is the rest of Our Mozzer's interation with Garrett:

MOZ: June, June, June

GARRETT: Doing anything fun in june?

MOZ: I have no idea what that word means.

GARRETT: Sorry, should I ask that in more apocalyptic terms?

MOZ: A gentleman would not ask at all.

For both Morrissey and the mysterious Garrett to criticise my blog entry for omitting those short conversations must mean Garrett is a somebody....but who? And how would Morrissey know that Garrett was too young to remember V: The Series? Hmm...

Morrissey posted just one solitary tweet over the weekend. At 3.46pm yesterday afternoon he wrote:

"Evil is the food of genius." - there was no explanation.

Image result for morrissey 2000

Following Contradictory Ricky Dan's tweet that my blog entry of Friday was, "lame as fuck", I replied, "You write it then", to which he responded, "Me?  "He certainly didn't spend much time putting Humanity together..." 14 weeks of blood, sweat and tears my friend."

Did I really write that quote about Humanity? I've just read back through my two FTM entries (here and here) where I wrote about my theory of Contradictory Dan being Ricky Gervais, and I can't find the quote. If I did write it, it must have been on Twitter. It obviously struck a nerve! Is my theory right? No one else has backed it - it looks like I am on my own with this one. 

Whoever Dan really is, I like him, and he is certainly very good at putting the misguided Moz haters right on Twitter. He also continues to contradict, contradict, contradict. He made me laugh with a tweet on Friday night which read, "I'm right that it's not Morrissey. I just sense it", which came after I had sent him a DM which read, "I'm right about you, I just sense it." I also sent him a DM to apologise for calling him a, "fat cunt" on Twitter, and informed him that he was, in fact, just "sturdy". He replied, "Big boned" and then added, "Imposing". I replied, "Big boned cunt just doesn't work the same way, to which he very wittingly came back with, "Imposing cunt on the other hand does". IT'S HIM I TELL YER!

Image result for RICKY GERVAIS

It was yesterday announced on Morrissey Central that a Morrissey compilation album is to be released on July 6th titled, This Is Morrissey. This is a very pleasant surprise. The LP is being released on vinyl and download - no mention of CD or streaming. The tracks include the Mael Mix of Suedehead, which is all well and good, except that just a few weeks ago, Russell Mael was, reportedly, slagging Morrissey off.

Right then, that will do for today. The critics will no doubt slam my work once again, but why should I care? And now, in my glamour-filled life, I shall return to packing boxes.

*"June, June, June" was first tweeted by Morrissey (as Alf) in December 2014 (as discussed in the comments section of Day 1230 in January 2015 ) - it turned out to be a clue to Morrissey appearing at Firefly in June 2015. In April 2016 I wrote about June June June with a loose connection to the book Three Junes. In April 2017 Morrissey (as @seminalartist) again repeated the "June, June, June tweet, and this time it was a hint that a new album was to be recorded in June.


  1. Hmm, what could the June tweet mean this time? The album announcement is a wonderful surprise indeed - love that photo.

    1. I don't think it means anything - May had literally just turned into June and he was just being playful, hence the photos of the three Junes. The album really is a pleasant surprise. I wonder why those particular tracks? Obviously some are non studio album tracks, but still quite a random looking selection.

  2. What a blast from the past! I couldn't quite place where I saw the woman in the uniform. I watched that show religiously. The one scene that stands out in my mind was when the leader swallowed a rat whole and you could see it going down her throat. It was state of the art special effects for an 80's show.

  3. Ooh Rat sounds like you had a wee case of the Mandela effect; vividly remembering events that didn't occure or are inaccurate.
    Besides the gloom I'm glad I have something to look forward to in June.

  4. Oh my, I do like that album cover such a nice surprise Jaz said so handsome .I enjoy that BMG is releasing All Young People with Rose Garden (yay!) on the same day . Interesting choice of songs. I wonder how he/they decide?
    You are doing great Ratty given all you have going on in your personal life . Moving alone is my nightmare I never want to do it again. Best of luck hope it goes smooth !

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. apols for deleting my post but it sounded too much like.. me me me and I don't want to come across as that.. hope you all understand

  6. Wow, How do I miss all this beautiful things? I'm busy quite like you, anyway better later than never, I can't wait for the new compilation I just need to download something for my new car and for my daily run and Have a Go Merchant is exactly what I need, with all the rest of course!😘

  7. My twitter is jiggered. I hardly follow anyone, yet twitter removes tweets from people I follow from my timeline and replaces with ads for stuff I don't want to know about. It's even worse on the laptop where in addition to removing tweets and flooding my timeline with promoted ads, it then shows me tweets that people are liking. What is the point in 'following' if twitter is choosing what you see.
    Frustratingly yours

    1. yeah some things on twit drive you mad alright


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