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Thursday, 28 June 2018

Thursday June 28 2018 - Nearly forty & never laughing (The real and proper Day 2479)

In the absence of Our Moz
And in the absence of any tweets
I have decided
I'm throwing my fists towards, Haslam

I should point out that my fists have only been thrown metaphorically, but whilst Our Mozzer has been absent from Twitter I, along with a few other Morrissey fans, have been laying into the journalist/fanzine writer/DJ/ex-Moz fan, Dave 'has been' Haslam, and exposing him for what he really is - a liar and a fraud.

The reason so many Morrissey fans have turned on this Haslam wretch is because he has arranged a 'Hope not Hate' disco to coincide with one of Morrissey's Manchester concerts in July, with his idea being that the few dozen ex Morrissey fans who now believe Morrissey to be a racist, have somewhere to congregate.

However, despite Haslam having dragging up quotes of Morrissey's from nearly thirty years ago in a pathetic attempt to try and back-up his claims that Morrissey is racist, and despite Haslam claiming he hasn't liked Morrissey since the 1980s, a number of Haslam's own very recent quotes have surfaced, in which he claims Morrissey is a friend. The man is a hypocrite and a phoney, but it seems he knows no shame.

As to why Haslam is trying to attract those with a love of Morrissey's songs by holding a reggae disco is quite bizarre - surely a Smiths disco would have made more sense. I can only guess that somewhere in Haslam's twisted mind, he thinks that the playing of black artists music somehow signifies the opposite of Morrissey. You can't help but feel that Haslam is a subspecies, and he now joins the list of people who will hopefully be picked-up by Johnny Rogan for that drive down the motorway.
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I am having to be a little bit careful about what I write on Twitter at the moment, because last week I was arrested by the Twitter police twice in two days. I wrote about my first arrest last Tuesday - for calling some nobody a, "ginger cunt" - but I was re-arrested the following day for calling a guy called Michael Legge (@MichaelLegge) an, "ugly cunt". My Twitter account was again suspended for twelve hours and I was forced to delete the tweet, which really is very silly indeed, because it had already been read. If Twitter are going to behave like school teachers, they should go the whole hog and make you apologise to your 'victim' before you are allowed back. Deleting the tweet is a nonsense. I was informed on both occasions that my account was suspended under Twitter's 'hateful conduct'  policy, but the hate is supposed to be on the grounds of race, gender, age or disability, so I can only presume that in both cases I was nicked for hatred towards the disabled. I guess being ugly is a disability of sorts, whilst being ginger certainly is. I shall try and keep my nose clean.

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Anyway, enough of all these battles with  people who are completely insignificant to anything or anyone. It is time to look forward to the upcoming concerts, which begin in just six days time. And on the subject of concerts, a Latin American tour has now been announced for November/December covering; Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile - it's funny how Morrissey is embraced all around the world, and the only people who seem to accuse him of racism are the Brits.

And finally, after an absence of a week, Morrissey (as @Alfsbutton) has made a couple of appearances in The Wrong Arms. He popped in on Tuesday afternoon to reply to a couple of people who had tweeted him. The first was to a Twitterer called Little Rabbit (@1Littlerabbit - who follows no one, and has no followers!) who had tweeted, "I love you", to which Morrissey replied, "Why?"

M's second tweet was a reply to Wolf66 (@wolf66_m) who had asked, "Would you ever consider doing album anniversary tours", to which Mozzer wittingly replied, "As long as we don't count greatest hits, compilations and reissues. I'm nearly 40 and can't go on forever." 

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Just before 2.30pm today, the Alf account was closed down, but just before it closed, Mozzer did post one last tweet to me (using the @BlueRoseSociety account), replying to me asking if a tweet I had seen had made him laugh. The tweet in question was from someone called @jackgraymcr, who had tweeted, "I've got my mum wank presents for her birthday over the years so I'm buzzing to take her to see Morrissey for the first time in 20 years next week. Get in." Morrissey replied, "I never laugh".

And now we wait...


  1. No need to wait too long Ratty after all.

  2. I would have thought that it was neither ginger or ugly that got you suspended, but the other word you used. Having just searched that on twitter, would have to say that it's not that either or no-one would be on twitter.

  3. Good blog. I was beginning to have withdrawal symptoms.

  4. I don't know who this Haslam is, but he sounds like an opportunist. Is this the same guy who made M a bowl of cauliflower cheese? I would bet my entire savings that he will be selling his book at this fiasco he has planned.

  5. I agree with gwo in thinking it was the word that got you jailed. The jail must be quite large for all the verbal assailants, hope you didn’t drop the soap.

  6. This calls out for a new creative writing style on TWitter which gets across what you intend to say without using the actual words perhaps?…
    Was happy to read the support and Peter K statement about Haslam. Anyone with a bit of an antenna should see through this man and his intentions.
    Less than three weeks for me to see Morrissey in Sweden!


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