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Monday, 16 July 2018

Monday July 16th 2018 - Day 2497 - Hairy eggs and dystopian days

All has been fairly quiet in Morrissey's World over these past few days, although there has been the odd tweet from Our Mozzer plus a couple of sentences posted on MorrisseyCentral.

On Thursday Moz Central posted that Morrissey's November 22nd show in Mexico City has sold out, whilst on Friday the following 'thank you' was posted to acknowledge that All The Young People Must Fall In Love had reached Number 2 in the UK Vinyl Chart:

"Thank you for your support during these dystopian days" - If ever there was a Morrissey record title, surely Dystopian Days has to be it.


As for Our Mozzer, he appeared (as Alf) in The Wrong Arms on Friday night at 11.08pm, but only to offer up six short words. I had tweeted to ask him to play some songs on The Arms jukebox, but all I got was, "Do you have any spare change?" - he must be feeling the pinch after those cancelled concerts. I have flicked the JB to 'free play'.

Image result for MORRISSEY JUKE BOX

M's only other appearance was last night, again as Alf, again at 11pm, and again for another six word tweet in response to a tweet of mine. I had posted a 'Happy Birthday' to the LP World Peace Is None of Your Business; referring to it as a masterpiece, and got the reply:

"It lies like a hairy egg."

I'm not sure if M was accusing me of being the hairy egg for calling WPINOYB a masterpiece, or if he was referring to the album itself. I must confess that I prefer Low In High School to World Peace as an overall body of work, but as WPINOYB was the first LP released during this incredible journey of ours, and as it has the words Blue Rose hidden within the title, it will ALWAYS be a very special album. There are also some incredible songs on it, particularly: Oboe Concerto, Staircase at the University, I'm Not A Man, World Peace, One Of Our Own and of course, Smiler With Knife, which has a very special link to the MorrisseysWorld story. World Peace is NO hairy egg.


  1. things are difficult for me right now and my planned trip to South America may well end up just staying on the drawing board

  2. Very encouraging to see the latest MozCentral posts - hopefully the dystopian days are soon coming to an end. I would add Istanbul to the list of incredible songs on WPINOYB.

    1. Rolling breathless off the tongue. Seconded.

  3. Oversight I am sure, but you didn't mention the oh so glorious 'Neal Cassady drops dead'. Almost rapping, and the almost hosing action when it was played live.

  4. Another term I have never heard and it sounded a bit concerning like some horrifying medical condition. Now it makes sense, no I take that back it doesn’t . WPINOYB is a classic and not a hairy egg. Instanbul was instantly my favorite and my mini Peta supporter loves Bullfighter Dies.

  5. I have ruminated for too many days whilst listening to World Peace Is None Of Your Business on repeat and came to the realization that choosing an absolute favorite song from the album is too challenging of a task to ask the mildly (okay, severely) disturbed. The answer to this simple question was made even more impossible for me to answer because of the extras on certain formats of the album in question. It is all just too much for the brain damaged and I am.


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