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Monday, 2 July 2018

Monday July 2nd 2018 - This country is making me sick (The real and proper Day 2483)

On Friday I reported how Morrissey (as Alf) had posted on Twitter at just before 3.30 pm, the following:

"Due to hateful fake news and Dave Hassle attempted career resurrection the currently scheduled concerts are in jeopardy. Be warned."

This was followed at 4.36 pm by a DM I received from Feeble Fedelma - who incidentally I DO now believe to be Morrissey in a new guise - which stated:

"You should be aware that the Morrissey tour party and all affiliated parties have been in contact with various organisations and institutions in Manchester regarding the forthcoming concerts and we have been advised that due to perceived trouble and possible need to deploy extra officers around both our venue and that of Dave Hassle that it would be in the best interests of all concerned if our appearance was cancelled. We are currently taking this into consideration."

At 6 pm, Gigs & Tours (SJM Concerts) announced:

'Due to logistical circumstances beyond our control, the UK/European Morrissey concerts scheduled for July will be postponed.'

As soon as the official announcement was made, the speculation immediately began on social media as to what the 'logistical circumstances' could possibly be. The haters wasted no time in claiming that it was actually poor ticket sales that had caused the cancellations and NOT logistical circumstances at all. This, of course, is utter crap. I know for a fact that for the Portsmouth concert that I had intended to go to only had a handful of tickets unsold. The TRUTH is all in that Feeble Fedelma DM I received - Dave 'Hassle' 'Has-been' Haslam's Disco of Hate; which received an endorsement from Loonie Left HQ, i.e. The Guardian, had caused Greater Manchester Police enough concern that they had insisted on deploying extra officers. The cost of police officers for events falls on the shoulders of the promoters; in the case of the Morrissey Castlefield concerts, Gigs & Tours (SJM Concerts), who in turn would have wanted to pass on the cost; which would have been hundreds of thousands of pounds, to Morrissey. The police should, of course, been telling Desperate Dave to pay for the extra officers when it was his event causing the problem, but they would have known he wouldn't have had the money. Police forces are businesses with budgets - they targeted the person who could afford to pay.

Image result for morrissey police

The reason that the police would have been insisting on extra officers is because their intelligence had detected that Antifa were intending to descend on Manchester, and their target would have been anyone associated with Morrissey, i.e. Morrissey himself, his band, his road crew, his caterers, plus ANYONE in a Morrissey or Smiths t-shirt - Dave Hassle may think that there is a difference between a Morrissey fan and a Smiths fan, but neither he nor any other Smiths fan would have had an opportunity to try and explain how there is a difference to an Antifa thug as they slammed down the hammer.
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In summary, Morrissey had no choice whatsoever other than to pull the Castlefield concerts. Even if he had swallowed the cost of the extra police; which I would imagine he would have been prepared to do, the safety of himself, his crew, and his fans would have been the decision maker. Morrissey (as Feeble Fed) contacted me via Twitter DM yesterday and informed me, "The decision was forced on me, the risk was too high. The backlash dreaded." And there we have it from the horses mouth.

The Castlefield shows were the main point of this short series of concerts, with the likes of: Edinburgh, Reading and Portsmouth added for good measure. Without Castlefields, the rest just didn't add up. Dave Haslam has been incredibly naive by organising his Disco of Hate, it has resulted in not only huge disappointment and huge expense for MANY people, but could have made every Morrissey & Smiths fan in the UK a target for violence - including himself.

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I don't really want to waste any more time on Haslam; and as Morrissey (as Feeble Fed) tweeted to me (via DM) yesterday, "There is no point arguing. Enough", but I feel I need to get one last thing off my chest concerning this horrible little Haslam man. His favourite quote at the moment in his desperate attempt to 'prove' Morrissey's racism, is the quote Morrissey gave in 1992 in which M stated:

"I don't want to sound horrible or pessimistic but I don't really think, for instance, black people and white people will ever really get on or like each other. I don't really think they ever will. The French will never like the English. The English will never like the French. That tunnel will collapse."

Morrissey's 1992 quote is very obviously from the viewpoint of a philosopher. If the author of the quote were unknown, no one would think it a racist comment, but merely a philosophical observation. Haslam has every entitlement to think the quote is inaccurate, but racist? WHERE is the racism? Where is Morrissey saying that white people are superior to black people? The simple answer is NOWHERE!

Haslam has tried to claim that his stance isn't anti-Morrissey, but anti-fascism, but if that were the case then Haslam would surely have organised an event at David Bowie concerts after Bowie had stated that, "the best thing that can happen is for an extreme right Government to come", or when Bowie announced, "I believe very strongly in fascism...Adolf Hitler was one of the first rock stars", but instead, Haslam lauded Bowie all the way through his career and still does now. Dave 'Hassle' Haslam is a hypocrite and a walking contradiction, he has so much to answer for. Hopefully his 15 minutes of fame are now over. Little man, what now?

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Following the cancellation of the concerts, yet more people who I would have thought would have been Morrissey fans forever turned on him, including long-time fan, Dickie Felton. Felton took to Twitter at the weekend to write a number of statements about ticket prices being too high:

"Hardly surprising Morrissey tour is cancelled given he was asking £74 a ticket. A total joke for loyal fans who've stood by him thru thick and recent thin"

"Very low ticket sales have played a big part in this latest debacle"

"If someone like me - with 100+ Morrissey gigs behind me wasn't going, I'm not sure who was"

"He totally out priced his fans. Out of touch with reality"

"Morrissey has become like Northern Rail - too expensive and frequently cancelled"

I tweeted to Dickie to say how sad it was to see him turn on Moz, and I pointed out to him that formerly 'standing by' Morrissey didn't result in him being owed anything. I also pointed out that, in fact, Felton had made money on the back of Morrissey with the books he has sold about Morrissey and his fans, so it was HE who owed Morrissey. Rather predictably, Felton blocked me. The truth hurts.
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Not content with just criticising Morrissey for charging fans £3.50 per song played live, Felton then decided to put the boot-in in other departments:

"The witty, charming in-between song banter seemed to disappear over the years" (Ed - It hasn't!)

"He doesn't know when to stop. It's just head-first into the next row or tour. Or usually both at the same time."

Dickie continued with:

"As a long-standing fan/human being I can criticise & comment on the current situation - which is bleak"

"I will never go see him live again. He's just thrown it all away. The tour was binned because a huge part of the existing fan base did not buy tickets."

*Adopts broadcaster voice* And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for our brand new gameshow......CONTRADICTORY TWEETS FROM DICKIE, and your host with the most....bullshit (audience laughter) is, Dickie "Morrissey cancelled his tour because of poor sales" Felton:

"He didn't sell many tickets for Waukegan. I think there was 250 there tops! Great gig tho!"

So, Morrissey DOESN'T cancel concerts when ticket sales are poor! You couldn't make this crap up....but Dickie did.

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Another person to have turned on Morrissey is the old punk turned journalist, John Robb, who on Saturday posted an 'Open letter' to Moz on his Louder Than War website. Robb suggests that Morrissey has alienated his fans and ruined his career because of things he has said, but Robb is wrong. Those deserting fans have alienated themselves by misinterpreting what Morrissey has said, and Robb has fallen into the same trap. Why is it that I and thousands of others like me haven't been alienated? Is it because we are all far-right knuckle dragging gammons? No! I despise the far-right in the same way I despise the extreme left. For some reason, I and the other non-deserters, are able to see that Morrissey remains as balanced and reasonable as he has always been. He really has not changed.
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The biggest problem for most of the recent bunch of deserters is Morrissey's support for Anne-Marie Waters, For Britain and Tommy Robinson, but the deserters have a problem because they see Waters and Robinson as far-right figures - because that is what the media have TOLD them they are. In truth, Waters has always been on the left of politics, and was a former Labour member - I see nothing right-wing about Waters at all, let alone far-right. Robinson has been labelled as far-right simply because he has stood up to Islamic barbarism - to me he comes across as a very level headed Joe Bloggs who has concerns. Morrissey is intelligent enough to see that neither Waters or Robinson are far-right at all. The problem isn't with Morrissey, it is with those who haven't bothered to do their research, and have taken their directive from The Guardian.

And on the subject of The Guardian; who once again have played a major part in this anti-Morrissey movement with their propaganda, I had a run-in on Twitter on Saturday with The Guardian's Michael Hann (@MichaelAHann), who has had his own personal anti-Morrissey agenda for a very long time. Hann took to twitter to question my explanation that the Castlefield concerts were cancelled because extra police were needed. He tweeted, "Yep, the police tend to regard a couple of hundred people dancing to old soul as a massive public order issue. *facepalm*". Clueless. Totally clueless. If The Guardian were a village, Hann would be it's resident idiot. The lack of intelligence of journalists in the UK is frightening. Unfortunately, people believe these fools.

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Others to have had a pop at Moz on Twitter this weekend include Pete 'Not so Mighty Wah' Wylie and Andy 'Lord Mayor of Manchester' Burnham, but I have written far too much for one day so I won't bother going into what they wrote - neither of them are worthy of my time anyway.

I was also going to write about former Blue Rose Society member, Marianne and her latest attacks on me, but I can't be bothered with her either.

Instead, I will make my final paragraphs all about the person that brought me to blog writing, Our Mozzer.  Despite all the crap Morrissey has had to face over the past few days, he has somehow managed to retain his sense of humour. Yesterday I sent him (Feeble Fed) a DM in which I stated, "A way back from this could be a high profile collaboration", to which he replied, "Taylor Swift?".

I must also mention that last Friday, I asked Moz if he had ever been to Madame Arthur's. He replied, "I go nowhere, I do nothing. You do know this", before following it up with, "However, actually I have been. I'd also recommend."  
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And so another chapter ends. There will be plenty more chapters in the world of Morrissey, and long after Dave Has-been Haslam has been forgotten, Morrissey's light will still be shining bright. For now, this country of ours offers nothing.


  1. Excellent blog Rat, it says all that needs to be said. I hope you are thriving if you are now post-op.

  2. I was going to chip in but what is the point except to say I asked skinny to show me the Morrissey quote where he says that Morrissey stated he supported Robinson, of course I was met with silence which is rather odd as he normally barks back at people, maybe it actually dawned on him, but I doubt it.. almost forgot had a run in with a girl I know who started saying Morrissey was a racist for calling Khan and Abbott, I had to point out that someone hinting that someone is thick is not racism.. modern Britain hey

  3. We all have a never ending list of proofs that Morrissey is not a racist, he's simply a free thinker, sometimes provocative, and he just refuses to follow the mainstream of the left wing, that's all. I think the season of hate is going to finish very soon, we need talented people, not blind sheep. Take care and love Morrissey!😘

  4. I’ve read two great pieces today about this horrible episode. Fiona Dodwell and yours. David H has been very naive to think the organisation of his party wouldn’t have any safety consequences, for both party and concert goers, band and the organisation around it. Free speech means being able to say what you think and opening up a debate, instead H. his written statements are nothing more than accusations causing to silence and closing all discussion.

  5. A good read Ratty. And appreciated all the more given that you write this entry from your hospital bed after your brain surgery. God bless the NHS for everything it does and for putting up with you ;)

    I'm doing my best not to get drawn into arguments with all the Twits. I agree with the big man that it's pointless. Enough already. They've made up their minds, they've got their blinkers firmly on and are rather enjoying sticking their boot in where it doesn't belong.

    Call me a sentimental fool but I am advancing in years and I crave a kinder, nicer existence and world.

    I live by the words: "It takes strength to be gentle and kind".

    I also believe never a truer word was said when the late Jo Cox stated: "We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us."

    I just hope that wherever he is, Morrissey knows that he is loved by many. His most loyal of fans, while disappointed that they won't see him perform this month, will never desert him and will always have his back.

    Viva Morrissey! xx

  6. I feel Haslam is best ignored as any attention he gets will just feed his over inflated ego.
    Its completely bonkers how people have over reacted to the situation, knee jerk reactions by a few whipped up a storm on social media.Believe me I am no fan of Tommy Robinson, far from it, but the witch hunt against Moz after the interview was, in my eyes unjustified & distressing.
    I think that the use of labels, like "far left/right" can be misleading & are used way too easily in arguments & debate. Issues like this are way too complex to rely on putting people in boxes.
    The term racist is used in the blink of an eye nowadays, which detracts from & undermines people who are genuinely suffering from racism.

  7. Good blog considering you’re recovering from colorectal surgery you said cheek(s) so I assumed ..Sorry you will not see me battling the twitter sphere I am not an argumentative person and I feel you have it handled on your side . It’s appalling all of the events and how they went down, my god what has the world turned into ? This is the future we are giving our children. My oldest said “mom I am getting so sick of people being offended when all I am offering is a point of view .” Exactly a point of view .
    I agree with Ears ..the term racist undermines those truly affected and suffering as a result. It’s just sickening.

  8. I agree with Hoarsely Cry. You have done really well considering your situation. I suppose you will have noticed Dave's friendly lawyer's input in all of this. She reads the Guardian though so that speaks volumes. I still feel that others that were going to the concerts should be privy to this information though.

  9. I don't know whether you're mad, bad, sad or all three, but this was good.

  10. I weep for what our culture has become, so quick to join the mob mentality and condemn without intelligent thought (Monty Python's "she's a witch" scene comes to mind). As Moz has repeatedly said, free speech is truly dead, and it seems that few people actually think on their own any more. I'm especially appalled by the longtime "fans" who have turned their backs. Have they not stopped to consider that there might be a bigger picture outside of what their media-controlled minds see that would cause Moz to make the comments he has made? Why would they so quickly denounce their lifetime hero without at least giving due consideration to his ideas? That certainly doesn't mean that one has to agree with him, but one should at least be able to see that the media has made unjust accusations that simply aren't true. Sad times indeed but we will always be here for Moz.

  11. Great blog Ratty. I thank you deeply because it is through you and your informed and well written words that I am easily able to keep up with all the goings on in the world of Morrissey, especially concerning the seemingly constant debacles in UK and other places abroad.

    Being in New York in the wretched USofAssholes, I don't always hear about know of, or understand the needless, endlessly sickening crisis concerning my beloved Morrissey that continue to occur abroad and the motives behind them. Some of the so called humans and their treacherous, lecherous behavior of which you write about are unknown to me until I read your blog.

    I do not read mainstream media from any country. In fact, I stay away from mainstream everything as I know who and what is behind it all and I am no brainwashed, mind controlled follower.

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your writing and allowing me to keep me up to date and well informed on these very sad and unfortunate events surrounding our man.

    I will never abandon Morrissey, for anything, ever. I will stand by him through anything and everything, no matter what, until the end. The end of what, I don't know.

    You'd think by now I would be used the utter stupidity swallowed and regurgitated by the idiot masses who are unable to think for themselves, but then they never cease to amaze me with their programmed ideas and actions.

    Someone once sang that the world is a pigsty. I think a pigsty looks pretty good right now compared to the reality of the current state of the world.

    (Please ignore any mistakes or badly constructed sentences, ect. I've had too much to drink.)

  12. If you are pissing people off, you know you are doing something right. John Lydon

  13. A Morrissey fan has reported on Solow how they were verbally abused because they wore a Smiths t-shirt - I was correct in what I wrote in the above blog piece. Dave Haslam has an awful lot to answer for.


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