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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Thursday July 12th 2018 - Day 2493 - It's coming home

*Comes in singing*
So many jokes, so many sneers
But all those "oh so near's"
Wear you down, through the years

Yep, it has happened YET, I'm not referring to another Morrissey concert being cancelled, I am on about the England football team. Last night we were beaten 2-1 in the semi-final of the World Cup by Croatia, and that was despite taking the lead within five minutes and dominating the first half....*Breaks into song again*

Everyone seems to know the score
They've seen it all before
They just know, they're so sure
That England's gonna throw it away....

.....anyway, enough of all that. It was a great tournament for England fans, and it was lovely to see our divided nation brought together oh so briefly, but our biggest mistake was allowing ourselves to believe - when will we ever learn?

Image result for england fans crying

Football may not be coming home, but the good news is, Mozzer might be.

After the disappointment of the recently cancelled concerts, most people presumed that we wouldn't be seeing Morrissey play in the UK in the foreseeable future, but the following tweet; which was posted by Moz (as @Alfsbutton) at just after 2 am this morning, brings fresh hope:

"Reschedule. Reschedule. Reschedule."

BRS member, Jo (@lifeisapigsty_) responded to the tweet with, "Oh the pain, the pain, the pain", but then Moz (as @FeebleFedelma this time) replied, "The gain, the gain, the gain. Watch this space!"

Now that Morrissey has seen that the joint attempt of Dave Hassle Has-been and The Guardian to wreck his career has failed miserably, it would appear that Moz may be about to play those concerts after all. Could I get to see/hear National Front Disco at Portsmouth after all? I will indeed be watching this space.

Image result for morrissey portsmouth 2006

Whilst Feeble Fed was online at 2 am, he also tweeted a reply to a tweet I had posted earlier in the evening, in which I had mischievously claimed that all the various Twitter accounts surrounding this whole 'Morrissey on Twitter' malarky are all owned by me, and that I am a fantasist who needs help. Fed replied, "You're schizophrenic dearest Rat. And in good company." - I'll take that as a compliment. I replied, "Thanks me", and in return Fed came back with, "Which you?"

For those who aren't quite sure what to believe and what not to believe about this whole story, I expect that these latest tweets by both myself (as @TheRatsBack and @BlueRoseSociety) and Our Mozzer (as @AlfsButton and @FeebleFedelma) have completely messed with their heads, especially when we talk to ourselves using our different accounts.

One person who has had enough of it all is someone I wrote about in yesterday's blog, Sharon (@hpPilates), who tweeted me last night to tell me that she was now convinced that ALL the accounts were indeed me. She then she blocked both @TheRatsBack and @BlueRoseSociety, but rather bizarrely she hasn't blocked Alf or Feeble Fed, and has carried on interacting with them, even asking Fed this morning to come and play in Southampton, because it is where the Titanic sailed from - this schizophrenia is catching!

Jo (@lifeisapigsty_) offered the best advice, tweeting, "It's a lot to take in all at once. I can't say it enough - people read all the blogs!" Fed replied to this with, "To wish is not to believe."  
Image result for morrissey head hands

Feebley Fed signed off at 2.22 am with a, "Good sorrow", but was back this morning just after 11 am, to reply to the Pilates woman's request for him to play Southampton:

"There have been enough icebergs in my life already. One cannot hit another."

I am glad that he won't be playing Southampton, tis a shit hole of a City, full of scummers. The German's had the right idea when they blitzed it in 1940.

Image result for southampton bombed in war

Alf also returned to The Wrong Arms* this morning, tweeting:

"I can confirm we were briefly visited by our broken friend yesterday evening. His account is already locked." I asked if he meant locked as in a protected account, or suspended, to which Alf replied, "I cannot say. One assumes suspended. Broken was always a trend setter."

Perhaps it is just as well that Broken hasn't appeared, the Pilates woman definitely wouldn't know what to make of him.

*Goes off singing*

He's coming home, He's coming home, He's coming, Mozzer's coming home......*changes tune*.......Raymond, the wind blows, the wind blows, bits of your life away....

*For those who may be new to these parts, The Wrong Arms is the name given to the place where we BRS/Moz fans interact on Twitter - a virtual pub, if you will. It looks exactly the same as Madame Arthur's in Paris.
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  1. ah coming home indeed, let us hope so, we all need a pick up after the world cup, thank goodness the champs league/Europa league qualifiers have started or we would be drowning in wall to wall croquet and as Rat and John Major are the only two who like the dreadful game.. well enough said

  2. Oh Ratty dear, I'm so sorry for England, I was dreaming for the match of the century:England vs. France and now it's over. Well we can't put the toothpaste in the tube again so we have to looking forward and I noticed too the tweet saying Rescheduled... so I'm confident and in a very good mood now!πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ»Ciao!


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