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Monday, 6 August 2018

Monday August 6th 2018 - Day 2518 - I overthink therefore I over am

There is still no sign of that new parody piece we were promised or answers to those questions I submitted nearly two weeks ago, although I do have news on both. First though, I must report the very exciting news about a new LP.

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short interview with Argentinean website Infobae has emerged, and in answer to the interviewer asking why Morrissey had never recorded the classic songbook like other artists, Morrissey replied, "Well, just yesterday I started recording what will be my new album: it will be entirely covers and with 12 songs. So, you see, I'm already doing what many said I would never do."

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I can't believe for one minute that the 12 songs will come from a classic songbook that your average man in the street will recognise, and will more likely be a combination of: A) obscure album tracks from even more obscure artists, B) b sides from female singers of the 1960s, C) an Elvis song. There will also no doubt be a D, E AND F......but NO G.

Since the news broke, Morrissey fans have been excitedly discussing the prospect of such an album, and I must confess that it is making me salivate. Oh how I hope a studio version of You'll Be Gone is included. Fans are also speculating as to which musicians will be used; especially as Morrissey is currently in LA whilst Boz Boorer is in London. In this day and age musicians and vocalists don't need to be together to record songs, so nothing can really be read into the whereabouts of musicians, and personally, I couldn't give a stuff who plays the instruments on a Morrissey recording - it's all about the vocals, it always has been, it always will be.

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The only other thing from the Argentinean interview worth mentioning is when Morrissey signs off. During the interview Morrissey had stated that David Bowie's talent had left him in 1980; with it then just becoming a professional career, and when asked at the end of the interview what fans could expect to see at the December concert in Buenos Aires, Morrissey wittingly replied, "I will be on stage with a giant glass chandelier."

David Bowie GLASS SPIDER Stage

So, back to that parody that we still haven't seen . At 7pm (11am LA time) on Thursday I was sent a Twitter Message from Morrissey (as Alfsbutton) which read, "Perhaps you would care for another snippet, followed by this:

Boz:  Bill, now that the Mozza has left the room..
Mikey lets out a guttural growl of impatience. Boz is taken aback as he assumed it was his stomach letting out the growl of gut growth. He rather apologetically puts his hands on his stomach as if to apologise.
However Mikey is now standing up and taps Boz on the shoulder.
Mikey:  It’s the Seminal Artiste to the likes of you Martin, please do not forget it.
Mikey now follows the seminal artiste into his changing room.
Boz: Sorry Mikey, *turns to Billy*, now that the seminal artiste has left the room, would you like to have a game of monopoly?
Billy: I don’t think so. I don’t believe in the capitalist construct of money.  Anyway, you know who owns all the banks don’t you?
Boz: Usually, its Morri… the seminal artiste. He holds all banks, hotels, and utilities.
Billy sighs.
Billy: No its international Jewry. They own the banks, the media, the ground we walk on. They even own your record store.  It’s the reason I don’t have a bank account you know.
Morrissey: *coughing* Perhaps we could play scrabble?  Boz, you can keep score since we all know you cannot spell.
Boz: Scores, yes sir, yes scores. I can keep scores. Billy was just telling me about international jury. I told him not to mention judges in your presence.

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Will we ever get to see the whole piece? It is certainly shaping up to be a classic.

And finally, on Friday I sent Mozzer a Twitter message asking how those interview questions I had sent him were coming along. I received the following reply at 12.45am Sunday morning (4.45pm Saturday afternoon in LA):

"They're of course not coming along. And never shall surface. Unless..."

I hadn't been awake at 12.45am, so didn't pick the message up until Sunday morning. I replied, "Unless?", and then had to wait until 22.53pm last night (2.53pm Sunday afternoon in LA) before this reply came through:

"Must I think of everything? I would rather think of nothing. However we cannot change who we are so I continue to overthink."

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I replied that there was no need to overthink my questions, and to just give the first answers that came into his head. At 23.44pm (3.44pm LA time) I got the breakthrough I had been waiting for, as Moz replied, "Give me the question." Unfortunately, at the time of Morrissey's response I had gone off to tinker with my Fantasy Football team - I still can't decide on whether to include Manchester City's Bernado Silva or Everton's Richarlison - and by the time I picked up his message five minutes after he had sent it, and posted my first question, he had gone.


  1. Well, can certainly relate to the over thinking. Its a terrible curse, for me at least.
    Hanging in there awaiting the parody.
    Bring on the new album, I am intrigued to hear the songs Morrissey has chosen.

  2. of course you must pick Bernado Silva, did you not see him in the charity/community shield on Sunday, Everton will regret paying that amount of money for their fella, as for the parody bits and pieces are no good we need the whole thing, now that reminds me of a song I havn't heard for some time maybe our Mozzer might cover it, how does it go colonel.. "Bits and Pieces" "Bits and Pieces" a classic in its own right.. by the way I do hope poor Moz has his quiff in an Ena Sharples type hair net, what with all those burning embers flying around LA

  3. Overthinking, oh the anxiety it causes. Probably something we all have in common . What is this Snippett(my dog’s name) of the parody ? That teaser M. I am really curious the songs he will chose . Wonder how long it takes to make a cover album ? Well hopefully he can get some sun relaxation time in .

  4. Needless to say, I'm brimming with excitement for the covers album - and the new parody (if we ever get to see it). How wonderful that M continues to surprise us by doing what many said he'd never do. And yes, overthinking is a plague that we can undoubtedly all relate to.

  5. New album and new parody, that's all I need!

  6. Another great blog post Ratty and don't sweat the small stuff when it comes to formatting. As a fellow over thinker I can most definitely sympathise. Add in a good measure of born worrier, mix it up with a lifetime's worth of self doubt and there you have little ole me. Re the parody, keep coming with the bits and pieces Mr M, something is always better than nothing. It's my birthday on Thursday, wouldn't it be splendid if I woke up to some more parody bits and bobs?


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